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How to combine the kitchen with living room: collection of useful tips

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malogabaritok owners are constantly looking for affordable solutions to increase the usable area, because the model housing rarely meets real human needs. Owners of large apartments are thinking about creating a modern interior. Solve the pressing problem of capable redevelopment - the union of the kitchen with living room. However, just to break the wall between the two rooms is not enough. You want to get to this special permission, develop a detailed project, conduct construction and finishing works. Let's learn about plan kitchen-living room.

living room with kitchen
To combine the kitchen with living room requires a lot of effort

Pros and cons of kitchen-living room

Before work out the detailed design and obtain approval, theoretically should learn, what will happen, when the kitchen and living room turn into one room.

The advantages include the redevelopment:

  • Create a new room with a large area
  • modern look
  • An opportunity not to be closed in the kitchen, and be together with your family or guests

Among the shortcomings are allocated:

  • Distribution of kitchen noises and smells in the apartment
  • The need to acquire a powerful drawing and modern storage systems
  • Kitchen living room will have to keep clean
  • the impossibility of privacy, if households do not have separate rooms

In order not to be disappointed in the result obtained, should think in advance, the impact of the planned transformation of the family life.

Suitable for kitchen, living room

Plan kitchen-living room begins with understanding, and whether it is necessary specifically to you. Carrying out the work is justified, if you:

  1. Kitchen with an area smaller 7 quarter.m
  2. A family of 4 people and more
  3. And kitchen, and living room are modest in size - as a result of redevelopment apartments get a spacious room
  4. A private house, in which family members have separate rooms - the union of the spacious kitchen and living room will provide a limitless possibilities for design and will not violate privacy

kitchen - living room
If both rooms in the same style - it's great, in principle, it should be combined according to the rules of taste

To properly plan the kitchen, which is combined with living room, follow the 4 principles:

  • legality
  • Security
  • Functionality
  • design

legal advice

Not every room can get permission to redevelop. First of all, difficulties arise from the studio apartment. Combining the kitchen with living room automatically switches to the status of non-residential premises, because now for government agencies your apartment is transformed into a large kitchen. In this case, you must use partitions or sliding doors. If in one-room apartment a gas stove, without them can not do exactly.

Electric cooker allows the absence of the doors when they can install. The wording of the request for re-planning of the organization "wide opening between the rooms with the demolition of the wall", instead of combining two rooms often decides the question in favor of the applicants. In both cases, it must be held a clear zoning of premises.

Secondly, if the house has a cultural or historical value, have additionally coordinate permission to work with the relevant authorities.

Open plan
Do not rush to combine all consult with lawyers - so cheaper to come

To plan kitchen-living room and get to repair permission, must:

  1. Prepare legal documents - certificate of ownership
  2. Get the log apartment in the BTI
  3. Obtain and complete an application for the upcoming redesign
  4. Prepare transformation project - it makes the project organization, taking into account the safety requirements. Project - it's not drawing, freehand, a set of documents with calculations, drawings and safety analysis of the changes. During the work necessary to exactly follow all spelled out in draft paragraph
  5. Based on the collected documents to get permission to redevelop

Making changes in the course of construction is unacceptable or require a new negotiation - after the completion of the inspector signed the act, based on BTI which amends the log.

designers Tips

Without competent zoning premises during the redevelopment apartment will not do. This is where lies the key to success. Necessarily involve professional designers, but if you plan to kitchen, you should get acquainted with the methods of its distinction from the living room. For this fit:

  1. Ceilings or floors of different levels - the kitchen is always higher
  2. Complement each other or contrasting wall design - panel, wallpaper, tree, painting
  3. Different materials for the floor - the kitchen is laid water-resistant laminated, linoleum, tile, and for the selected room parquet or laminate with the coating compatibility between a
  4. Contrast lighting - bright kitchen, and for the living room is soft and subdued
  5. Window decoration - often hung in the kitchen blinds, in the living room - beautiful curtains
  6. Partitions - sliding or transparent, arch made of plasterboard or screen. Sometimes the walls are not completely destroyed and used as a separator bottom part
  7. Furniture - through and closed shelving, cabinets, bar counters, sofa, aquarium. Presented in a huge range of dining tables for the living room often zoning element

Lighting in the kitchen - living room
Lighting in the kitchen - living room will be shared, and therefore it is necessary to do so, you could not see a clear border "from past

Since alterations to the apartment, remember, that not every design project is right for your apartment. The main ones are the safety and legality of the actions carried out.

builders Tips

To re-planning was successful, It needs to be defined in advance with the design, prepare materials, instruments, surface. You need to know right away, where to throw debris and what time of day is permissible holding noisy activities.

preparation tools

For the destruction of the wall required:

  • Perforator with drill kit for walls made of concrete
  • The Hammer
  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • Dense bags for construction waste

For finishing work required:

  • Level
  • Bulgarian
  • hacksaw
  • screwdriver
  • brush, rollers, spatulas
  • metalware

At all stages of work, use protective equipment - Respiratory, spectacles, gloves.

Remedies for the repair
Protective equipment needed for the repair to anyone who will take part in the re-planning

preparation of materials

Their choice depends on the design of the future kitchen-living room, floor condition, material, that makes up the walls or partitions:

  1. The cement-sand mortar for floor leveling
  2. Plaster, primer, putty
  3. Plasterboard with the profile
  4. Paint
  5. Glue
  6. Tile, wallpaper, laminate with the substrate, linoleum
  7. Wiring, sockets, switches

Room preparation to finishing

To carry out work on the unification of the kitchen with the living room was comfortable and fast, should properly prepare the room:

  • Take your furniture or move it and close the film
  • Remove the old finish
  • If necessary, remove the demolished wall wiring, remove the socket
  • Tear down the wall - concrete using punch and hammer, only for brick hammer
  • Remove the trash
  • If necessary, seal the old door to the kitchen
  • Route the wiring
  • Align floor, if stacked laminate
  • Align wall - plastered brick walls cement sand mortar is affordable, fast and reliable way to create an even surface
  • Install baffles, arch made of plasterboard, sliding doors
  • If the walls and arched walls are made of drywall, the surface preparation used decorative plaster Drywall
  • Remove debris remnants, clean room dust

The apartment is in the repair period
Plan all work stages, that there was no mess, which can interfere with normal operation

The order of finishing works

Making the room starts from the ceiling painting, Installation hanging or tension structures with lighting company. This is followed by floor to do - to make cooking elevation, put laminate or tile, lay linoleum, draw transitions between zones.

Tiles for the living room on the floor is placed under the floor heating capabilities of the organization and be sure to select slip.

Now the work moves to the wall - held Wallpapering, installation of decorative panels or paint surface. Starting to work with walls, do not forget to close the half with a protective film. At least mounted plinth.

Summing up


The process of combining the kitchen and living room is not a simple, but the real. replanning embodiment necessarily coordinated in goszhilinspektsii followed by obtaining the modified registration certificate to the apartment. The better organize the work, the more successful it will be held. Competent training tools, materials and facilities will help change the look of the room as soon as possible. Getting redevelopment, be sure to ask, when it allowed to hold noisy works and where there are containers for construction waste.