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Kitchen in a modern home has long gone beyond the traditional idea of ​​it, how about putting, in which food is prepared and there is its use. Today it is a full-fledged residential premises, where you can spend time with family and friends, relax. That is why everything is so well suited to the question of the kitchen facilities planning, the creation of comfort in it and relaxed atmosphere. Modern people while taking into account such an important moment as the functionality. Third-party odors in the kitchen can easily spoil a warm and homely atmosphere. To address this issue can be effectively using this kitchen appliance extractor.

Вытяжка на кухне
Avoid extraneous smells will help extractor hood

Application and use of extracts

In our kitchen time with the hood is not considered a rarity. conversely, difficult to find a modern kitchen without this household appliance. There just are not models offer manufacturers. The shape of the units are flat, embedded, or telescopic dome. Among the varieties offered on the market kitchen appliances can be identified, as an excellent option, embedded. The flat model mounted directly above the cooking surface or hob and can be connected to the ventilation system or work autonomously by means of a separate fan and filter. They are particularly relevant for small spaces, because it does not take up too much space and compactly mounted in a special section of the furniture. The key functional tasks are extracts:

  • Cleaning and renewal of air;
  • elimination of external odors, which are formed during the cooking process, evaporative, unwanted impurities, excess moisture;
  • preventing sedimentation combustion products, soot and grease on the exposed surfaces, located near hobs;
  • preserving the cleanliness of the surface of the furniture, wall, ceiling;
  • security for people, who stay for a long time in the kitchen, involved in cooking and systematically inhale combustion products;
  • decorative.

Черная вытяжка Siemens
Exhaust Hood Siemens LC 968BA90

Without exception, all known global brands, specializing in the production of household appliances and built-in appliances, in their catalogs assign a place for Hood. So, It proved to be excellent in the domestic market extractor built Siemens. Home appliances of the company passes all the necessary certification and testing before, how to get to the store shelves. other manufacturers, who care about the quality of their products, such as Bosh, Gorenje, Electrolux also found their buyers in the country.

Built-in hood in the kitchen from these manufacturers will be a long time to provide reliable and trouble-free operation and will be the highlight of the room. Modern solutions are ideally suited to a variety of trends and styles, ranging from traditional classical to cutting-edge hi-tech. Wherein, assemble into a special wall cabinet, exhaust system will not be out of the general concept of the furniture.

Design features

Some models of traditional hoods are bulky units, which is difficult to find a free place. Due to their design and small size become popular embedded hoods for kitchens. The housing of such units is completely hidden behind the face of the cupboard of the furniture set.

Встроенная вытяжка
Built compact hood

Kitchen furniture requires special manufacturing cabinet, which size will fit a household appliance. It is situated above the cooking surface. Closet built under the hood style is different from other sections. His only design feature is, he nonfunctional, and serves only to facing the hood body. He hides the ventilation pipe, giving design aesthetic appearance. It protrudes from the furniture section, only the lower part of the unit, which directly provides air circulation.

In small apartments hood, built-in wardrobe, saves free area.

This is especially noticeable, when it comes to the telescopic devices, in which the lower surface is put forward, thereby providing additional grip area and minimal space requirement at rest.

As the functionality of the built model in no way inferior to traditional, and because of its design features are different acceptable cost.

Components built hoods

Modern exhaust modules are removed before 96% odor, which are released into the air during the cooking process. This is true, because lately kitchen facilities are connected to the dining room or other living rooms.

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When selecting the instrument should be paid to such characteristics, as: manufacturing of material, dimensions, motor power, etc..

Depending on the mode of operation of the device design it may consist of the following components:

  • directly to the body, width and length is different, as the material, from which it is made (enamel surface, stainless steel, aluminum, tempered glass, from which the exhaust design);
  • motor or fan, if not provided and air purification unit is operated in the air outlet mode;
  • filter, if provided air filtering odors and vapors from, who are fat or coal.

Modern exhaust systems have to 4 speeds, by which to regulate the rate and extent of absorption of burning. devices equipped with 1 or 2 motors, the power level of which depends smoke absorption. Twin-engine provides the most quality work.

