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7 types of cookers: advantages and disadvantages, specifications

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No one will argue with the fact, that the stove in the kitchen - this is the main assistant to the mistress. If you want to eat eggs in the morning, soup for lunch or a fragrant cutlets for dinner, you can not do without this technology. Nowadays varieties cookers limited to a large number of, but we are with you today will try to analyze in detail the seven major types of, some stoves are in the market for kitchen appliances. It should say at once, that the head are two types, which divided everything tiles: gas and electric. It was with an introduction to the gas we will begin.

gas cookers

Most home for the majority of our compatriots is a gas stove for the kitchen. The principle of operation of this type of plates is clear to everyone: gas is supplied directly to each burner and the charge to be ignited by a match or lighter electric manually. In modern tiles on gas can be seen ELECTRONIC, to simplify the lighting of fire. Also, many types of all gas stoves kitchen equipped with a system against gas leaks, however careful you still need to be.

Security measures

Although the new models you can find special sensors extinct fire at each burner, and thermoelectric system of gas-control, Be careful with the gas supply. Never leave the tile for a long time without attention, do not open the windows when the fire lit, and try as much as possible to light a fire faster when you turn on the gas supply to the burner, and in the case of unpleasant circumstances ventilate the kitchen.



The lower part of the gas stove becomes very hot always, so better to upholster plastic plate legs, If there are any, heat-resistant rubber. Besides, cooking surface may be made from different materials, each of which needs its own care. The cheapest - enameled metal, who is afraid of strong shocks due to the possibility of cleavage. Besides, He likes to collect fat on itself, Although easy to clean.

Stainless steel more practical and safer remaining materials, in addition, it creates a certain charm to the outside kitchen view. The same can be said of the aluminum alloy, which the, but, worse to clean. Independently there are glass ceramic and heat-resistant glass, that, but not afraid of fire, very dangerous in operation since, that they can be broken. But they are very beautiful.

Types of gas cookers for location

Having dealt with gas tiles generally, It should be considered separately kinds of cookers with gas supply, which are divided according to its location in the interior of the kitchen into three different types:


As you can guess from the name, this type is integrated directly into the headset, side by side with top. These tiles are always composed Working from the cooking surface the top and bottom of the oven. Usually, Both parts have a control system on a common panel, but other options are considered to be more convenient, because in such cases, the oven can be built elsewhere Headset.


These tiles are similar to previous, but do not have a binding for the kitchen. New modern models outdoor gas stoves are presented in a variety of sizes and dimensions, allowing you to choose the model, ideally suited. Their price depends on the number of burners, design, materials hob and, of course, a set of additional functions. This plate can be anywhere.


Many with this article trying to understand, how to choose a stove, but sometimes necessary options and to give. Perhaps, this kind of cookers is best suited for of countryside.

These plates are characterized by, that can be mounted on any convenient surface you, They do not have the oven and are very mobile in the transportation.

Advantages and disadvantages

Before proceeding to the next type of tiles, should look at the advantages and disadvantages, that we offer every type of gas stoves. This will help you compare all the options and choose the plate to the kitchen correctly.

A separate version with corner tiles

  • The most affordable price for the average family.
  • It can be installed in any corner of the kitchen without ordering suitable furniture.
  • Installed between the tables will cause the collection of garbage, fat and pieces of food in the crevices.
  • It is unlikely that fit into the overall interior of the kitchen, if it is designed in the same style, and the working surface will be nonuniform.

Built-in set

  • It saves space and creates a more convenient and compact work surface, you need a small kitchen.
  • Making the interior more beautiful, holistic.
  • Caring for the kitchen becomes easier.
  • Price embedded boards are too high.
  • In addition to the tiles will have to buy and all headset, but it is extremely expensive.
  • For mounting fittings and tiles individually also have to pay a lot of special work, since their own to do this is extremely dangerous.

Table Cottage

  • Frees up space for cabinets, dish-ware or separately purchased oven.
  • It can be positioned anywhere on top countertops.
  • It can be easily transported to any location.
  • It is the cheapest in the absence of the oven.
  • Absence of the oven can be problematic, after all have to buy it separately.
  • The wrong place the plate arrangement may cause problems with contamination or damage materials.

electric cookers

Modern electric ovens for the kitchen much loved housewives due to its extreme ease of operation and more safety, rather than at the gas counterparts. In some homes, there is no gas pipeline, and other splachivanie gas in the apartment - impossibly fun, and then without electric stoves simply can not do. Modern electric stoves operate in different ways, and from this they are divided into different types.

