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Apron in the kitchen: of what to do

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Each hostess kitchen - a place, where she embodies the reality of their culinary skills. But thanks to, that the kitchen is a process of mass, food preparation and by hook or utensils, This room gets dirty. Not everyone wants to spoil the sophisticated repair, expensive furniture remnants of fat or cooked food. Therefore, people in the habit of do aprons around working area in the kitchen. Called apron area above the hob and the hob. It protects the wall from contamination. Zone "protection" is easily wiped and cleaned if necessary, so it is an integral part of the kitchen interior. In this article, we learn what to do in the kitchen apron.

Beautiful town apron
The original glass apron with a pattern of color views chic

Thanks to new technologies and the choice of materials can be done today Kitchen Apron their own hands. It requires minimal skills in the construction business, imagination and desire.

make apron in the kitchen his hands can even man, who has not previously faced with similar. Material is selected as desired. Can be painted wheels, lay zone above the mosaic plate or make the glass surface. The choice of material depends on the kitchen interior, as the panel has not only a functional role, but also complements the interior.

Apron in the kitchen

Materials for finishing the work area in the kitchen: What makes the apron

Make apron kitchen possible from such materials:

  1. Ceramic tile.
  2. panels MDF.
  3. Glass.
  4. Mosaic.
  5. Plastic.
  6. A rock.
  7. mirror.
  8. CD - ROMs.
  9. Brick.

Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Сегодня встречаются разные виды фартуков на кухне. Glass looks elegant and aesthetically pleasing, but glass is not practical material. Ceramic surface does not look so unusual, but strong and well clean. The mosaic panel gives the kitchen originality, but it makes it difficult and time. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of protective panels, try to understand.

Apron in the kitchen with a picture Evening city

Ceramic tiles hog

By ceramic material is meant tiles. This is a common material. It is not expensive and it looks classic. Ceramic tile is suitable for any interior and furniture. Now sells a variety of colors and shapes of ceramic tiles. Besides,the panel can be made with your own hands, as the finish wall tiles meant by a simple process, with which even a novice can handle.

Before you do kitchen apron ceramic tile should consider the nuances. After all, it is impossible to alter it in case neponravivshegosya results. To replace the need to make repairs a wall, destined for the apron. Therefore, before a decision is necessary to weigh all the "pros and cons", consider all the advantages and disadvantages of this material.

Kitchen Apron

Ceramic tile has the advantage:

  1. stability. Tile hard water damage, or liquid detergents.
  2. strength. When cooking, you can not worry, that the hot spray provoke bundle or cracking material.
  3. Resistant to hot temperatures.
  4. Choice of colors and compositions.

But in addition to advantages, ceramic tile has disadvantages:

  • Long installation time.
  • Inability to change the apron without harm to repair.

Panels in the kitchen, antique well with white furniture

Finely-dispersed fraction (MDF)

Replace the tiles in the kitchen can be MDF. It is matter of finely-dispersed fraction, It looks like a DSP. But in contrast between the two materials is compared with MDP particleboard lower toxicity.

Sheets of finely-dispersed fractions are produced in different colors. In appearance resembles a sheet of MDF wood, so organically fit into any kitchen design. Before you make an apron in the kitchen, wall do not need to pre-align. This is the main advantage of MDF. Pages are mounted on liquid nails or metal frame.

MDF kitchen apron

Advantages of sheets of MDF:

  1. The relatively low cost of the material.
  2. MDF installation requires no special skills.
  3. If desired,, MDF sheets are easily removed, so the "old" panel can be easily exchanged for a new no damage to repair.


  • The material is not resistant to hot temperatures.
  • MDF ephemeral Matera. After a few years of use, the sheets will warp from the negative effects of water and detergents.

Glass: modern beautiful version with photo printing

The glass panel looks unusual. Apply such a surface is relatively recent, so the apron of glass called the innovation in the construction industry. The glass surface is in harmony with all kinds of cuisines. Thanks to technology people have the ability to create drawings on the panels by means of sandblasting pressure. You can also select a photo to her apron and put it on the glass with a special photo printing. It looks original.

apron from the kitchen window

Pluses glass surfaces:

  1. The absence of joints. Under installation involves mounting the desired size of the glass sheet, therefore there is no need for a bonding or joining portions.
  2. The glass panels are easy to clean.
  3. The material does not deteriorate under the influence of water or detergent.
  4. Possibility of applying the desired pattern.


  • gets dirty. The glass surface requires additional care and cleaning.
  • High price. Replacement of an apron in the kitchen to be costly. Builders are not recommended to do it yourself, so it is best to resort to professional help.

Apron silver
Apron and kitchen furniture to silver - the classic look

Mosaic - an interesting design idea

Mosaic Apron kitchen looks beautiful and richly. Such surfaces are made from small pieces of glass tiles or pieces. For any selected mosaic panel material: broken tiles, colored glass, traditional ornaments and other. Make an apron in the kitchen can be cheap because of such materials. often it happens, after renovation in the house are the remains of various materials. Them and can be used for future access panel. There are many options for finishing: lay mosaic landscape nature, traditional ornament and put the pieces in a chaotic manner. The effect will be stunning. Plus mosaic apron in its originality. It is difficult to find such a design as anyone - else. cover panel, laid out by mosaic, It embodies the wishes of the mistress.

mosaic apron, made of pieces of ceramic tile is durable. He is not subject to destruction. While the mosaic surface has an attractive appearance.

Apron Kitchen mosaic

By cons include:

  • Before finishing must be carefully aligned wall.
  • Mosaic is composed of a large number of pieces, which seams. Therefore, to wash and clean a hard cover.

plastic panels

If necessary, make an apron cheap, better to stop your choice on plastic. Plastic surfaces look just, but they are easy to use.


  • Durability.
  • Acceptable material costs.
  • Plastic is easy to clean.
  • Not destroyed by exposure to water.

Apron Kitchen plastic


  • easily scratched.
  • Over time, turn yellow and fade.
  • Highly flammable.


If a person is present idea, make the house an original apron, it is necessary to select a mirror. Mirror panels are made from a single mirror or its parts. It all depends on the willingness of a person. Mirrored surfaces fit perfectly into the interior, visually enlarge the kitchen area.

Over the smooth surface requires care. Zerkalo zapotevaet, from him with difficulty laundered splashing water and traces of cooking.


conclusion: of which the easiest way to make an apron with his hands

Each of aprons species is distinguished by its practicality, beauty and relevance. If a person has a financial opportunity, it is possible to make the mirror surface of the apron or MDF. If we assume an economical option, it is better to stay on the mosaic panels or ceramic tiles.