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Install the chimney hood in the kitchen with his hands: walkthrough

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Called kitchen hood utensil, intended air purification of harmful vapors and exudates. Modern woman spends in the kitchen impressive part time, so the air cleaner protects not only the wallpaper, and a ceiling plate, but also to human health.

extractor hood
Extractor hood for the kitchen


Release of air treatment devices has been a lot of manufacturers, offering models with a variety of functional equipment.

Separation by type

  • Insular

Technique island type installed above the plates, The location is not near the wall, and in the central compartment space.

  • corner

As the name implies, such extracts are intended for installation in the corner of the room.

  • recessed

compact devices, which are placed in the cupboard, conceals the vent pipe.

  • wall

Common and productive instruments, characterized by favorable price-performance ratio.

The division on the specifics of the work

pyramid shape
It resembles the shape of pyramids

Depending on the specific characteristics of the works are divided into the hood:

  • circulation

Low cost options of air cleaners, working on the principle of recycling. Not connected to the ventilation system. Devices equipped with special filters, and through which removes harmful particles from the air.

  • flow

Dirty air is drawn from the room through the ventilation shaft. Devices characterized by the highest level of purification. An example of this is the air extractor chimney.

What is the fireplace (Dome) extract

Chimney extractor - is an air cleaner, whose structure is similar to the device chimney exhaust system. Dirty air enters the dome body, and then goes through the air in the ventilation system. Thanks to a spectacular view and an unusual design device often becomes part of the interior design. Chimney hoods divided into pristennye, corner, island and inclined.


form dome
The shape of the dome of the church

Widespread device is easily explained by the positive characteristics:

  • Nice look

When buying some air purifiers owners plan to disguise the device and tail pipes. However, with this device there is no need to disguise itself. The domed shape of the device fits perfectly into any environment, turning kitchen with extractor fan chimney in the stylish and comfortable room.

Besides, some types of dome air purifiers can be used as a shelf to accommodate a variety of kitchen items.

  • Efficiency

Dome drawing - a flow device with high performance. Most equipped with two engines and reusable filters. Even the most "modest" mounted device has the required list of features.

  • Easy installation

Installing an air dome does not require highly professional knowledge. The device is fixed to the wall with screws or dowels.

  • affordable

drawing value depends on the functionality and varies in a broad range. This feature allows you to select the appropriate device at an affordable price.

Besides, chimney hood is considered a viable alternative to standard chimney. The device is mounted in any convenient place and has several modes of operation.


black hood
The exhaust filter is black

first, what you need to know when choosing a technology - it is her performance, ie the volume of air mass, which can process hood for a specific time.

In determining the amount of room capacity multiplied by the number of air changes.

To determine the amount of food found its area and multiply by the height. To obtain more accurate information,, subtracting from the value found for the size of the space, which occupies kitchen furniture.

The multiplicity of air exchange characterized by the number of air flows within 60 minutes. The median is equal to 12.

for example, We need to calculate the efficiency of the device for the width of the room 3 m, length 4 meters and a height 2,8 m. It turns 3x4x2,8 = 33,6 cubes. Respectively, performance art is 33,6 × 12 = 403.2 m3.

When you select a drawing is better to stay at a decent margin performance options. If often include a device at maximum power, it would adversely affect the operating time. Besides, with a heavy load hoods emit relatively high noise.

cone hood
Dome hood mounted on a wall or on the ceiling above the stove

On affect device performance kinks ventilation pipes. Average, one turn on 90 degrees reduces the quality of the art in 10%. Besides, hood will operate at less contaminated filters.

Need to say, that the reduced productivity calculation is not entirely correct. In a small area rooms accumulation of harmful substances occurs fairly rapidly. Concerning, better to buy equipment performance, exceeding the calculated parameters.


Chimney extractor hood for the kitchen should fit the dimensions of the plate, that is, their size should be the same as much as possible. The air cleaner may be wider than the plate. It allows to capture the entire air flow, contaminated with harmful substances.

The optimal ratio is considered to be an option, in which the hood slightly larger than the dimensions of the cooking canvas.

The most common devices are the air purifiers width 50 and 60 cm. Distinguish and other dimensions extracts: eg, 90 cm.