Security measures

For electric stoves is crucial, to all over your house wiring is a powerful working. Themselves cookers pretty safe, and for greater security equipped with various useful features: Electronic display can show the temperature of a particular hotplate, time and heating mode, and grill function allows cooking in the infrared field, retaining nutrients while cooking.


Caring for these tiles is not so difficult, although care depends on the type of appliance. Basically you just need to wait, until the hotplates have cooled, then wipe the surface with a damp cloth without using detergents.

We help to choose an electric hotplate

Unlike gas, types of electric cookers depend on the type of burners. Some of them produce a magnetic field, others have spiral Heat tape, and some very fast heat up and cool down. To choose the right electric stove for home, you need to learn more about each.


The very first kind of electric stoves is terrific, working on the coils of a heated tapes. they, in turn, They operate similarly to electric heaters, or curling, heated by electricity. Usually, such plates cook even longer gas, after heating burners - a very slow process. The cooking surface may be made from different materials, It is considered to be the most popular stainless steel.


The most popular in Europe are the types of induction cooking stoves. They are working on a high-frequency magnetic field, creating flows, heating dishes. The advantage of this method is, that energy flows are only in place, where dishes, but, so, the heat will not escape. This leads to, that induction models heats and cools at times faster than the rest.


But still, fastest in terms of kind of cooking hotplate is halogen. Thanks to, that electricity causes the pair of halogens in the heating strips emit infrared waves, hotplate heats up instantly and just as quickly cools. Modern electric stove for the kitchen, working on halogen, not only saves time cooking, but also electricity.

Ceramic Glass

Probably, the most popular glass-ceramic electric stoves for the kitchen are among the Cooktop, whose characteristics are ideally harvested the benefits of other types of. They are almost always carried out with touch control, and cera strength material proved set of experiments with a drop of pots. They work by heating elements, heat which increases the hob itself. The properties of the material allow heat exclusively place, which houses dishes.

pros cons

Having considered, which have for the kitchen stove, running on electric current, we can compare each type, Having considered the advantages and disadvantages. This will help to better understand the, which of electric ovens fit perfectly into the interior of your kitchen and your family's life. Immediately it should say, that the common advantage of all electric cookers, In addition to classical, a flat working surface, allowing to put any cookware on the hotplate.


  • Immediately starts to cook.
  • instantly cools.
  • It allows you to adjust the temperature.
  • Extremely expensive.
  • There is a risk of surface damage.
  • Replacing the heating elements should be carried out every 7-8 years old.


  • Safer all other analogues.
  • It does not form soot and carbon deposits.
  • It works with any utensils.
  • Cheaper than other electric stoves.
  • It needs a strong wiring.
  • For a long time preparing a meal.


  • Durable and long serves.
  • saves energy.
  • Saves cooking time.
  • Safe in terms of operation and in terms of random touching the hob.
  • It does not require specialized care, It does not collect dust and pieces of food.
  • Use in cooking can not only china, brass, glass, copper or ceramic ware.
  • Do not install next to the fridge.
  • Big load on the wiring.

Ceramic Glass

  • Uniform heat input.
  • Energy savings.
  • Quickly heats up and cools down quickly.
  • In some models, there is a function, change shape and size of the burner electric stove.
  • It can be used with a flat bottom with a dark or matte-coated dishes but without any damage.
  • No skirting as such, so it is possible contamination of the floor.
  • Spot-kick with a fork or the like will certainly cause a crack, after which the hob fails.
  • It needs special care.

Top gas

Now, looking at all kinds of stoves - kitchen helpers hostess, You can decide for yourself, what tiles you best. Well, we'll try to help, telling about the best representatives of a particular type in different price segments. We will start with gas stoves.

inexpensive options

GEFEST 3200-08 - floor plate, which differs reliable enamel coating. The temperature of the oven is set manually, which is very convenient for the hostess. Also on the grid there is a small burner, allowing to put the noggin.

