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extraction device: simple to the complex

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In the kitchen, clean the air masses are the main guarantee of a true hostess health, because more than half of the home time she spends within the kitchen. During this period it is inhaled more than one flavor of freshly prepared dishes, and burned and fat, which makes breathing difficult. Last did not provide a healthy female body. Furniture, and with it the appliances are losing species because of soot and fat-containing plaque on the surface.
Вытяжка на кухне
For, so that the air in the kitchen was clean and fresh, and the draw operation is not annoying noise, We need a responsible approach to the choice of device

Now almost every kitchen has a device, which is intended for cleansing air masses. It - extractor hood, able to be cleaned about 95 % air.

Extractor hood - it is a simple device. Older models consist of lower body portion, consisting of a coarse filter, performing anti-grease cleansing. Current models are endowed zhiroulavlivatelem, which is hidden behind the cover design. The internal device is made of several fans. They are driven by a motor. Behind the fan is the air duct (location varies by model), leading to a common ventilation duct of the building or immediately outside atmosphere.

Newer models are equipped with carbon filters (several species), which purify the air of different impurities during its reverse motion in the kitchen. Last principle of operation is available in the exhaust recirculation device type. for zhiroulavlivaniya filters are synthetic or metal.

Made of a metal material may be cleaned manually or by using a dishwasher, a synthetic version of the hostess had to periodically change. Carbon filters are fine filters, and they can not be cleaned in a home, Consequently, They also change over time.>

Retail chains offer extracts from a variety of materials

The housing of the kitchen appliance can be made of plastic or metal. Housing hoods selected based on aesthetic desires. For structural characteristics extraction classified:

  1. Built - combined with a remarkably different kitchen design. Alternatively mounted within tables. And it is completely not interfere with the hostess to cook.
  2. Accessories - mounted in between wall cabinet and stove.
  3. Corner - fixed in the corners.
  4. Wall - mounted on the wall surface, immediately above the stove.
  5. Island - fixed to the ceiling surface. The main advantage - free application in any room. As a more common option - it is in the kitchen on island principle.

All variants of hoods, except for the built-in, belong to the category of outdoor installation. Depending on the design characteristics of a variety of forms exist: dome, retractable, oblique, etc.. For the classic version are dome installation, more modern design - inclined. but, they are similar in operating principle.

How to choose

Before each purchase before the mistress of a dilemma, how to make the right choice exhaust appliance in the kitchen, taking into account all its main parameters?

Как правильно выбрать вытяжку
The instrument must not only be reliable and functional, but also well integrated into the overall design of the kitchen

First we need to define the list of the main requirements to them:

  • hood type;
  • principle of operation;
  • installation site;
  • dimensions;
  • power;
  • performance;
  • management views;
  • types of light sources;
  • noise level.

Type stretcher, principle of work and their place of assembly were described in the previous section.

The hostess should choose the, which is suitable to a particular interior design kitchen and its area.


The choice of the cooker hood requires a correct definition of device dimensions. The standard device include the following parameters - 0,5 m, 0,6 m i 0,9 m.

ne recommended choose extract less than the width of the hob.

For non-standard dimensions are drawing with a width 1,1 m i 1,2 m. Recent are newfangled element of a kitchen with a large area.


Assistant to the kitchen mistress to solve tasks, it is recommended to take into account the working capacity of the device, or more precisely - the power, posed by the engine. For a correct determination of its, use the following calculation: floor area multiplied by the height of the ceiling of a room and a factor, which equals 10. example: square - 12 m2, height of the walls - 3 m. power equals: (12×3)×10 = 360 m3 h.

In addition to the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the device should be strong enough, to cope with its main task


Performance - just a necessary characteristic, which determines the amount of air mass, output from the kitchen in the unit time. The selection process is recommended to take into account the number of storeys of the building. Significant as the length of the air channel and the level of clogging, and the temperature difference in the overall ventilation duct. Given these figures, Operating performance is calculated by the formula: Performance is equal to multiplying the square space on the height of the walls, min on coefficient. reserve power, equal 1,3, and hygienic air exchange rate, equal 12.

example: square- 9 m2, height of the walls - 2,7 m. Performance: (9×2,7)×1,3×12 = 379,08 m3 in hours.

to remember, that the performance varies depending on the operating conditions of the device: drawing performance, which is connected or not connected to the airway channel. The latter acts as the most close to the natural operating conditions. And often extracts manufacturers say both options. Automatic mode also applies to important parameters. it, when the extractor starts to operate simultaneously with the plate, and finishes the job later.

New technologies make it possible to extract the selection with Auto Shutoff after the preset time individually.

Before buying the device pay attention to the power consumption of the appliance

Type of control

For comfortable operation of the exhaust device manufacturers equip them with two types of control:

  1. electronically. It is a multi-functional touch panel. This type of control provides many performance features hood with built-in sensors to enable and disable, Timer and other programs.
  2. mechanical. It looks like a conventional panel with buttons. There have extracts of the budget options. Mechanical control - more difficult to maintain, but relatively reliable and long term operation.

Types of light sources

One of the defining parameters of exhaust devices are used lighting sources:

  • Incandescent lamps. They are used in low cost options and are considered low-power, not economical and short working period. The advantages of this type are low cost and simplicity of operation (Easy replacement of burnout).
  • halogen lamps. These lamps are used in expensive devices. They provide bright illumination, are energy efficient, small size.
  • Fluorescent lamps. They create a bright light, are energy-efficient and long-life, but will provide certain operational problems: burnout is relatively difficult to carry out the replacement of (design with the design of the light source).
  • LED bulbs. Some of hoods has in its structure such lamps, It is versatile in comparison with other light sources. They are practical, durable and reliable enough embodiments.

backlit extractor hood
Fluorescent lights consume less power, and therefore more economical

Noise level

When choosing a hood it is recommended to pay attention to the noise level: noThe lower the he, more comfortable to exploit. The maximum level in the kitchen exhaust device sometimes reaches 60 dB. but, there is a relatively quiet hood model.

But you need to understand, the relative absence of noise will cause excessive growth of home appliance cost.

The main noise pollution creates a motor, moving towards the air mass through ventilation, that's just here the producers are trying to achieve optimal levels, it all depends on the model and "nafarshirovannosti" hood insulation materials. The operating instructions must indicate the level of noise in the operation of the device in the specified mode.


Conclusion: correctly selected kitchen hood clean the air in the kitchen space, eliminate odors, protect the walls from fat deposits and grime. Now you know, how to choose the hood for the kitchen.