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How to make quality repairs in the kitchen, if it is an area of ​​only 5,5 squares

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make kitchen renovations 5,5 square meters is considered to be a daunting task. You must create a harmonious interior in a small room and place many of the elements of home appliances.

kitchen renovation
The original kitchen with semicircular windows and beautiful ceiling blends well with the furniture in the kitchen

Proper planning will allow to organize space. Functional set is located in cramped conditions. Used rotating machinery, angular design and drawers.

making repairs in a small room, it should be remembered, the design is performed in consideration of functionality. Greatly increase the small-sized space will not work, so it is advisable to pay attention to originality of design and ergonomics.

Design a small kitchen on the 5.5 m

Why plan the installation and what style to use 5.5 square meters

Before you start repairing the kitchen in the apartment, necessary to complete the project. Planning involves the placement of furniture and a detailed calculation of the required size.

Observing the rules of design and color matching, from a small kitchen, you can create a comfortable work area.

It can be taken beyond the kitchen space to be functional dining area. If this is not possible, then this area should optimize. Table selected oval or circular shape. It is better to choose, who assembled not take up much space. Above the dining area is located a light source.

green kitchen on 5.5 m

Even in the small kitchen are used in virtually all the design styles. It should eliminate the clearance baroque, which requires a spacious room.

When planning a kitchen renovation cheaply, We should pay attention to the following styles:

  1. With classics to create a cozy space. To finish these natural materials are used, like glass, wood and stone. Light colors visually expand the space.
  2. Functional interior creates a minimalist application. This style is characterized by a minimum of accessories and furniture. In the kitchen, use built-in appliances, advanced materials and high-gloss surface of the furniture. All elements create a sense of space.
  3. The kitchen uses modern elements and technique in high-tech style. It uses modular furniture.

If possible, should expand the space with balcony, niches or doorway. In some cases you will have to dismantle the walls.

Zoning room to prevent clutter furniture, as the work area and visually separated dining. Value has access to natural light. To do this, the window does not close the heavy drapes or curtains of warm fabrics.

Furniture for kitchen
Unusually decorated ceiling to the floor in the kitchen and looks good with furniture

Features a small kitchen finishes in hruschevke

To make repairs in the kitchen it is worth considering the size and shape of the room. To finish the kitchen area needed quality materials with resistance to moisture. In the kitchen area 5,5 quarter. m. it is better not to choose complex skeleton system, who take useful centimeters.

purchasing material, should adhere to the bright color palette. Such shades visually increase the room. Not recommended for use in the decoration of contrasting colors, that narrow space.

The room is made in the same style. Important, that was a lot of light. The original decision is a window to the sky in a small kitchen, which adds lightness and spaciousness in the room.

beautiful design small kitchen on 5.5 m

The materials used for decoration of small room:

  • floor covering must not be too dark, recommended tiles, linoleum or laminate;
  • for wall tile is used, decorative plaster or panel;
  • if the coating stack diagonally, it is possible to increase the space;
  • in a small room, it is not necessary to use a combination of different materials;
  • coating a glossy or smooth surface reflects light.

Interior design small kitchens It involves the use of certain colors:

  1. For the design of walls and ceilings recommended beige, white and other pastel colors with slight accents of bright colors.
  2. It is not necessary to burden the space using multiple colors.
  3. Combines not only neutral colors - you can highlight one wall a contrasting coloring.
  4. Not the best option - the use of ornaments and figures, which conceal the space. Selected monochromatic surface. If you use pattern, it should be light and relief opportunities. You can make a sign with his hands on the wall surface.

There are many ideas repair, which will help to create a functional and stylish interior in an area of 5,5 quarter. m.

Furniture beige tones
Furniture beige tones with glass inserts in the cabinet perfect design

Where to place the lines of communication

The kitchen space is limited it is necessary to save the area and therefore there is a need for multiple communications disguise.

additional designs, where it is possible to hide the wires occupy a lot of space. Alternatively used ceiling coverings, plinth, as well as pieces of furniture.

It is not recommended to design the branched communication, which occupy the usable area.

practical kitchen on 5.5 m

How to select and arrange furniture during repair: design in the five-story building malogabaritki

important place the kitchen takes furniture. When the arrangement of furniture in a small kitchen should take into account the size. Given the layout of the premises, you can pick up the ergonomic furniture set.

