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How to repair the kitchen on his own project

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Renovated kitchen self-will, even if, If this is the first overhaul life. At the heart of the transformations is the idea - which you can see the kitchen in the future. Amounting to a design project, Decide on the style and functional load space, selected materials, environment and appliances go into action - repairs.

Renovated kitchen on his own project
Renovated kitchen on his own project - a great option to save money

Creating a project - the first step to success

Sometimes the creation of Kitchen project go of the month, but the more accurate it becomes, the easier it is undergoing renovations. To create a sketch need to draw elements in stages, which will be placed in the room starting with outlets to furniture.

 kitchen remodeling project

This is done according to the following plan:

  1. Remove the dimensions of the kitchen - the width, height, length insert a scale on a sheet of graph paper
  2. Indicate on the sketch window, a door, ventilation location, batteries, structural nuances premises
  3. Draw the location of outlets, which will be needed for a comfortable location on the kitchen
  4. Find a place on the sketch for cleaning, plate, the refrigerator, if necessary, for washing machine or dishwasher. Place the washer, washing machine and dishwasher close to the water, refrigerator and do not apply pressure to the plate and battery
  5. Decide on the layout of the kitchen - L-shaped or straight selected for small spaces, U-shaped kitchen area 12 squares
  6. kitchen renovation project includes the placement of furniture - is a schematic arrange closets, shelves, designate dining area, do not forget about the hood. Thinking on the location of furniture, consider the angles, tabs and features of family members - increase, left-handedness, age

project kitchens
To begin, make up the kitchen project

If you think drawing difficult or tedious job, installed on your computer to create a kitchen design. You have independently developed a 3d figure, which clearly give the idea of ​​the chosen plan.

Now it is time to decide on the interior of the kitchen. Options look on the internet or in furniture stores. Knowing the size of the kitchen and having on hand crafted design, you will easily understand if you need to order furniture or pay attention to the ready-made dishes.

Every small detail at the planning stage, proceed to the next stage of kitchen transformation on his own project - the selection and acquisition of materials.

design kitchens

How to choose the right materials

On the choice of materials affects the form changes. If you are doing repairs from scratch, you'll need to lay flooring, align walls, to deal with the ceiling, plant electrician. In this case, the cost will be more serious, than with cosmetic changes.

The choice of materials

Consider the case of, when the cap is held kitchen remodeling in Khrushchev their own hands. you will need:

  • The cement mixture to fill the floor;
  • Plasterboard galvanized profile for alignment of walls or plaster;
  • Plasterboard with the guide for the organization of the ceiling;
  • Skirting to the floor and the ceiling;Skirting to the floor and ceiling for the renovation of the kitchen
  • a door;
  • Wiring, sockets, switches;
  • Plastering beacons;
  • antiseptic, primer, putty start and finish;
  • Finishing materials of choice - washable wallpaper, paint, decorative stone or panels, tiles for apron. Tiles on the floor, linoleum, laminate.

Khrushchev in the kitchen
For the renovation of the kitchen the most economical materials to suit Khrushchev

Do not be afraid to come up and implement an unusual project - using modern materials quickly and easily create an attractive and functional kitchen, even of small rooms

calculation of materials

After revision of wall surface curvature, the floor on the need for laying cement covering and the ceiling to be calculated, a number of materials sold. This refers to the amount of plaster, putties, drywall, cement mixture floor. Materials occupy a lot of space, they are heavy, so it's easier to buy everything at once and order delivery:

Materials for the repair of the kitchen

  1. Calculation of wall putty and plaster is performed with the help of online calculator, which tells the number of bags and the material cost, if you know the specific brand.
  2. The number of sheets of plasterboard standard size 1200 mm × 2500h12 for walls depends on surface area closable except for the area of ​​door and window openings. Wall area divided by the area of ​​the GCR and the value is rounded.
  3. If drywall is attached to the walls, it pretends to be, how acquired adhesive bags - 1 It goes on bag 5-7 squares, as indicated on the packaging.
  4. If drywall is placed on the metal frame, the calculated amount based on the starting profile of the perimeter wall, and the number of CD profile of formula: plasterboard sheets (PC)/3.
  5. Drywall Ceiling thickness produced 9 mm. The number of sheets is calculated from the area of ​​the ceiling plus the amendment made to organize the elements of the second and third levels. Do not forget to count the number of the profile.
  6. Calculation of sand concrete on screed made from the following data - on one square centimeter thick screed is required 22 kg of mixture.

