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Which is better to install the hood in the kitchen

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The air in the kitchen more than in other rooms need to be cleaned. It soot falls regularly, fumes and splashes of fat, settling on furniture, tile and wallpaper. This greatly complicates the life of the mistress, way to clean such stains difficult.

In order to avoid that the air filter is set for the kitchen. Extractor fan draws air over the "hot" zone, cleans it and returns back. Due to this, the microclimate is not disturbed in the room. carbon filter, working in this equipment, It eliminates unpleasant odors and fumes. But before installing this technique, familiar with the structure and the subsequent service.

extraction operation principles

on the household appliances market is very diverse range of. built-in hoods for kitchens, presented to him by two groups of goods, fundamentally different on the principle of work.types of kitchen hoods

venting equipment. It provides air purification due to its removal from the kitchen to the central vent. This ensures the circulation of fresh air and. At the child and soot, Steam escapes and unpleasant odors. More filters on the hood of the sample set infrequently.

note, that the installation of such equipment requires the arrangement of additional air vents. In its absence, the exhaust air does not leave the premises, If the hood is off. Besides, problem is the lack of air flow, because Modern plastic windows completely cover him access to the premises.

circulating hood the kitchen without air. This group does not remove the equipment room air. His treatment is due to special filters, ensuring removal of fumes and fumes, fatty splashes and odors from the plate. Carbon hood for the kitchen It does not require the presence of ventilation ducts and their covers. This greatly simplifies its installation.

It is worth remembering, that equipment, running in a loop mode, It does not remove the steam and does not provide fresh air. The exceptions are the premises, equipped with good ventilation channels.

Due to the ongoing debate about, which mode is best, manufacturers of contemporary models equipped with their ability to work in both modes. This technique also has filters for cleaning and air duct, It allows each customer to choose, how to connect and operate the hood.

note, that the decisive role in the selection is the presence of a functioning central ventilation. The contaminated or a non-channel can not cope with the withdrawal of the contaminated air.

carbon filters for hood
Types of carbon filters for hood

note, hoods for the kitchen circulation type are completed with two kinds of filters: anti-grease and charcoal. Each of them performs its functions. In order to understand the operating principle drawing, look at them in more detail.


The coarse filter is responsible for trapping soot particles, dust and grease. Therefore they are called cyclone grease or anti-grease. This module is located at the entrance to the hood and protects the internal parts of the equipment from dirt and plaque. After the passage of air through the coarse filter removed from it over 95% large impurities.

Coarse mesh filter
Filter mesh coarse

grease filter for drawing made of two kinds:
One-time - is a fabric of acrylic units, nonwoven or other. They are installed in budgetary extracts and replaced when dirty, but at least one times 3 of the month.

note, that on the Internet there are tips to clean disposable module. However, after washing, they lose more than half their grease qualities.

Reusable - this filter for kitchen hood is made of metal mesh, galvanized steel or foil. He has a tape structure, thereby enabling the removal of grease and dirt air. He did not need to be replaced, Only wash when dirty.

How to choose a filter to select Recommended hood with a reusable module, as it is not inferior in quality fabric, It provides the required air cleaning level and has a long service life.

Today, on the roar there are several manufacturers, manufactures grease modules, among them:

Grease filter for extraction krona made of different materials: of anodized aluminum foil to. Such modules are covered with a special protective layer, which prevents oxidation of the material and increases its service life. Clean the filters monthly drawing crown advise, that the fat does not harden. You can use the dishwasher

Grease filters for exhaust cata equipped with two cluster modules anodized aluminum. Five layers of the collecting material provides unsurpassed air purification. And thanks to the special structure they are easily removed and washed, even manually.

Grease filter for extraction air jet It represents a similar construction. This Italian manufacturer produces mid-range modules for extracts from the same company. Besides, they are suitable equipment Roma company, Atlanta и Mahila.

Fine filter

Carbon filters for kitchen hoods purified air, passed through the grease module. In this case thereof removed odors and small impurities. This is facilitated by the module design: rectangular cassette or cartridge, in which carbon powder.absorbing filter

The principle is simple filter. During operation of the air equipment with the motor and the fan is directed into the equipment and the power is run through it. Therefore, absorbent delay module in the coal gases and impurities, that passed through the filter sump. While gradually increasing the density of the filler, which deteriorates the air permeability level and its purification. Therefore, the carbon units are changed at least twice a year. The intensive use of equipment, they are replaced more frequently - every three months.

The quality of the coal unit directly affects the operation of the entire device. It is worth remembering, that the filter, mounted on the exhaust recirculation type, lost to 20% bandwidth. This is due to the specific design of such equipment, whereby air movement is hampered inside.

Choosing a filter in the kitchen, note, Such modules are often referred to as "absorbing" or "antizapahovymi".

Current models of hoods are equipped with sensors, to help the hostess to determine the degree of contamination of the module. Thanks to this "reminder" you will not forget in time to change the filter.

To extend the life of the coal unit, after cooking closure, Leave the hood on 10 minutes. Pushing cherezkuhonny clean air filter, it will remove the excess moisture from the absorbent, which lead to its caking. Competent care appliances provide the proper level of air purification, and long it work.