GEFEST 3100-08 K19 - a model of the same series, characterized delicious chocolate design. This budget model fits perfectly into the beautiful design of modern apartment. oven, As in the previous embodiment,, It allows the user to expose the temperature.

De Luxe 5040.38g - floor model of the four burners, having a large amount of gas in the oven. Speaking of prices compared to the quality of, This model has no equal.

The choice of the rich class

Hansa FCMW58221 - a full-size outdoor stove with oven on 65 liters is simple to operate. Enamel coating makes it easy to clean the plate on the outside of the dirt, The inner surface of the door has tips for cooking. The set has two trays and racks.

Gorenje K 55203 AW - a model with electric oven, having a depth 50 cm. The outer surface is covered with special enamel against contamination, and for greater convenience plate has steam cleaning AquaClean.

GEFEST 5102-03 0023 - another hybrid model with electric oven. Characterized by a small price, in contrast to the previous versions, but with the same excellent filling. The feedback More only appears reliable and durable assembly.

The middle segment

GEFEST 3500 - one of the best plates of glass ceramic, working on gas. Its main functions are complemented by an audible timer, cooking the same panel especially made of tempered glass, so it was not formed on the burnt spots.

GEFEST 6100-02 0009 - in terms of price and quality of this plate is unmatched in its segment. Stove has very capacious oven with drawer, well and the working surface is so large, that will not create any restrictions on operation. Among other things,, oven has elektorozzhigom.

Gorenje GI 52339 RW - very spacious oven is complemented by trays of glass and grille complete. In addition to the audio timer in this present gas stove and built-in clock. The model is interesting for its electronically controlled.

Top electric

Having dealt with gas stoves to pass electrical model. what is it, best electric kitchen stove? Choose from the most worthy options for every price segment.

a small price

Lysva EP-411 WH - very simple, but comfortable to use with electric worthy design. Classical electric cast-iron burners worth less than their counterparts, because it is necessary for care after each cooking. The rest, it is durable and reliable, and its control is very intuitive.

Darin S EM341 404 W - not too big, but an inexpensive electric, having a rather pleasant appearance. Operation is convenient, specific indicators that will prompt you, what kind of burner included. It has a mode to save electricity and high efficiency performance.

Flama AE1406-W - a budget option cookers, having a rapid heating hotplate. The same feature is present in the oven. Enamel work area adequately perform their jobs, Well, the design is very good by the standards of such value. Besides, Included are oven light and the cover.

average cost

Hansa FCEW53001 - very reliable classic stove, characterized by their durability and small size. Very modern look is achieved by including the expense of high-quality enamel surface, which does not cause significant problems with withdrawal.

DARINA B EC331 606 W – Ceramic hotplate, Residual heat panel having, very fast heating burners and oven with two layers of heat-resistant glass and holders. In addition, she is different interesting design and good build. Also in the box is embedded tile dish, which can not fail to please the hostess.

AEG 47036IU-MN - you need it, if you want a timer, rapid heating burners, really big oven for 74 l, equipped with lighting and convection, The residual heat display function, as well as automatic detection of improper utensils for not a lot of money for this purpose. The best electric in its segment, noiseless, having a security mode from the child and simply carry out qualitatively their work.

road design

Hansa FCIW53800 - induction electric, fully justifies its cost. Decent energy efficiency it is combined with comfortable equipment. Volumetric oven with grill and convection function, indication of the residual heat and the automatic switch-off of burners after installing and removing ware, - what else could you ask for?

Hotpoint-Ariston H5VMC6A (X) - Glass-Ceramic, sophisticated design and a large number of useful features. This stove has an automatic timer on and off, Ten of the oven functions, Mode grill and bright illumination of the oven. Interestingly, to the oven attached catalytic purification, several trays and the main highlight - a set of skewers. The best decoration of your kitchen interior.

Bosch HCE644653 - completes our review of electric kitchen stove is another quality, collected all the modern technical development of household appliances. Besides the already known to us functions, like timer, heat indicator, possibility of changing the shape of burners and special protective enamel, This stove boasts surround Ovens, almost lightning heating burners and really stylish appearance.

Video of choice of gas stoves