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How to repair the kitchen furniture with their hands

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Refresh furniture on the kitchen and without spending a tidy sum of money - the dream of every person. If you want, perform repair of furniture in the house with his own hands, it will save money, and sells you additional skill.

Kitchen furniture can be updated and restored with the help of several methods

Modern building technologies and innovations make it possible to update the kitchen furniture without significant cost and in a short time. Let's find out, how to make renovated kitchen of furniture with his hands.

Carry out cosmetic repairs

Kitchen furniture can be updated and restored with the help of several methods. So, automotive paint to paint the kitchen with his hands is not difficult, and it is possible to perform in such a color scheme, in which wish on plastic or wood surface.

Why car paint suitable? because, it quality, not afraid of direct sunlight, dust and moisture. Visit the shop with accessories for cars, and you will find a wide choice of colors, not limited to a standard set. Here the colors available in bronze, gold and silver. With this paint restoration kitchen furniture at home becomes a pleasure, Besides, you do it yourself.

Plan the work in stages, this will help prevent damage and beautifully arrange headsets. Painted on with a brush shelf, and the facade - a spray gun, each tool is easy.

Council: After completion of dyeing, Leave the third part balonchika. This in order, to dry the surface after development you can eliminate some of the defects, who appeared on it.

Procedure for painting kitchen units:

  1. The door off the hinges, unscrew handle using a screwdriver, fittings and accessories for kitchen units.
  2. From the surface, that needs to be painted, wash away the dust, grease and dirt, to dry off.
  3. for painting Element Strip, to deal with that fine sandpaper, wipe after completion of each element with solvent cloth.
  4. In the presence of panel doors, first paint with depth, and then proceed to the edge.

Replacing the doors on the front of the headset

Work joinery place

If you can not paint furniture at home, change front. This procedure can be performed in the event, If the headset is worn for years of operation, and it has a weight of mechanical damage.

Council: We make the change only the upper and lower front doors, leave the rest in the same place, So, the rest of the walls are worn a lot less.

At the present time many furniture manufacturers and stores, who sell chipboard and accessories, They offer a choice of accessories, replacement of furniture, and handles for furniture Mortice.

In many cases, the elements of the facade are identical and are suitable for a huge number of other furniture. Besides, they are sold with a decor or stencils, so you do not need to come up with design, just choose from the presence of the, What we liked. Paint furniture made of particleboard with their hands, including those doors, you bought, possible in the case, if there is no desired color.

If your set of non-standard sizes, you make the order and customized to the size of its premises, you will have to front door and wall boxes to order in view of the size of. But there is and the pros, So, like placing an order, you can make a mortise handles for kitchen furniture, who are very comfortable in the kitchen and never fall away, unlike those, that are fixed.

Purchased at the door is not always the case for deepening, to attach the loop. In this case, make them yourself, or invite a master, who understands the.

Since the dismantling of the kitchen, paint scheme, in accordance with which you will make the installation of new furniture, order the cabinets and drawers. The diagram should be the size of each element. This is extremely important, So, all the work without detailing the size and location of, will be spoiled, out to remake will take twice as much time and money.

paint scheme, in accordance with which you will make the installation of new furniture

editing process

After ordering and manufacturing of accessories and doors, proceed with the installation actions:

  • Remove old items and remove the headset with each drawer front bar;
  • Unscrew the screws, are attached to box. Old door used as an example, It was noted at the fixing, which will be on the new facade;
  • Before, how to install a loop, on the facade, that you have marked, make a hole for the lock;
  • Now the loop of the old doors attach to the hole;
  • Hang new doors, first of all, attach the top loop, and then from the bottom;
  • Change the front facade on the boxes and lockers;
  • In the place, where you made the mark, tighten the screw on the new facade. Check out, Are you all done correctly, strength fasteners.

Replacing old countertops

Worktop - an indispensable element in the kitchen, where are workflows for rozdelke products and cooking. If it is worn out over the years - no problem, So, how to change the countertop in the kitchen for many owners - the usual thing.

Make countertops for the kitchen with a variety of materials. buy one, that suits you in thickness, and make repairs on their own countertops - this will save time and, and money.

You will need high-quality tools and material

replacement stages:

  1. Before, removing the countertop, remove the stove and sink, which are inserted into it. If you simply want to replace the sink in the kitchen set, it is necessary to loosen or cut. Before this disconnect and remove all water pipe, which connect it to the sewage system.
  2. When is the removal and replacement of kitchen countertops, Do not throw away the old, leave it to the sample.
  3. The new countertop is applied to the old, and encircled by suit.
  4. Cut out the necessary openings, I use special chain saw.
  5. Set the table top to the surface of the headset and paste the necessary instruments, wash.
  6. Seal the gaps with silicone or other airtight means.

Replacing the countertops - this is not a complicated procedure, the main thing, be very careful and accurate record size.

Half the work is done, now you need to stick to the edge of the table top, it is best to deal with that iron.

The sequence of work:

  • Treat the edges with sandpaper, remove irregularities;
  • Cut with a knife edge, that hang;
  • Attach to edge of the table top and slide on her iron.

Council: To not have to glue double, or alter work, select the optimum temperature of the iron.

Now in great demand enjoy 3D edge for countertops, especially in curved embodiments.

Tool for the job
Tool for the job should be raznoobbraznym

restoring table

Similarly,, as painting kitchen units conducted the restoration of the kitchen table with his hands. To paint a table of particle board will require a chemical or thermal method, each of which involves the removal of the upper layer from the surface of hot steam or by special means. Further, abrade the surface with sandpaper, wipe with a damp cloth and let dry. Now paint, it is better to make a spray, which will cause the paint evenly and without any gaps.

To paint a wooden table you need a machine for grinding, To remove the upper thin layer, then apply paint using the brush or roller, and the top coat varnish.


We hope, these tips will help you to restore the furniture and change the facade of the headset with my own hands without losing the extra money and time.

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