Replacement of the coarse filter

Grease module is cleaned with a soap solution. For this purpose, it is removed from the fasteners in the extract and placed in an appropriate size container. Suitable even an ordinary basin or bath. From detergents easier to cope with the fat ones, which have the effect of anti-grease. In solution, the module is soaked for a few hours, then thoroughly clean.

If you have no special detergents, To clean the filter in the hood in the kitchen, can be used with a hot solution of soap and sodium carbonate in the ratio: 1 a bar of soap to 2 soda tbsp. Soaking in this composition lasts at least 3 hours. This method is suitable for heavily soiled modules, with purified anti-grease which not coped means.

Another method of cleaning coarse filter - to use means for cleaning pipes. This effectively erodes fatty plaque in the short term. note, This means that the solution is manufactured in accordance with the instructions, and cleaning is carried out exclusively in stainless steel tanks. After washing, filter well dried and only then is set back to the hood.

If the equipment is installed disposable module, then it is not recommended to wash. Despite, that such actions are possible, their purification will lead to significant deterioration catching properties. In such cases, the best solution - replacement filters.

Replacement of the fine filter

In contrast to the grease traps, carbon filters does not provide for the production of reusable. The only thing, what can be done, to prolong their service life - vacuum. But if the operation of the fine cleaning unit period has ended - it must be replaced.

The reason for this - the principle of operation of the filter itself. As air purification, absorbent materials attract small particles. Over time, increases the density of the carbon filler, and it loses its quality. If you try to wash the tape, it will lead to even greater "bonding" absorbent. So the meaning of the actions of this kind - no.

Since the charcoal filter is located at the end of the hood, to withdraw his need to make a few actions:

  • Disconnect the equipment from the network, to avoid accidental switching;
  • Unscrew the protective cover;
remove zhiroulavlivatel. After this, it becomes easy to replace the filter elements for drawing. In this case, the spent cartridge with absorbent powder is replaced with the new, and is secured in the housing. after clicking, testifying to the correct installation of the module, is returned to its place and grease trap protective mesh.

After completing these steps, hood for the kitchen with a filter is included in the network and its performance checked. Note the presence of extraneous sounds or vibrations. They are evidence of improper installation or poor coal module its fixing.

note, that drawing services, replacement and cleaning of the filter does not require specific skills or knowledge. To carry out the service of this equipment, you do not have to call the master. You can easily do the job yourself, I spent half an hour to 2 hours, depending on the action, you need to make.

Filter replacement in the kitchen
Procedure for replacing the filter in the cooker hoods

Caring for stretch

When buying kitchen equipment, few people think about the rules of care for exhaust filters. Although this equipment is working in difficult conditions, under constant contact with elevated temperatures, fat splashes, ferry, fumes and other. Good, If your chosen air purification method does its.

Overview household detergents

STORES means for cleaning tableware and kitchen stoves well with fat extract on. Among the variety of household chemicals are proven following drugs:

  • Sanita (Russia);
  • Spray "anti-fat",
  • Cinderella (Russia);
  • Gel «Synergetic» (Germany);
  • spray, gel "AntiZhir + Lights",
  • which Bang (Poland);
  • Gel and Spray "Schumann",
  • bugs (Israel).
  • spray Sanita.

Fast remedy with active components in a matter of minutes, "eating away" the fat accumulation, plaque and other types of dirt.

Sanita spray is not designed for cleaning lacquered, enamelled, aluminum and painted surfaces.

Cinderella "anti-fat". Affordable, effective means, Gently cleanses stubborn dirt. Acceptable application on different types of surfaces after the test using a small area.

The main active ingredient of the spray "anti-fat" - soda. Natural cleaner acts not so fast, as chemical reagents, but the substance is safe before it is necessary to expand the use of the spray gun valve in "open" position and to irrigate the surface. Through 20-25 minutes to remove the dirt with a brush. price for 500 ml - 2-2,4 u.e. Among the disadvantages of users report a very liquid consistency, and fast flow.

SynAntiZhir + Radiance Gel means is positioned, how safe, natural product for cleaning plates, ovens, pans and baking trays. As part of no harsh chemicals, means to 100% biodegradable. The spectrum of action: soot, Nagar, fat, oil stains, scale and rust. Excellent for cleaning exhaust air intake grilles Application limits: brass surface, copper and copper alloys, and aluminum. Despite security, at work should wear gloves - they will save your hands from drying. Average cost - 10 u.e / 1L.

Household chemicals Cilit Bang. Gels and spray "Radiance AntiZhir +" - Polish development burnt to remove fatty dirt in the kitchen.

Zhiroudaliteli made based SAW, whereby the different "soft" influence on the dirt. As part of no abrasives. In practice, "AntiZhir + Lights" has shown to be effective in the fight against "fresh" drops of grease and soot stains. Against limescale, hard fouling, old rust means almost powerless. The drug is easy to use, well distributed on the surface and is optimal at timely care. "AntiZhir + Lights" Cost - 6 u.e. / 750 ml.