The kitchen is in the process of repair
Budget savings count the right amount of material for the renovation of the kitchen

Determination of the amount of materials, which is required for carrying out a rough finish - an important part of the repair. Interrupt the workflow due to lack of materials sometimes does not allow the technology. If you plan to work in the kitchen without the experience of such activities, it is best to use online calculators - they automatically calculate the required amount of construction or decorative materials.

Work plan

The phased renovation of the kitchen determines the correct the sequence of work and helps to plan working hours. The first stage - the removal of the furniture plus the dismantling of the old finish. Soaked and removed wallpaper, torn off paint, strays tiles, raised flooring.

kitchen repair work plan

floor laying

After revision of the old ties is decided to replace it when it detects the size of the slots more than 2 mm. It is broken hammer, after which the plates are sealed in the gap. The new screed is laid using beacons, which are set by the level and stretched Lesko to determine the surface curvature. Cement is poured between beacons and leveled regulation. The screed is laid in one go, otherwise it will not work even.

floor laying
Correct laying the floor in the kitchen will not let you in the future

After drying laid flooring selected. When decorating a ceramic tile floor solution is applied to moistened screed, and the need to organize a self-leveling floor for laying laminate flooring - surface perfectly aligned.

Work with walls

To install a kitchen corner, painting or wallpapered walls required to prepare a smooth wall with the derived angles. When disposing of an old finish, do not forget to remove the switch from the wall, outlet and insulated open terminals. Electrical wiring to make one master of plaster, other after.

beautiful walls in the kitchen

The walls are aligned in two ways:

  1. Wet alignment using plaster - defined by its curvature after the surface treatment antiseptic, exhibited beacons. Plaster rushes between them, aligned rule, After drying putty covered Homepage. The finish puttying held under wallpapering or painting
  2. You can align the walls with plasterboard - if the kitchen area small, the sheets are planted adhesive. Metal frame is set by the curvature 4-15 cm. Then the screws are screwed thereto plasterboard sheets. The seams are sealed serpyanku or paper tape. Only starting filler is required for tiles or wall panels. Paint or wallpaper need to finish shpaklevanii

The walls in the kitchen
Before installation of kitchen units and other kitchen items, We prepare the walls in the kitchen

ceiling device

If the ceiling is expected to paint, it must be thoroughly cleaned of the old finish, seal cracks, align. It is often installed plasterboard ceilings. You can make your own hands double ceiling of GCR, to accommodate additional lighting in it.

Plasterboard is fastened to the frame profile of galvanized, which by means of levels and set horizontally grove. Between the GCR and the ceiling slab is laid wiring, and sometimes for noise insulation glass wool. Seams taped over serpyanku, shpaklyuyutsya, painted ceiling.

Interesting finishes

Designers have developed many ways to finish an interesting kitchens of any size. Taking note of them, will make the kitchen beautiful and practical.

The combination of colors in the kitchen
The combination of colors in the kitchen - a great design course

The combination of materials

Two tasks - zoning and functionality. On the floor of the working area is laid tiles, and dining spreads laminate. The apron is made from water-resistant tiles or panels, and the rest of the walls are painted or wallpaper. If you use a roller for structural plaster, then the walls will surround image, imitiruyushtiy marble, brickwork, skins of exotic animals. Selective use of artificial stone allows us to emphasize door or window openings, distinguish unoccupied furniture corners or dining area.

beautiful kitchen

How to decorate the kitchen with his hands

accessories, textiles and various fun things with their own hands are sometimes in a matter of minutes or hours. Independently made and is patterned stencils, are placed on the walls pictures, Use labels on adhesive basis for decorating doors and kitchen furniture.

How not to be mistaken with the situation

Kitchen area in the panel house has strict requirements to buy furniture. In small room can not use dark colors, heavy furniture, horizontal stripes on the walls, install hanging chandeliers. Classic set of light wood, light kit in a city or a minimalist style MDF, glass and metal surfaces, bar counters, folding chairs - here are the options kitchen environment, whose dimensions do not exceed 12 squares.


brief summary

Fitted kitchen on his own project - it is painstaking and requires sufficient time. With an emphasis on functionality premises, do not forget, that the situation in the kitchen to create a comfortable and pleasant for family members. Work is carried out independently, but in order to save time and to obtain the required quality, Some things should entrust to professionals.