The magnitude of the noise

The maximum height of the noise should not exceed the level of human speech. Noise running at full capacity of the device must be 60-70 dB. Mid comparable to human speech muted and is 40dB.

Extractor hood in bright colors
Fireplace or dome shape ideal insular type of kitchen interior

Noisy extractor fan in the kitchen? Check the cleanliness of the filter element. Most often it is a conventional porous fabric, which, contaminating, It affects the operation of the fan, starts to vibrate and make noise.

Reduce noise exhaust fan in the kitchen will help the cleansing. For this purpose degreaser or soaked in solvent rag and lube, which wiped friction parts.

Appliances with a pair of fans is quieter. Besides, less noise characterized by drawing with a more powerful engine.


Installing a chimney hood in the kitchen with his hands - it, which is quite cope handyman. the main thing, to choose the right tool and carefully read the instructions. A good producer should cover in its conditions and parameters, necessary for a particular installation hinged hood. They should match the size of the kitchen premises. Otherwise, the product can not be installed correctly, and therefore, his work will not be correct. For example, pristennaja LC958WA60 hood for the kitchen is fixed at a height 55 cm from electric cookers and 65 cm - from the gas. And an air purifier White Storm 60 mounted on 10 see above, in both cases.

The glass surface
The front panel is made of glass

It is on these nuances and to pay attention. If you hang the hood above or below the established requirements, or it will burn, or will be useless.

Has its own nuances installing vent:

  • In the sealed air channel set throttle valve. When the hood is not in use pristennaja, This pass is closed, not letting the warm air out of the room.
  • On the front grille has a niche.
  • It is not necessary to carry out the channel from the basement, since there can "drag" an unpleasant smell.
  • Breather recommended to install a windy side. Air currents will discharge channel space and pulling all unpleasant odors.

Properly invested in ventilation ensures the good functioning of the hood. Temperature parameter of air exiting from the device should not exceed 80 degrees. In case of incorrect installation and nekachesvennoy ventilation level may rise to 180 degrees, which will lead to high housing and fire hazard.

To install the fireplace hood in the kitchen will need a few tools:

  • screwdriver;
  • Electric perforator;
  • Robust roulette;
  • Building level;
  • Mounts (screws and dowels);
  • 2 hammer with different sizes.

extraction work
The principle of operation of the cooker hood


Attaching the dome hood takes place in several stages:

  1. To determine the exact boundaries of the device placed on the hearth.
  2. A pencil or a marker position mark, where the hood will be installed.
  3. Mark the point of fixing screws.
  4. №8 perform drill holes for the screws are not less than the depth 5 cm.
  5. Fix them dowels.
  6. Gently screw in the screws 2 upper anchors and install them on the hood.
  7. Check quality of fixation.
  8. Screw the remaining screws through the rear fabric panel.


air cleaner service life depends on the care unit. The main thing for what you need to follow - a state of the filter elements, which are divided into three types:

  • disposable sinteponovye. They are made of paper or nonwoven. Such filters are applied special marks, is easily visible through the protective grille. Their disappearance and tells you to replace zhiroulavlivatelya.
  • reusable acrylic. Their monthly washed in soapy water, not squeezing too hard.
  • reusable aluminum. Once a 30 days degreaser to clean or wash in a dishwasher apart from the cutlery.

Extractor fan in the interior
Cleaned air from the kitchen space in the combustion products and odors

Quality control filter is necessary not only to raise the performance of the instrument. fat concentration may cause ignition element, so periodic cleaning is required for fire safety.

Take care of the kitchen hood must be regularly. This will extend the service life and get a good result cleansing. Instrument care consists of several stages. First the hood is disconnected from the mains. Then disconnect the grease filter and wash all available details. It is not recommended to use abrasive products, sponges and scouring pads with rigid blades. The buttons on the control panel, wipe with a damp cloth. The last stage - wipe dry with a cloth all the elements and connect the hood to the power supply.


Among the variety of air treatment equipment models emit Italian hoods for kitchens. For example, equipment company «Faber» characterized by low noise level, excellent filtration, low energy consumption, fire safety and attractiveness.


In this way, air cleaners have long ceased to be a luxury. Compliance with the rules of installation and maintenance of devices dome ensures clean air and support a healthy indoor climate. Kitchen with chimney hood turns into a safe and comfortable place with a decorative design. Chimney hoods for the kitchen set.