"Schumann" from Bugs. Professional chemicals for easy removal of fat from surfaces, involved in the preparation of food. "Schumann" - a potent tool, therefore it requires compliance with stringent safety measures in the use.

Distinctive features: no abrasive additives;

  • antibacterial effect; fast action - the first effect is visible through 5 minutes after application;
  • effective cleansing inveterate fat accumulations;
  • economical consumption.

The tool is not suitable for cleaning aluminum or painted surfaces. cost - 4,5 u.e / 500 ml. «Shumanit» toxic, It has a specific pungent odor. Work should be carried out in a gauze bandage or respirator. Mandatory requirement - adequate ventilation technology use store lipid solvents. Most proposed means have a similar tactic cleaning drawing fat, possible difference - the "soaking" in a chemical preparation. Standard Action Plan:

Share suction grille on baking oven or placed in bulk containers. Carefully handle the details of the selected drug. Leave lipid solvents - permissible exposure time is written on the packaging or in the instructions to the facility. With strong accumulation of dirt filters should be washed with warm water - this procedure will wash away the separated fat layers. To remove any remaining plaque is necessary to reprocess grate cleaner. After cleaning the parts should be thoroughly wash drawing. On the surface of the chemical components do not have to be - substances can hinder the work of drawing or get into the food on the stove.

Means for cleaning sewers

Heavy artillery: risks of a radical method When sparing methods tried and unsuccessful, Some have resorted to the "aggressive" treatment.wash filter

In combat arsenal comes to clean drain pipes type:

  • "Mole",
  • "Hyphen",
  • "Steril",
  • "Trubomoy"

Before deciding on a radical step, should evaluate the potential risks and take into account all the nuances of the job:

  • non-observance of the solution and exposure time reagent preparation instructions fraught deformation of metal parts;
  • maximum number of cleanings radical - 1-2 once for all time of operation;
  • appropriate to apply the method to the most "running" situations, when the solid plaque scored all cell intake grille.

To begin work after studying the instructions and comply with safety standards. Advance it is necessary to prepare an iron pan or baking. manipulation scheme depends on the product form: liquid concentrate, granules or powder is possible the progress of work:

  • The liquid product. The workpieces are put in a container and pour the solution, prepared in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions - the reaction will instantly. After a couple of minutes to remove the grille, Rinse several times with water.
  • granular component. Contaminated items to put on a pallet, Sprinkle scouring powder, pour hot water. After digestion of fat diffuser washed well. Used caustic solution is poured carefully into the bowl.

Traditional cleaning methods.

There are many ways, how to get rid of oily soot in the exhaust grille. Most of them are based on the use of available tools:

Soda - copes well with different kinds of contaminants, including fat, accumulated inside the hood. Mode of application:soda cleaning drawing

  • Pour the water in a medium sized saucepan and set it on fire;
  • When the water boils, add to it half a cup of baking soda. Pour the product slowly: tablespoon;
  • after complete dissolution of soda omit the filter into the container and its boil. If it does not fit in the pan, We perform the procedure on both sides alternately;
  • after 30 min pull out the filter, washed thoroughly with clean water.

It removes only fresh pollution. applied as:

  • put the filter into the soap solution, We leave it to soak for a few minutes;
  • three grating surface with a sponge before its full purification;
  • remove detergent residue with boiling water.

To clean the hood from the inveterate fat, It needs a large bowl or tub, water and baking soda. Bring water to a boil, pour soda (from half to a whole pack on 3 l, depending on the degree of contamination). Place the solution in the details of construction, simmer for at least an hour, until the dirt begins to fall off beds.wash hood

Well to soak for half an hour in a hot saline (on 3 liter of water glass grab salt) or a mixture of ammonia (½ cup) and warm water (3-5 liters) on 2-3 o'clock. Alternatively, try the table 9% vinegar or lemon juice. Soak the sponge in one of the proposed means, carefully treat pollution, leave on 20 minutes.

Using lemon

The use of citric acid actually used in cases, if you need to scrub soot youngish. Cleaning equipment is carried out in the following order:

  • rub lemon pulp filter, leave on 10 minutes;
  • after a time remove the remnants of juice and plaque tissue.

If you can not get rid of the dirt on the first try, The procedure is repeated several times.

The use of vinegar

Acetic acid is used, when it is necessary to clean the cooker hood from the stubborn dirt. Reshetkuchistyat so:

  • acid damp rag, wipe it all polluted places;
  • through 7-12 minutes to clean off undissolved fat;
  • wash detail of water

sal ammoniac

The facility has a pungent odor, It can injure the skin of the hand. Before its application is recommended to wear rubber gloves.

in minutes eats away fat: as the recent, and very old. Such filter cleaning method resorting, if not helped soda:

  • Pour into the pan 4 liter of water and bringing it to a boil;
  • remove bowl from heat, pour ammonia (100 mg), and then falls into a container grid;
  • after 5-10 minutes take it out and have a good wash.

Before you clean the hood of the fat in the kitchen with the help of ammonia necessary to open a window, wear a dust mask and gloves.