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How to install the hood in the kitchen by yourself: a comprehensive guide

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Kitchen space - the place with high humidity, posed daily evaporation during cooking. To absorb steam and smells need to install the hood. The operating principle of this design is simple. The structure includes filters and engine, which drives a fan. The more powerful engine, the efficiency of the heater. This option, which is taken into account in the first place when choosing a hood.
Самостоятельная установка вытяжки
Self-installation of kitchen hoods under the force of each

How to choose a hood for the kitchen?

product size is important, for small kitchens particularly. installation drawing kitchen requires a sufficient space over the cooking surface. With a lack of space is optimally set the built-in appliances, which is tiny and can easily hide in furniture.

When choosing an air main, thing to consider - this device width. It should match size cooker. Otherwise the effective operation of the filters can not be expected.

Next select the option - this operation. Air purifiers come in tap-off (output air outside the premises) and filtering (purified and recycled back into the room air). Effectively the first mode. So there is a wholly-purifying indoor air.

It is important to specify the type of filter, used in air cleaner. For rough cleaning filters meet, which are metal mesh. They catch the fat droplets. For Hepa use charcoal filters, who have to buy an additional and regularly replaced by new ones.

the device can be operated using the buttons and sensor. What option to select depends of personal preference. The difference is, the touch panel is more easy to clean.

Кухонная вытяжка
Control panel hood

Advantages and disadvantages of exhaust systems

Exhaust systems operate in two modes. design, acting on the principle of recycling, costly, including in service. Air from the room is cleaned through the filter and back into the kitchen. This system keeps the heat in the room. Minus such extracts in costly maintenance. Carbon filters need to be changed regularly.

standard systems, working on the principle of removal, is output together with the air into the ventilation pairs, nothing is coming back. This unit provides for individual ventilation duct. In apartment buildings with a single ventilation system, such mechanisms are not working at full capacity. There are three types of kitchen hoods:

  1. dome. Such a device does not clear, and draws air through the ventilation system with the powerful fan. Dome systems popular despite the awkwardness. Cooker hoods Hephaestus mainly produced in the form of domed structures. The company has long established itself as a leader in the production of household appliances. extractor hood on Hephaestus kitchen - this design with multiple modes of fan operation and high air flow. Decorate such hoods of different materials - glass, wood, etc.. d.
  2. recessed. These hoods are similar in design dome with the difference, that the device is installed in the kitchen furniture. Technique perfectly fulfills its function organically blend into any decor. Embedded systems are equipped with a sliding panel, which increases the effectiveness of their work. very popular with the embedded technology uses the hood for the kitchen Gardenia. it is functional, pleasing to the eye and is available at a price. Hood built Hansa petite and yet powerful. Model of this company equipped with two motors, have a minimum level of noise. Install built-hood does not require special skills, every man, little versed in the construction and engineering, cope with this simple task.
  3. False. Such devices are gradually losing relevance. They are installed directly above the cooking surface. They are characterized by low power. Filters require regular replacement. The only plus is that, that on such a device, you can place any kitchen cabinets.

Подвесная вытяжка
Hanging extractor hood

Another type of air purifier - a ceiling kitchen hoods. They are rarely used in a very spacious kitchen. Stove and a small part of the countertops are located in the center of the room, a hood secured to the ceiling above the zone.

Technical parameters of the device: calculation rules

In order to properly install the hood it is necessary to take into account the technical design parameters. first, that you should pay attention - this is the size of the air cleaner. The width of the device must conform to the width of the cooker. Dome units manufacturers produce a width of 50 to 90 cm. In a limited number of models are presented width 1,20 m. The depth of the majority of devices dome 50 cm. The height of the structures is different. Standard variant is 1,25 m.
Next option - a performance air cleaner. It is calculated from the volume of air, which can clean the device for 1 time.

Established rules that govern, that unit must renew the air of not less than 10 times for 1 time. This parameter depends on the power of the device. Kitchen area 12 quarter. m engine power should be 432 cube. m / hour. The calculation is as follows:: 3 m (kitchen length) x 4 m (kitchen width) x 3 m (ceiling height) x 12 (coefficient) = 432 cube. m / hour
Device noise level - a measure, which defines the permissible limits of sound from the unit. you can pick up cleaner with a motor for maximum comfort, which is placed in a special soundproof chamber.

