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Building a summer kitchen on your site: everything, What you should know

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The purpose is to obtain a suburban area countryside recreation, different from the urban everyday life within the four walls. AND, for cooking in the country or in a private home must first be sure to plan a summer kitchen, and then its construction on the site, on their own or with the help of builders. This can be done, using a few tips. And to determine in the first place is worth overlooking buildings.

summer cuisine
Summer area for receiving the food should be as interesting

types of cuisine

The country or in a private house summer kitchen layout depends on the selected options Built - open or closed. And yet - the presence or absence of verandas and terraces.

Outdoor summer kitchen called building without a roof and walls. For it is sufficient installation:

  • shelter;
  • roof;
  • cooker (or grill for a barbecue);

an open kitchen set not far from the swimming pool, gardens and residential buildings (sometimes combining them). harmoniously complement a summer kitchen with veranda in the country and the landscape in a special style (country, Art Nouveau or biotope). A basic feature consists in finding the effect on the nature.

meanwhile, Projects covered summer kitchen at the cottage is a detached building, used in the warmer months for cooking, relax or maybe even to stay. After all, in roofed and enclosed by walling premises put not only kitchen appliances, but also sofas, TVs, and even a fireplace.

Option summer kitchen
Equipment and functional variants summer refectory - it's just your imagination and possibilities


The main advantages, that gets people, selecting a closed kitchen area, consider the walls and roof. They protect against adverse climate (snow, rain and hail), dust and insect penetration, but, if you insulate the building envelope, allow to stay inside even during low outdoor temperatures (spring, at the beginning of the season, or fall). Closed summer kitchen can hold under the same roof the other rooms - from the basement for food storage to the garage and sauna.

To open options, too many advantages:

  • saving time and money on building;
  • no fire hazard (special, during finishing of brick or stone);
  • accommodate more people;
  • open kitchen provides a barbecue right on the territory of the construction, without going outside.

Selecting a location

The first step is to choose a place for a summer kitchen. Due to the need for power, water and sanitation, more profitable and more convenient to place it closer to the dwelling house.

Option summer kitchen
Indoor version of the kitchen is very common in the colder regions of the country

Additional requirements for the device:

  • distance to the nearest wood and other, can easily ignite, buildings, more 10 m. At the same distance must be toilet, and trash can;
  • option of an extension to the construction of the house is also suitable, but it requires a serious approach to fire safety;
  • the open part of the room (if it has walls and windows) oriented to the north, in order to avoid direct sunlight. And in the absence of the roof is desirable to have the kitchen under the trees;
  • area should have a slight slope to drain rain water;
  • Projects summer kitchen with veranda provide the location within the site, away from dust and people.

Laying of foundation and floor

Quickly and accurately for a summer kitchen garden turnkey succeed, if you bring it to professional builders. But in the case of independent performance of work is done according to the following guidelines and stages. The first step will be the construction of the foundation and the floor.

Not having a large weight is a summer kitchen on the building code requires the base from point (stolbchatыh) supports - holes filled with concrete in the ground or concrete blocks 0.2 × 0.2 × 0.4 m. Built under each side of the column set 3-4.

For capital cuisine recommended choice strip foundation, first executable creation trench width 30 cm construction perimeter, installing formwork and pouring concrete solution.

Above the frozen grounds laid wooden beam (unplaned, section 10 × 15 cm) and make the floor joists. The material of the flooring boards are usually 15 × 5 cm, mounted with a step up 60 cm.

Floor summer kitchen
Sex and the coating on earth choose to fit your wishes, since pronounced the overall style may not be


In the construction of kitchen use any improvised material for warm time of the year - even the, which remained from the main buildings. The frame is usually made of brick or wood, in rare cases - metal.


allowed, to the kitchen from the bar with his hands was made of the same material, and that the floor covering. Correct calculations will do the job, leaving no waste, at a standard length of 6-6,2 m blocks each made up of three vertical columns, built to the height of two meters turned.

Another option - a summer kitchen of foam blocks. The construction turns easy and quickly erected. Also, the carcass is often used brick or stone. The thickness of the walls is selected polkirpicha, because the kitchen in the winter will not be used.

summer kitchen from foam blocks and glass
The room of foam blocks and glass - perfect for the kitchen with a winter garden


After the frame construction, save on construction of open spaces will use inexpensive materials. such embodiment, as the summer kitchen of the pallet may be in the construction of pavilions and even furniture for them. Price of the material is minimal, and the appearance allows us to construct the walls of the gazebo with little or no processing.

Inexpensive turn and closed summer kitchen of polycarbonate. size property to 10 quarter. m not even require the foundation of everything, PR dug on 15 cm deep and covered with sand compacted ground. Sheathing polycarbonate by means of screws and waterproofing using.

The summer kitchen of the timber can sheathe the same boards. They are also relatively inexpensive cost, but they have several disadvantages. When desiccation cracks in the wood fall rainfall. Therefore, the embodiment requires plating inside other materials.


Construction of the roof - the final phase of the summer kitchen. When choosing a roofing material, it is important to take into account the strength of the frame. For a closed brick buildings a lot of options - from the slate to metal. Open kitchen requires lightweight materials - shingles or polycarbonate.

Roof summer kitchen
Roofing can be of different quality and price - select the appropriate option, the main thing that rain does not drip on the nose


For closed facilities summer kitchen decoration inside selected from the tree, stone and other materials, used in the regeneration of residential buildings. Each variant pluses and minuses:

  1. Wood is the most popular and inexpensive decoration material. Good looks at the frame of the device and timber flooring plank. Characterized by low moisture resistance;
  2. Stone is suitable for the warm climate, in such a construction is always cool. Although the high cost of the material;
  3. Laminate, tiles and ceramics. materials, which remain on the repair garden, house or city apartment. In this case their use is advantageous, and construction of water resistance - high. Tile recommended for kitchen apron and even the finished floor;
  4. Give the room a stylish look will use for the finishing of rattan or bamboo. Special, if the option to combine with the arrangement of the kitchen wicker furniture.

Interior space

Equip outdoor kitchen should be inside, taking into account the preferences of the owner. And yet there are certain rules, which should be guided by. Primarily they relate to creating a special atmosphere in the building, that it was not just a room for cooking, but also a place to relax.

The interior should be used vegetable decoration. Regardless of, open kitchen or fully glassed, inside it is decorated with wall, floor and conventional flower pots with flowers. Around the house plants are not hurt - especially for rooms with a terrace or veranda. And next to the outdoor area should arrange a pool or pond in the Japanese style. In the closed kitchen restricted area as a design suited to still life paintings and flowers in vases.

To make the kitchen with one open wall (veranda) a more open type should use the following method::

  • to place in the room flowerpots, using them for flowers, and for storing utensils and even fruit;
  • use interior benches and chairs in the street will provide an original interior - in addition, it is stronger household objects.

trim closed kitchen can include bright décor. Funny tones and colorful elements such as furniture contrasting color or towels, make the design of the original. At the same time, shades of finishing walls choose light, visually enlarging the internal space. Kitchen appliances is selected with shiny polished surfaces, and curtains - lungs. When natural light game of light and bright colors provide a unique view of the kitchen.


It is worth thinking about the need to illuminate the kitchen in the evening. Internal artificial lighting plays an important role and requires the installation of built-in and pendant lamps, and even a separate backlight furniture. Light is provided on the street lanterns.

Regardless of the style of decoration and thematic focus, important thing is not only the design of the kitchen facilities. Important, to remain functional kitchen and used for its intended purpose, providing a good opportunity to rest and at the same time to cook and spend time in nature.

Now that you know exactly what a summer kitchen with wood terrace - great for home.