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3 ways to connect the hood to the ventilation in a private house

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At the present time, everyone knows, what for We need to extract home and what challenges they deal. Ventilation systems - is an essential attribute of the kitchen, which eliminates unpleasant odors during cooking, It removes from the room with a pair of fat and soot, and purifies the air by supplying fresh flows preview. Extractor hood in a private house needed, So, it is the air cleaner and the instrument for ventilation and circulation.

The kitchen in minimalist style
Modern hoods decorate the interior of any kitchen

renovating a room, owners improve the ventilation system, and in the construction of a new building it is necessary to make the ventilation in a private house, in fact it can not do without it, no one home. The purpose of the hood - not to give Gary and fat settle on the wallpaper and headset, as well as unpleasant odors soak into the walls.

types of hoods

We presented devices have different names, they were given manufacturers - from kitchen hoods, a cooker to filters and air cleaners. But it is one and the same instrument, which cleans the air space and the kitchen does not give foreign odors seep into living rooms.

connect the hood to the ventilation

Hoods are:

  • Suspension. Such a device is called a "flat" due to the fact, that it is not high, and its installation is carried out over the stove under the hanging lockers. You can make the hood in the kitchen their own hands, So, how easy it is attached.

This low cost version with simple structure and high price, such a device can afford each.

Council: Consider the lower part of the body, place them, so that it is comparable with the rest of the bottom cabinets.

  • Mounting. This extractor hood in the kitchen in a private home - the perfect solution. This unit needs a system wiring duct and It will operate in flow mode. When the construction set, in appearance it is very similar to suspension, because it is inside the lockers. and often, that is visible - a grid with power switch and light, which can be increased, pulling the.

recessed air cleaner
Recessed air purifier does not disturb the look of the interior

Council: before installation, make sure, that the box with the device have a circuit, which is necessary for assembly. Without it, an inexperienced person can not do in the hood private home on their own and need the help of the wizard.

  • Dome or chimney. This model is the most popular among consumers because, that has a huge range of colors and shapes, there are models with inserts of wood and plastic. Exquisite design with eye-catching elements, expensive decoration - all, what to pay attention to customers, who wish to, so that the ventilation device in a private home stand out and look aesthetically pleasing.

duct of the corrugations

Council: If the kitchen is a separate island, buy domed hood, and if the kitchen unit is configured in the coal embodiment, buy fireplace. Due to variations in performance of this cooker hood in a wooden house will look original and beautiful.

Types of devices for air cleaning in private house: options over the wall and ceiling, withdrawal of the street

Extractor hood in a private house with his own hands - an enormous desire of any host, but in order, to install it correctly, It requires not only practice and a special set of tools, but also the right knowledge about the place of location of the device.

island hood
Island type air cleaning device

Hoods are divided into types:

  • Wall version with one flat side, ensures easy installation to the wall. This form is considered conventional and may be applied in a horizontal or inclined arrangement. So, increased workspace and eliminates stress on her head;
  • The island. Such a hood over the gas hob is installed in a private home while, when the room has a private island with a cooktop. Opt for such a device, you will be able to locate it in a place in the kitchen, where you need. Device is attached to the ceiling, and a vertical duct type.

Council: establishing a model, would need chimney for ventilation in a private house with an additional duct.

  • angular. Such a device is different from other models fastening means, it must be set in the corner of the room in an L-shaped suite. The linear or U-shaped kitchen hood can not be set such, i.e, corner unit is not a whim or design solution, as a necessary measure.

Angled hood
If the hob is installed in a corner, suitable for this special corner hood

Council: so that the ventilation system in a private house with his own hands was done correctly, ask for help from the masters of business, which not only make the work on 5 with the "+", but also to establish a cleaning filter in the kitchen.

The principle of operation of devices and the installation of their own hands

Proper ventilation in a private home is the main point when installing hoods. If the house has no air conditioning vents, the whole system is not properly installed, and therefore, Wizard to eliminate breakdowns become a frequent visitor to your home.

Before the master of the house there are two options - make the hood by punching holes in the wall, or ventilation to make a private house with his own hands. In the second case, save money, So, as a way to the cheapest, to the same mount system, you'll be by yourself or with the help of a friend or relative. True air itself does not come out of the room, but only to be filtered.

Attaching the hood to the ventilation shaft
Joining the ventilation shaft hidden doors lockers

The specifics of treatment of kitchen filters:

  • Filters - not expensive and with easy mounting options. Used in this type of old buildings, where the ventilation on the roof of a private house can not be installed. Regarding the principle of operation, all the fat and food particles remain in the filter device, and the final purification achieved through carbon filters.

But there are drawbacks - weak motor, which does not fulfill its task, disposable filters, require periodic replacement.

  • excretive. Set this hood in a private house through the wall into the ventilation shaft and intensely unpleasant smell brings out and filters the air space in the room. This ventilation in a private home is the most optimal, So, it is not difficult to design and easy to assemble yourself. Carbon filters are absent due to the presence of reusable traps fat, that needs, that they be washed in hot water with detergent.

Scheme ventilation
The scheme of ventilation of private homes

Council: buying the hood for the kitchen, pay attention to the power of the motor, preferably with two fans and good headroom. They are not too noisy, but more efficient.

How does the device

To install the hood in the kitchen, necessary to calculate the ventilation in a private house. If the calculations all right, then install exhaust fans in the bathrooms and utility rooms, where it is needed. Usually, such facilities are kitchen, bathroom, restroom, and a closet where to store products.

Ventilation in the house with his own hands set after set of certain works, but if you do it in the construction of a new building, if it is made prior to the laying of walls. If the house is already built, the possibility of laying fading channels, but it's not a problem - Build out the mine with a side of house.

Mine is located in such ways:

  • In the middle of the wall;
  • With attachable channel;
  • In the form of a suspended box;
  • In the attic.

Then, in ducts installed.

types of air ducts


  1. Round tube - ideal for any drawing, So, it creates little resistance.
  2. Rectangular pipe - its resistance is considered to be more for the round with an air presence threshold.
  3. Flexible duct - there is resistance to the most powerful because, that the surface of the pipe and corrugated uneven, when the device is working, heard the noise. This corrugation provides an opportunity to stretch much during installation, that normalizes the resistance.

Council: mounting the ventilation, position the hole so, that it is on top of the hood, So, all corners of the duct in 90 degrees lower efficiency on 10-15%.

extractor duct

To a room for cooking it looks aesthetically pleasing, hide the ventilation pipes behind the cupboard headset or try to attach them to the wall as tight as possible, and attach with glue or tape.


We hope, article was helpful and informative, a private house with his own hands ventilation succeeded without problems. Remember, expertise and experience - this is not necessarily the criteria for, To manually mount the system and bring it into operation.