Apparatus sectional

Вытяжка в разрезе
Internals kitchen hood

Installation with their own hands

What do you need, to install the hood in the kitchen with his hands? It is a simple process, need only read some of the rules. Consider, how to install hood over a gas stove for example embedded unit.
If the connection to the ventilation system is not required, the installation will consist only in attaching the unit to the wall. In conclusion, the carbon filters are installed in the device.

Have to work hard in the event that, when the mechanism would work on the principle of vozduhootvedeniya. To properly connect the hood to the kitchen, you need to optimally position the device. It should be as close to the vent.

To install the hood in the kitchen of the tools require a screwdriver, drill (drill), knife, pencil and tape measure, level, hacksaw. main parameter, which is to be calculated before the beginning of work - is the height of installation of kitchen hoods.

installation cooker hoods It must be made at least 75 cm. This distance can be increased if necessary. But this case will require the device with more power. If the device is mounted at a distance 1 meters and more from the cooking surface, but its power should be at least 4 times more than the standard one.

Монтаж прибора
Before installation, read the "Instruction Manual" device. There you will find recommendations for installing it on your hood model

Mounted extractor hood in the kitchen in several stages:

  • at the beginning produce marks on the wall with a pencil, measuring tape and level. Applied position of the brackets.
  • punch holes drilled for holders.
  • installation of corrugations for drawing. Instead, it is often used ventilation ducts and pipes of plastic. And that in both cases not allowed to have sharp corners and constrictions. Corrugation at one end is attached to a special output on the exhaust side. The other end is mounted in the ventilation grille. The connection is performed by means of special clamps.
  • Final stage - the connection to the electrical device.

extraction socket Ventilation with your hands can pass easily, but there can be difficulties and. for example, ventilation is far from the unit. In this case, you will need an extension cord to the chimney. If communications are hidden, it is more convenient to use corrugation. It is more easy to install.

Hood with his hands make is not that difficult. In this hood will look aesthetically pleasing, all pipes will be hidden, only the operation panel remains in plain sight.

Кухонная вытяжка в шкафу
extract embedded option in the cupboard

How to build the hood in a cupboard with his hands interests many homeowners. This will not disturb the kitchen interior, hide corrugation. In the selection of the embedded unit is required to take into account the size of a kitchen cabinet, where it will be located, and plates. The distance from the bottom of the cabinet to the gas cooking surface must be less than 80 cm. If electric stove - 70 cm. Install the hood embedded in the finished rack easier. To do this, you need to focus only on its size. At the top of the enclosure is done opening duct, beneath the hood itself.

Mounting embedded drawing is performed by means of its fastening to the wall. For this doing a hole in the rear of the enclosure. The components must be assembled beforehand inside the enclosure. Once the housing is fixed to the wall, follow, so that the movable panel unit could move freely.

Attach the hood to the kitchen on the drywall is not recommended. If this can not be avoided, it is best to take care of additional fasteners, since this material is not capable of withstanding heavy load for a long time.

Домашний мастер

Install the hood in the kitchen costs an average of 2 000 rubles. Price varies depending on the complexity of the work, on, Is it built-in appliances, whether it is necessary to manipulate with kitchen furniture, etc.. d.

Caring for kitchen hood

It happens, housewives complain, that the work of the hood for an unknown reason worsened, odors are not removed from the kitchen. The problem lies in inadequate care appliances. In the process of cleaning clean the outer case and make sure the inside of the product. In order not to spoil the equipment and remove the filters properly, at the beginning should read the instructions. If a book is lost, the disassembly must be done carefully, memorizing the location of component parts.

Before cleaning the appliance disconnected from the network. Then dismantle the inner cover, easily by clicking on the fixing mount. The next step - is the removal of the filters. devices, who work in vozduhootvedeniya mode and output all vapors and odors in the ventilation pipe, contain coarse filter (fatty). These filters are mainly metal. They can be cleaned in a warm solution of not less detergent 1 once a month. Grease filters made and acrylic. They can be used 3 of the month, then change to a new filter.
Hoods, working on the principle of recycling, contain a carbon filter, which purifies the air from odors. Change it is necessary to at least 1 once a year.


there are devices, that combine both modes. If the product is operated only in the extraction mode, you can not install a carbon filter. After removing and cleaning the filter washed accessible part of the hood, which has accumulated grease and dust. Contamination removed dishwashing detergent or a special solution for washing extracts. abrasive powders, rough washcloths and sponges are not recommended, they spoil the cabinet. It is better to use soft tissue.

At the end of the component parts of the device you need to wipe dry and replace. Only after that the device is connected to the network. Now you know, how to install the hood in the kitchen with his hands.