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Handles for kitchen fronts: Criterias of choice

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decorative furniture handles performed simultaneously aesthetic and application functions. The design of these elements to highlight the style and general appearance of kitchen units and gives the interior integrity and completeness. Besides, handles kitchen fronts should It is convenient to use, durable and securely fastened to the surface, because most of the kitchen cabinet doors and cabinets are operated intensively.

Furniture handles
Oblong handle for silver looks perfect on kitchen furniture

Handles on kitchen facades ready sets or sets comes complete manufacturer, However, when the production of food to customized drawings, choose the accessories have their own. The appearance of this item is able to completely transform the kitchen design, therefore replace the handles are often carried out in the process of updating the interior bored.

Handles for kitchen fronts

The design and shape of the handles for the kitchen fronts integrated and conventional plan

Manufacturers of furniture fittings offer a huge range of products of this type. In the market of thousands of names of products, different designs, manufacturing of material, form and manner of fasteners. To make sense of the diversity and pick up beautiful, durable and functional handles on the kitchen, must first learn the basic varieties and features of this type of fitting.

Handle for kitchen fronts

Pens Kitchen made of the following materials:

  • Alloys of different metals. Frequently used alloy of zinc and aluminum, allows to give the product the most intricate form while preserving the high strength. For the manufacture of luxury goods used bronze, copper, Brass and other materials. Coating the surface is matte, brilliant, in gold or silver or patinirovannoe.Plastik. inexpensive material, not characterized by high strength and durability characteristics.
  • Wooden furniture handles. Natural, nice looking material, It has all the necessary performance and harmony with facades made of wood.wooden handle for kitchen fronts
  • Ceramic furniture handles. look original, however, the products of high-quality materials are relatively expensive.
  • Glass. Refracting light verge able to give an interesting view of the kitchen.
  • The combination of different materials (metal, with wooden, ceramic or plastic inserts, wood with glass and other options).

plating, applied serious producers, significantly prolongs the life of metal handles and protects the surface from scratches and scuffs. When you buy should ask the seller the presence of such treatment,.

Handles for copper
Brass handles with patterns suitable for furniture walnut

Depending on the shape of furniture handles are divided into the following types:

  • The ring shaped. are made metal, in harmony with wooden facades.
  • teardrop. Classic inexpensive option, often used with plastic facades. In terms of practicality is not the most convenient option, as the "drop" streamlined easily slip out of your fingers wet.
  • Sinks. The form follows the downward flap shell.
  • button. Compact products are manufactured from all available materials, that allows you to choose a suitable option for any facade.
  • staples. The most practical and popular option, providing a comfortable grip. It is produced predominantly from metal alloys.
  • Reylingovye handle kitchen are smooth or matte tube of different sections, fastening on two supports. The distance between the supports is from 96 to 800 mm. Ideal for interiors, decorated in a modern style or high-tech.

handle for kitchen fronts

Provide convenient and comfortable opening doors can not only with the help of furniture handles. popular system Push- to- Open allows you to open or close the door by lightly pressing, in other models for creating grooves using milling - are deepening the functionality is not inferior to the handles, and the facade is smooth, without protruding elements.

options for selection rules profile, McMurdo, invisible built-in models

handles for kitchen facades

When choosing knobs for kitchen facades, should pay attention to the following points:

  • Material. Kitchen fittings should possess higher strength, resistance to abrasion and temperature extremes, moisture resistance and durability. Such characteristics are inherent to the full metal products and wood.
  • design. Kitchen knob should be in harmony not only with furniture set, but other furnishings.
  • mounting method. Furniture handles for kitchen, having one point of attachment, during operation can be turned and a little loose, gradually expanding attachment hole. A more practical fastening at two points, In this case, the handle for kitchen cabinets securely fixed in one position.
  • serviceability. The form should be convenient to capture both the top, and below (or to the right and left vertically arranged articles) and do not slip out of wet or greasy fingers. The surface should be easy to clean, because the kitchen is often necessary open the door with dirty hands.

Classic handles for kitchen
Classic pen silver looks perfect with a lilac tone cuisine

self installation: whether the value of a size in the horizontal and vertical mounting,

To install the handles on the kitchen on their own will need a set of tools, present in each host masterovitogo: drill with a drill diameter of the desired, screwdriver, measuring tape and a pencil. Installation is performed as follows::

    1. It is determined by the height and placement of markings made. By choosing the height must be approached from the point of view of convenience for all family members and taking into account the growth of each person living. Opening door hanging cabinet does not require the use of the stand, and the door cabinets - squats or excessively low tilt. If the door is installed panel, holes layout is performed on the side of the frame.handle on the front of the headset
    2. Determine the optimal height, made a template out of cardboard, to produce the same measurement for each individual door. Should be taken carefully and to the symmetrical arrangement of products on the drawers.
    3. Installation is carried out on non-secured door, placed on a flat surface. Under facade enclose two pieces of wood of the same height.
    4. According markup drilled holes.
    5. On the reverse side is set waybill washer and is screwed into a fixing bolt.

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