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All the nuances of dome cooker hoods for the kitchen: as silent manufacturers

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Cuisine in the modern sense - a place to discuss sensitive issues policy, arts and sports, but the main purpose is still cooking. The process is accompanied by specific smells, smoke and steam. These side cooking products are perceived by others is not a delight.

Dome hood
Dome hood is very popular

About extracts in the interior of the refectory

For air purification mounted air purifier. These products are of two types.

Dome hood in the interior

The first type includes devices, which remove impurities from the air in the ventilation. They are called flow-through. The second type is called the circulation of products or rotary. they set, when there is no ventilation. Device filters polluted air is passed. Purified it returns to space. Flow hood equipped with a valve, which passes air into the ventilation its flow, running in the opposite direction. Combined devices operate in two modes. They are divided into views:

  • flat,
  • dome,
  • recessed.

Dome hood in the interior of the kitchen

The flat is set on the plate. This action instruments circulating. Dome products are wall, corner and island (are mounted on the ceiling). dome exhaust flow type gained prominence. The name is derived from the similarity of the shape of the dome. These products have different names - the classic drawing for the kitchen or fireplace hood for the kitchen. Chimney hoods are very popular. First of all, they provide high-quality ventilation. Then, This model has a stock performance.

When installing the boards large new hood for the kitchen will not need. Finally, cost of 60 cm of the air is not much higher than the cost of a narrow instrument, and the removal of all kinds of dirty impurities from the air in the kitchen to cope quickly. These devices can decorate the kitchen. Particularly preferred variant of the classic type of instrument, which blends harmoniously with the style of cuisine. Embedded products, which operate in both modes,, There are special cases.

Dome hood in the interior of a modern kitchen

Basic and further products: classic the best solution

Hoods vary in power and size. Power - this is the performance of the product, it is measured by the number of cubic meters of air, is passed per hour. Calculated parameters must comply with power unit, which is installed in the kitchen. The magnitude of the required power for normal operation of the device is determined by the formula. The main role belongs among the drawing dimensions width. Modern extracts width is 50, 60 and 90 cm. The biggest demand is the width of the product 60 cm, embodiment and its modification with a compact width 50 cm. The largest is the width of the hood 90 cm. For the slabs of two burners will approach extractor for 50 cm. Additional parameters include:


  1. lighting Efficiency. For this purpose, use an incandescent lamp, fluorescent and halogen. Incandescent light meal reddish color. Some models allow adjustment of lighting and the creation of a bright light over the cooking surface. In the light of fluorescent lamps, they give - blue. The food in this world does not look appetizing. Halogen light bulbs almost natural light. Food in their light looks very attractive. The new models are equipped with a device for adjusting the light output and its focus. Control Liquid Crystal Display, that provides convenient operation.
  2. The automatic reaction to change of air in kitchen room by turning on and off the device.
  3. Presence timer. It activates the device at a preset time.
  4. The presence of the control panel. Remote control device.

modern hood

Hersteller hoods: built Elikor, oblique black Lex, beige Gefest, Cata

In the Russian market of kitchen products presented hoods, manufactured by firms in different countries. popular Italian hoods for kitchens. Italian firms create products, which corresponds to European standards, certified and inexpensive. Italian firms are range of products, which allows you to make choices based on their preferences. buyer, who decided to choose the dome hood, We have to compare products more than ten Italian companies. Choose dome hood Russian production can be made to the plant products in g. Kaluga. Here, off the assembly line to the kitchen hood Elikor.
This product has many years included in the list of the hundred best goods of Russia. Demand for kitchen hood oasis of Chinese production. When you select a drawing is better to give preference to Italian model.

design extractor


four types of control designed hoods:

  • slide;
  • push-button;
  • electronic;
  • sensory.

The easiest is to manage with a slider, which sequentially switches the device operation speed. When the push-button speed control button switch, and previously cycled the button returns to its initial position. A disadvantage in the embodiment, that the washing of panels is complicated because of the protruding buttons. The touch panel is of fine appearance and ease of operation. Gear shifting performed finger touching the panel selected location. Indicator lights help in choosing a place.

