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Top facades for kitchens: review of options

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Kitchen furniture - the face of your kitchen, the, that the first catches the eye, It is a guarantee of comfort and convenience. When ordering headsets, it is important to determine not only in color and style preferences, but also carefully examine the practical side of the problem of the choice of furnishings. Namely performance materials, of which are manufactured countertops, cover, doors drawers and cabinets - facades. Today we will talk about, What better facades for kitchens.

facades for kitchens
Facades can be very diverse in all respects

The choice of kitchen fronts

facades for kitchens

Very vain, many would-be owners do not study the available options kitchen facades, do not weigh the advantages and disadvantages of materials, serve as a basis for the manufacture of furniture. To make a mistake with the choice, saved, not there, which should, you are quite likely in the near future will face the need to replace the entire headset or some of its elements. This happens, because the constant companions of any food - fat, Nagar, water drops, stains from spilled foods settle on the furniture and worktop, deep eats them, leaving traces of unpleasant, and regular changes in temperature and humidity gradually ports are not adapted to such conditions furnishings.

This article contains a large amount of useful information, designed to help prioritize and choose the facade for the kitchen, which will please you not only the beauty and originality of the, but also durability.

Kitchen set
Kitchen set to be the most practical and easy to clean

when you select Requirements

Calling kitchen fronts - hide from the prying eyes of internal filling cabinets and shelves, but at the same time, with their help, we seek to create in their kitchens harmony and comfort. The external appearance of the interior of an object depends on the tastes of the owners, area, illumination of the room and the general stylistic direction.

How do we determine whether a good kitchen facade? any, even the highest quality, stylish and best facades for the kitchen must meet several requirements:

best facades for kitchens

  • The visual appeal save for a long time;
  • repair, be restored or replaced by new ones in case of breakage without any difficulties;
  • Weak succumb to all kinds of pollution;
  • Just cleaned of fat, splashes and stains;
  • Withstand temperature extremes, mechanical damage and high humidity conditions;
  • Resistance to sagging;
  • Do not save the traces of fingerprints, potekov steam, divorce;
  • Having a presentable appearance at moderate price.

in the style of a classic kitchen
You can find cheap, but very stylish facades


products, presented at the furniture market, pleased with the variety and allows unrestricted choice. Therefore, when deciding, a facade is better to choose for the kitchen it is necessary to thoroughly analyze the options available.

On the basis of the design features, the following types of kitchen facades:

  1. Framework, consisting of panels and frames. This type of construction has a complicated structure, It allows you to combine several types of materials.
  2. solid slab.
  3. glass frameless, which is used for the manufacture of toughened by special technology thick glass or triplex.

beautiful facades for kitchens

Almost all consumers unanimously agree, it is better to choose facades for kitchens, which are comfortable and practical to use. Common materials for the manufacture of kitchen face:

  • wood pulp;
  • The film MDF;
  • dyeing MDF;
  • Plastic, acrylic and veneer;
  • laminated chipboard;
  • Aluminum profile.

aluminum facade for the kitchen
Aluminum is more appropriate to the futuristic high-tech

Each of these materials has sufficient merits and demerits. What is better to choose the kitchen facade? So you do not have fled the eye on the range of latitude, disappeared last doubts, and stopped at night dreaming of a dilemma "array or MDF", below is a description of the most common types of facial parts of kitchen furniture.

The most common types of facades: wooden facades, and not only

facades made of wood for kitchen

What could be nobler and more natural than natural wood? She breathes downright force, warm and safe, pleasant to the touch, It goes out of fashion, but costs respectively. But with proper care such furniture is ready to serve the century. Materials for the production facades wood - maple, alder, Birch tree, oak, beech, Pine. Since the timber has the property of absorbing moisture and swelling to prevent odors of its varnish and protective compounds.

The disadvantages include the facades from an array:

  1. The cost of 25-30% above products from MDF;
  2. Under direct sunlight dims;
  3. The adaptation period may cause slight shrinkage.

solid wood facades for kitchens
Wood's fine, but there are some nuances

And now let's try to understand, What better MDF or an array of kitchen. It's quite a pressing issue, interested potential buyers.
Facades on the basis of MDF

If you do not have enough money to buy a headset made of natural wood, but you want to get high-quality furniture made of natural materials, We recommend choosing facades for kitchens MDF.

Essentially MDF - the material, obtained by pressing under a pressure of the fine wood shavings. He is an order of magnitude cheaper than natural wood, but it keeps ecological purity, Natural adhesives are used in the manufacturing process because, Unlike chipboard. It also MDF advantages include resistance temperature changes and moisture, strength and durability, greater, in comparison with an array, plastic. The latter allows to produce complex designs.

facades for kitchens

The disadvantage is considered MDF exposure to mechanical damage, to protect from chipping, cracks and scratches, base varnish, PVC film, veneer, paint.

Popularity gained headset, "Face" which is the frame for MDF facades, and filled with rattan, glass, plastic, etc.. P.

Facades in the framework of aluminum profiles

Facades of aluminum for kitchen are mainly used in the manufacture of glass facades. Increasingly, they are set to the upper tier, where there is less likelihood of injury. Such furniture will fill the room with warmth and light, bouncing from transparent surfaces. Harmoniously looks in high-tech and modern interiors.


The disadvantages are the sensitivity of the aluminum frames to mechanical damage and aggressive detergents.