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Soft Corner Kitchen: particular choice and design their own

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Comfort in every home speaks volumes about how the owners put into it's soul. Create it in the bare walls is almost impossible, therefore it is necessary to take into account the recommendations to create the most comfortable and cozy rooms, in which people will live.

Soft Corner Kitchen
Couch - comfortable and convenient furniture

Repair-the main component, the overall picture of the room, because with expensive furniture and exclusive attributes of the house still does not acquire the desired effect of the monastery, which I want to come back every day. And another equally important component is furnished, eg soft corner for the kitchen. That is how it is thought to use in specific conditions of life. each zone, room of the house has its own characteristics. Kitchen belongs to a special home zone, because it can combine the room for cooking and dining, where the food will be consumed, that is, a seating area in the kitchen, table chairs, Other furniture for dining, as well as equipment for cooking are mandatory attributes.

Corner Kitchen

Couch: varieties and their benefits

The kitchen should be very compact, that can be fitted with its various techniques and amendments thereto. Sam cupboard, designed for dishes and necessary household appliances, which is often built into the cabinet. The rest area is coincident in the kitchen, which is intended as a dining area, It must have a most comfortable furniture, for everyday meals, and holiday with friends and family. An excellent embodiment and the modern, that every day is gaining popularity are soft corners, combined or complete with tables made of natural wood, such as oak, bamboo or pine.

corner kitchen facilities

Such Kitchen seating area It is an excellent option for table areas with a small area, which is positioned as a family for breakfast, and for dinner, in the noisy company. It occurs as Kitchen Area with seating, kitchen and sofa sleeper. Of course furniture kitchen where you can sleep has several advantages. for example, belay place for guests, who will spend the night or just for relaxation and comfort in a relaxing environment.

Variety of seating area
Furniture can be of different shapes and colors

Soft kitchen corners are endowed with another functional feature - additional capacity in them. Most sleeping kitchen corners make a niche for storing bed linen. In practice, they can store anything. Large assortment of parts in specialized stores allows you to find furniture for all tastes, but if you find the right model does not work, or else need specific size, you can make a soft corner in the kitchen with his hands, or order the production of of furniture with his hands from artisanal craftsmen.

How to make a sofa with his hands?

Production of furniture in the home with their own hands begins with measuring space. It is required to determine what percentage of the entire kitchen will occupy the couch to the kitchen with a sleeping place. Measured in square meters, which is free for a given furniture, you can proceed to the drawings and sketches of the future corner. Wherein, must immediately consider what materials to build furniture with his own hands will be used for the manufacture of bases.

Soft Corner Kitchen

Maybe this will be the base metal, that the reinforcement corner furniture for the kitchen but then set up under such a structure seat and dorsal rail with fastening becomes easy task. Though even if the need for welding work, to connect each element to the substrate, own food production, would not an impossible task, insofar as, even if the welding equipment and not home, some works are available in any shop, running the metal, or made a similar request to the owner of the welding machine.

Lock and furniture with his own hands from the metal is now becoming more and more demand, because, it is easier to move in the home, and on the legs can be attached wheels, which further facilitate movement in the corner of the kitchen space.

Couch with his hands
Such furniture can make yourself

If the corner of the project includes tree, as a material for the base, it is important to choose the most durable wood species, and appropriate color, that best fit both the interior element cuisine.The determined depending on the density of the wood to strength, as it happens:

  • soft;
  • firm;
  • very solid.

Often used in furniture manufacture these types of wood: Pine, ale, maple, oak, Birch tree, ash, Walnut, cherry, lime, alder, acacia and beech. Each type of wood has its own peculiarities and disadvantages associated with the density, quality in use, color, Operating in the home. To set the stage seats and backs used materials such as: laminated wood, polished plate; wooden beam; foam rubber, imitation leather; furniture accessories and binders. All of the above materials and tools for the production of furniture with his own hands can be purchased at building markets or in the specialized construction supermarkets.

Soft corner for the modern kitchen

In the manufacture of the corner structure is necessary to divide the basic furniture subspecies:

  1. direct sofa.
  2. corner cabinet.
  3. interim cabinet. with rounding.

Before cut wood base materials for the angle required to recheck several times and measure the dimensions and mark them on the material by a simple pencil, prepare a sharpened saw, and only then cut each piece konstruktsii.Posle as all the individual pieces and elements of the corner cut, you are ready to mount them using screws, screws and metal parts. details, which will continue to be a cushion for seats and backs is desired to fill a large number of foam.

Corner sofa with his hands
Sketch and drawing - get great option

Since over time it will be within the age and wiped, then at least create the appearance of volume, which persist over time. Also in the manufacture of items of data, joints need to build inside, because they will be hidden and will not diverge. But this is also better to walk along the seam twice a sewing machine or a stapler. Modern design of upholstered furniture with their hands, It includes the use of an overhead pillowcases with Velcro on seats of this type, which are easy to replace, wash and re-use.

With self-development and the creation of soft kitchen corner you can make it special to use with additional berths with a sliding design. It is best to do this with a large corner sofa, a spacious niche underneath, and in those boxes, which are located under the seats can be hidden special soft pillow mattress replacement.

beautiful sofa Kitchen

Choosing material kitchen corner trim solve, so we have to choose between: skin, leatherette, leatherette and fabric. But we should calculate to the last detail the characteristics of each material, because grease and odors in the kitchen ordinary phenomenon, but the fabric is relaxed by itself will not pass. A subspecies leatherette leatherette, but use it for the kitchen is not favorable for a simple reason- He quickly wiped. Skin expensive type of fabric for the kitchen, where there may be different types of dirt and grease, so the leather is the best option of the previously proposed.


Fashionable during this time in the kitchen furniture is a combination of different materials. That is permitted combination of fabric and leather, that will be sewn into the corner. Either one becomes good solid interior corner leatherette, to which add stylish cushions, trimmed cloth, in the same tone with the area.
If you create your own corner, the layout and design it can also be the author, taking care, special programs. The very same corner of manufacture better supported by the masters with experience of similar works.