Dome hood in the kitchen

Electronic control requires a programmed maintenance. The user specifies the program while the unit is off. Modern means for air purification sensors equipped, responsive to the presence in it of harmful impurities. Extractor hood starts to work strenuously to restore normal air concentration.

Dome use of the control means, depending on the type of model. Some air cleaners are equipped with a residual-swing function and action in interval mode. Remaining play allows the device to work after a trip to 15 minutes at low speed, that further cleans the air in the kitchen. Inclusion in interval mode means, that the instrument once per hour begins and ends the work automatically. Separate its ON and OFF for short operation maintains the desired air cleanliness.

Hoods ana beautiful kitchen

Installation kupolnoy models 50, 60, 90 cm: installation rules

Set dome hood in the kitchen have to stages, following the instructions. How you set up the hood depends on her work. No use of the product will not, if the outlet tube, which leads to the vent is too long and often bent. In some kitchens stove and vent hole are located far from each other. In this case, put an additional fan in the middle of the pipe. The device is mounted on the wall above the stove. The distance from the plate to the device makes up for electric cookers 65 cm, and for gas -80 cm. Outlet pipe can not narrow the output, as this action would lead to an increase in the noise of the air cleaner. You can not bend the pipe more than a 90 degrees. On the device, install the valve, which prevents the entry of dirty air. Joints treated with a sealant. The fat droplets will fall to the wall even when powerful unit. Protect themselves from pollution, you can use the kitchen for panels.

hood in the headset

Installation of the dome drawing is accompanied by a mandatory ground. The wall punch Stroebe and put them in a wire or placed in a plastic box. This measure will ensure that, that in the event of a sudden increase in voltage electronic controls and the motor will remain intact, and he will not turn on the air cleaner spontaneously. drawing support fixed to the wall with bolts. The device is capable of operating in recycle mode or the air outlet. When using drainage hole connected mode of ventilation and air plastic duct. For aesthetic reasons the box hidden behind cupboards.

Recirculation involves the use of special filters for air purification. Construction of the duct in this case is not needed. Sometimes the duct using metal corrugation. This option has several drawbacks, as work with corrugations accompanied by a slight noise, and she gives the impression of a large corrugated massiveness.

Decorative extractor hood in the kitchen interior

I am applying plastic boxes preferably, since they are invisible and the corrugations preferably aesthetically. Before installation, that the extractor to the kitchen has a width, which corresponds to the width of plates. By drawing the accepted standard width slightly greater plate width, or equal to.

Terms of care for stretch: Standard and fireplace

Caring for stretch requires a few simple steps. The first is the cleaning of the surface of, and the second - the change of air filters. Cleaning the working surface of the device operation is performed after contamination of the surface. Air intake grilles and the surrounding elements during operation covered by fat particles, which adheres to the soot and dust. To get rid of sediment, washed with sponge, onto which the detergent composition. Then the surface is dried with a towel. Detergents specifically for hoods on the market and equipment stores, although the cleaning procedures are sometimes soap. Should not be used at this step abrasive materials and means care type metal nets. Use of alcohol, acetone, ether and other similar liquids, to prevent the ignition. Prerequisite actions for cleaning the product is disconnected from the mains.

Caring for stretch

Changing and cleaning filters

An example of the procedure is the treatment, which is subjected to the kitchen hood Elikor, because its device is typically. In the drawing two filters - fat and coal. Grease filter purifies the air flow from the smallest particles of fat, and carbon filter retains particles of solid and liquid consistency. Kitchen smells obliged origin these particles. The material steel used for grease filter, aluminum and acrylic.

The girl at the hood

Extractor hood for the kitchen is equipped with Chinese-made oasis aluminum filter. Metal filters are designed for a permanent job, they only need to periodically wash, at least once in two months. Wash them in the dishwasher separately from other items or manually. Aluminum filters are washed in hot water, as they darken after this procedure.


Filters of acrylic changed every month. Some housewives wash these filters, which do not in any case be, since laundered filter performs its function is far worse, than before. It is better to get rid of the old and buy a new grease trap. Carbon filters last longer acrylic, but they are also changing. Change occurs once during the year. The products not fitted, and must be purchased separately. Install these filters only in those types of air purifiers, which operate in a recirculation system. Now you know, What is dome extractor hood.