Embedded hoods produce a rough cleaning by means of air mass grease filters. They are made from acrylic, aluminum, paper or syntepon. Sinteponovye considered disposable paper filters and, and aluminum and acrylic can be used reusable and must be periodically cleaned of dirt and grease Skopje. Cooker hoods for kitchens with carbon filters produce Air purification by means of activated carbon. These filters can be both disposable, and reusable. On models with the circulation system are used simultaneously filters coarse and fine filters.

Extractor hood with lighting

Among the additional components should be noted lighting system. The light source uses traditional incandescent, neon, halogen or fiber optic. In this case, built-extractor may be used as an additional source of illumination of the cooking surface or both lights. To control functions (shine, fan) extractor hood
equipped with special devices. The most common following 3 type:

  1. Traditional pushbutton.
  2. touch buttons, are comfortable, when it is necessary to wash the surface of the device.
  3. Electronic control with displays and sensors, which are equipped with expensive model segments, allowing to set different programs for controlling the operation of, including those triggered by the presence or smoky environment sensors. Such devices can connect to the smart home system.

Features size selection 50, 60, 80 cm

To built-hood for the kitchen fully perform its functions and used effectively, you need to choose the right device based on its performance and the area of ​​the kitchen space.

Выбор кухонной вытяжки
When you select a drawing pay attention to its specifications

When you purchase should pay attention to the following factors:

  • productivity of equipment;
  • design features and dimensions;
  • a mode of operation is provided: recycling or discharge;
  • what materials are made filters;
  • which materials formed body;
  • which provided the type of installation;
  • a number of speeds provided;
  • instrument noise level;
  • what additional features are provided in the model.

The main parameter, from which performance depends on the product - it is his size.

Device width should be no less, than the width of the hob plate or, on which will be installed at, or exceed its.

Given the standard sizes of cookers produced today, extracts manufacturers offer products in standard sizes - 45-120 centimeters. Common and popular are considered to be the width of the hood 50,60 and 80 centimeters.

The distance between the hood and the cooking surface of the type of gas should be 55-85 centimeters, for electrical surfaces - 35-75 centimeters. This is the optimal height, where the unit will not interfere with cooking and will meet the fire safety requirements.

Each model is offered in a complete guide, which indicates the recommended installation height.

Мощность двигателя устройства

We should not forget, that the built-in kitchen extractor fan must have the necessary reserve power, to effectively filter the air in the room. In order to correctly calculate the force of the engine in accordance with the parameters of the room, you must multiply the length, width, height kitchen, subtracted from the result the volume of kitchen furniture and multiply by 11. This result will be the best indicator for a particular room.

If the device operates in air extraction mode, it is necessary to take into account the, that order 10% engine power is absorbed by each turn vent.

Equally important when selecting removed and filtering system. How effective will be filtered air space in the kitchen depends on the type of filter: aluminum, coal or acrylic. Disposable filter clogging system after disposal, reusable and should be cleaned when dirty. Such filters can for a long time to cope with pollution combustion products airspace, reliably protect the engine hood of the fat particles and other things littering.

The hood operation creates considerable noise, which depends on the chosen model, engine power, bearings used in them, installed fans and correct installation of the device. expensive segment devices at work can create a noise level of not more than 35 db, that can be compared with the noise, publish a pan of boiling water.


The average noise level in the exhaust systems of 50-55 db, which is an acceptable indicator, and will not distract from the cooking process. Noise level higher than that creates discomfort for the person.

Independent appliance installation

By purchasing the hood for the kitchen, Many are trying to establish its own. Wherein, without knowing, how to build the hood in the cupboard, violate technology and in consequence can not achieve efficient operation of equipment. To properly install the unit, you need to know:

  • how to embed the hood and fix it in a locker;
  • how to make a connection to the ventilation system;
  • how to arrange the hood and arrange electrical connection with mandatory grounding and correct calculation of power, available in the apartment or the house wiring;
  • what should be the distance between the hood and the cooking surface.

An excellent tool for self-assembly can be attached to the acquisition instruction. There you can get acquainted with the safety regulations.
With the right choice of technology, it is installed in accordance with the technical standards and systematic care of her kitchen with cooker hood will not be afraid of any cooking task, even the most intense.

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The room will be supported by favorable conditions for cooking and its tasting.