Before you choose furniture is to audit and remove all unnecessary, not to turn a small kitchen in the storage room.

If you choose furniture in one line, it is possible to save space. Angle structure suitable for placement of additional shelves.

When choosing furniture worth calculate, how many square meters. m. It expected to spend on accommodation Headset. The following guidelines will help make the right choice:

mini kitchen 5 squares

  1. Dark design looks massively. Under the light background is selected not very dark furniture, which will dissolve in the visual space.
  2. It is recommended to use the built-in furniture, which is made to order based on the functionality and size.
  3. To comply with the principle of ergonomics is recommended to place the sink between the refrigerator and stove.
  4. Furniture made of glass give extra space. Use glass tables or door to the lockers.
  5. In a small kitchen suitable roundtable, which takes up less space, than designs with corners.
  6. It is recommended to use the transforming tables.
  7. Not necessarily choose the miniature elements for tight spaces. The main thing to choose the minimum number of subjects.
  8. Visually lift the ceiling will help to elongate elements: Closet-case or refrigerator.small kitchen design 5 squares
  9. Furniture modules are installed close to each other. Wall cabinets are placed higher.
  10. Glossy surfaces reflect the light and give volume.
  11. Will help save space drawers, as well as folding and lifting doors. Recommended modern furniture for storage. These include roof rails, Carousels or mesh containers.

Additional storage space located under the table in the form of mobile pedestals or under the seat of soft headset.

When planning the placement of furniture, should take into account the rules of the functional location. Refrigerator is not put next to the stove, because it can not stand the heat exposure.

Devices for drying dishes placed adjacent to the sink.

small kitchen on 5.5 m

For a small kitchen area suitable plan L-shaped or linear. These options take up little space and leave room to accommodate a dining area. Kitchen with window to the sky is considered to be an original solution for the dining headset additions. If there is no room for a full dining area, it is considered a variant with a folding table and bar stools transforming.

Even small dishes decorated with accessories. Thus appreciated unobtrusiveness and sophistication of elements used:

  1. The mirror in the frame, combined with furniture, complement the overall style of the room.
  2. Crystal chandelier visually lift the ceiling.
  3. transparent products, original clock on the wall or a graceful vase will create a cozy atmosphere.

kitchen decoration
kitchen decoration in beautiful colors, curtains look good with furniture

How to place appliances under restricted conditions

The kitchen set a large number of art. When selecting devices, should take into account the size of products, methods of installation and eventual repair of equipment.

Everything for a small kitchen in demand embedded devices. Appliances must be combined with the rest of the interior and do not clutter up the space.

Constructs are important refrigerator and plate. It should consider the option of a refrigerator, which is flush with top. When this device is used as a top working surface.

There are many possibilities to issue a small kitchen:

  1. For small spaces manufacturers offer compact versions of home appliances. These include ceramic hob, as well as small microwave, mini refrigerators and harvesters, and ovens.
  2. Microwave is mounted on the wall, that allows you to free up space.
  3. Selectable sink small size, and which can be mounted a cutting surface.

compact kitchen

The combination of artificial and natural light with their hands

To create a functional interior use proper lighting. A well-chosen light sources can expand the space visually and create volume.

Ceiling mounted luminaire main. This takes into account the distance to the concrete slab. This light source is responsible for the general background and uniformity of light propagation. For illumination of the work surface spot lighting designs used.

In a small room it is important not to overdo it with the light sources.


In the organization of lighting in the kitchen area will help the following rules:

    1. It creates a feeling of spaciousness proper use of natural and artificial lighting. Improve the quality of natural light allow light and transparent curtains.
    2. Enlarge the window and the ceiling will allow the cornice, which hangs above the upper limit of the window opening.
    3. Each room area is equipped with a source of artificial light. Lighting installed in the apron near the working surface, It is located in the center of the main lighting fixture and lamp placed near the dining Headset.
    4. If a tiny kitchen area, the chosen one mnogolampovy device for lighting. You should choose a model with adjustable angle lamps.

Study of all components of the interior will create an ergonomic and spacious kitchen. Compliance with important recommendations will help to make repairs on a small area of ​​their own.