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Wooden furniture: basics of proper care and cleaning

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Kitchen set is particularly important, especially for women. After all, in the kitchen, they spend most of their time to prepare food for the family. Today it is difficult to imagine an apartment without a kitchen furnished properly. In the age of technology in vogue kitchen sets, made from chipboard and MFD. This is not surprising. These materials resemble tree, look beautiful, and most importantly they are not expensive.

Care and Maintenance
Wood does not like moisture and absorbs it quickly

No one can argue, that in spite of such a variety of materials, wooden kitchen remains the classic prototype of kitchen units. Kitchen made of wood It looks expensive and elegant. Wooden kitchen furniture today is considered a luxury because of high prices. Yes, Unfortunately, afford to buy a wooden kitchen is not everyone. But because of this, who have the opportunity to, never even regret. And the first, surprise that the owners of the headset out of wood - it's quality. Let's talk about the wooden kitchens and talk.

Advantages and disadvantages of white wooden kitchens

wooden kitchen

Wooden furniture It has many advantages, chief among them is:

  1. Appearance. Products made of old wood can decorate the kitchen with any design. Wood blends into the overall style of the room, It gives the kitchen of refinement and charm. Curtain patterned wardrobes, wooden black table and wood worktops create an atmosphere of calm and relaxed. Not for nothing called the wooden kitchen Italian classic. Wooden furniture is not considered bad manners, it will always be in fashion.
  2. Strength. misbelief, that the kitchen, made of wood,rot or collapse a decade. This is not true. Today, special materials are used for strength and durability, which is impregnated wood, due to which the life of the headset increases in times. Thanks to the treatment to the wood surface a film, not allowing excess moisture to "penetrate" and provoke a process of decay.
  3. Range. Today, wood furniture is available during design sketches. They are in no way inferior headsets chipboard or MFD. There are different designs of furniture, can beautify any kitchen.
  4. Environmentally friendly. many people forget, that when choosing a headset is necessary to pay attention to this indicator. The tree - an eco-friendly material, not able to do much harm to human health. It is not toxic and harmful substances evaporate, therefore it is safe even for children.
  5. Durability. This is another aspect in favor of the choice of wooden sets. This furniture will last a long time and qualitatively.

wood kitchen
Kitchen wood look expensive and elegant


  • price. Often wooden kitchen very expensive.
  • Color spectrum. The choice of color is difficult to "accelerate", since only a few natural wood shades.
  • Effect of household factors. Use of kitchen units means by a first cooking. This evaporation of the liquid, water splashes and grease. Yes, wood treated impregnatings, but they only slow down the process of deterioration of wood. Therefore, the impact of domestic factors also refers to shortcomings.

Wooden furniture

update procedure: Secrets of design and style in the interior

Even old furniture is attached to the "new life". The procedure for updating old furniture made of solid wood professionals. But you can make it on their own and. The main thing to adhere to certain rules and aspects.

By updating is meant cleaning and varnishing.

Step-by-step instruction

  1. Remove the door from the kitchen units.
  2. Be sure to number them and remember, where they were taken.
  3. Take sandpaper. To update the required coarse-grained and fine-grained sandpaper.
  4. Coarse begin actively "schosyvat" old paint coatings. This is time-consuming and lengthy process.
  5. Then you have to sand the wood. For this process, choose a fine-grained sandpaper. After the end of grinding, Furniture becomes smooth.
  6. Next, apply a primer. It is required to create a protective layer to prevent ingress of moisture and fat in the timber. Primer prevents reproduction of microbes and wood beetles.
  7. After drying the varnish applied on furniture single layer.

If you can do without liquid, it will only be a plus

Thus return "youth" of old furniture can be set from all types of wood from the range provided in our country.

How to properly clean wood furniture with their hands

Wooden furniture, as well as other, It requires periodic cleaning. This is a prerequisite for long-term operation. But how to properly clean, and most importantly what, try to understand.

Mandatory cleaning pass doors and crevices Headset. Slits are cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

When cleaning is undesirable to use large quantities of water.

Wooden furniture for the kitchen

If there is a possibility to do without liquid, it will only be a plus. Wood does not like moisture and absorbs it quickly, -this from what spoils.

To clean enough to take a soft rag, moisten it with water and carefully squeeze. Wrung cloth wiped wood. Then this place is wiped with a dry cloth.

the use of powders is not allowed, detergents with a chemical composition. Powders scratch lacquer, and detergents provoke bundle. Therefore, they are prohibited when cleaning. Permitted only special gels, intended for cleansing woodwork.

when cleaning furniture with polish, It is squeezed onto the surface of the gel and wiped dry sponge. Polish returns glossy shade of furniture and shine.

When cleaning is not allowed to use the hard scrapers, can damage the tree. Wipe clean furniture fabric or liquid-binding jaws.

You need to use special gels designed for cleaning wood products

Caring for wood furniture: chair, tabletop, sex, facades, ceiling, wall, stools, apron, shelves

The advantage of solid wood furniture is its durability. But without proper care, it can not "serve" for a long time. Therefore, to maintain its performance properties must adhere to these rules:

care for wooden furniture for kitchens

  1. Avoid contact with water.
  2. Do not place items near heaters or batteries.
  3. Do not clean with abrasive substances, like soda and acid. For cleaning only use modern detergents.
  4. Regularly varnish.
  5. As humidity, timber does not like dry air. To prevent the dry air in the kitchen is placed humidifier. High humidity "swells" tree, and when dry "shrinking" of the air, however the kitchen to be the optimum temperature.


Furniture made of wood looks expensive and beautiful. Wooden kitchen cabinets durable in use. But for the long life of the furniture should be regular and meticulous care.