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The device is a summer kitchen with an open veranda in 2 variations

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The need to cook food in the summer and, special, in a country house or cottage leads to a desire to do it on the street. The best option for such a transition will be a summer kitchen open or closed. BUT, if equipped with more structure and sundeck, in it you can not only cook, but the company is going to communicate, and even watching TV.

A summer kitchen with fireplace
A summer kitchen with fireplace - a comfortable area in the country

To build a summer kitchen will need some time, and small tools. Especially that the following verandas projects with their own hands, and all the steps do not require the help of masters. Small enough skills of construction works - and a few days off (depending on the timing of solidification of the concrete base) you'll have a kitchen and, and outdoor patio at the cottage or a private house.

Summer kitchen at the cottage

a summer kitchen with an open veranda

A summer kitchen layout chosen site, located close to home. It is more convenient to carry out water and electricity, sewage disposal and do not spend a lot of time for the descent into the cellar. A selection of the type of food depends on people staying on the site. If the house is supposed to live all year round, receiving indoor embodiment. To live only in the summer or on weekends required open kitchen.

Closed design is more like not gazebo, a real home. It has the following features:

  • resistance to weather and cold;
  • sun protection;
  • in some cases - insulation and heating system;
  • no sense of, that you are on a nature.

Open kitchen on the veranda in the country is an area with appliances for cooking food - plate, stove or barbecue. Here we have the furniture, and the edges for protection from wind establish temporary partitions sliding or movable type.

BBQ in the summer kitchen
Design barbecue roofed summer kitchen

Any of these buildings will complement the veranda or terrace with their own hands. It allows you to create within the structure and the surrounding area a number of zones, without taking up much space on the site.

The apparatus of open type project verandas

Given the fact, that the summer kitchen will be a good decision to move the cooking with a conventional cooking area home or garden, worth thinking about placing people in it. Standard dimensions of the room, 8-12 square. m and simultaneously allow dwell portion owners, and their guests. But it is more convenient to place tables and chairs on the veranda, It is constructed simultaneously with the kitchen as a supplement or separately dostraivalos. The main purpose of the extension - a smooth transition from the kitchen to the garden room. Thus veranda in the country can be two versions:

  1. open, glazed only on the part of the summer kitchen;
  2. Glass ornaments and provides access to the air only through the door.

summer terrace

A good option for a holiday will be covered verandas with two adjacent walls, Keeps the same layout on nature. May be used to separate zones and sliding partitions. They make it possible to turn the closed porch to the house or to the kitchen in the combined type of gazebo, suitable for different weather conditions. During cold weather people move into, during warming - are returned to the street.

porch design should be chosen depending on the preferences of the owners and to the functionality of the room requirements. A classic design and make, and modern, and rustic. Inside the house with an open veranda accommodates equipment and machinery, outside - only furniture. In some cases, the kit includes a refrigerator and even TV. Project, the result of the implementation of which will be a veranda to the house with his own hands, may include setting at the boundary zone and the rest of cooking fireplace.

frame summer kitchen
Wooden frame summer kitchen - a perfect solution for building

Stages of construction with their own hands

Being constructed separately from residential house kitchen and is attached to its summer terrace or veranda require four stages of work. First erected foundation, then set the building envelope and make the roof. Next project a summer kitchen with lanai includes an extension of open space, often united with a common cooking area floor and roof.


The foundation for your summer house is easy to do yourself. Moreover, if the kitchen is open without capital walling, only a small basement in the form of first filled with sand and screenings, and then compacted depressions. Top put tiles or boards for the kitchen floor.

Closed summer patios and kitchens require capital walls and solid foundation. ribbon, the easiest foundation is done in the form of a trench filled with concrete to a depth of construction of the perimeter 500 mm. Stolbchatoe ground (concrete mortar, poured into the holes in the soil) required for heavy structures and set at a distance of 1-2.5 m from one another.

 Summer kitchen from brick and wood
Combined design summer house is very popular with truckers

Fast and high quality concrete drying promotes its Covering polyethylene film.

Frame and wall

When you are finished with the foundation, proceed to the frame construction. Most often the choice is stopped on a wooden or brick structure, but with a wooden wall. Reliability for structures made of wood, including beams, held together by metal corners. This provides strength and ensures, that summer terrace cottage with a kitchen will not collapse from high winds. The framework should leave space for pipes and electrical wiring, since before operating room equipped with water supply, sewage and electricity.

The device is a summer kitchen with an open veranda

The gable and the roof

When designing a summer kitchen and summer veranda, should be considered, their pediments are dependent on the configuration of the roof. Joint design carefully study, using a rectangular beam and fixing the individual elements of metal anchors.

Simply arrange the roof with a slope, device requires that two walls with different heights. But aesthetically attractive option gable, covering tile, Bent or slate. A summer kitchen with a terrace roof requires only over an area of ​​cooking. For sun porch is recommended to arrange a common roof with kitchen facilities.


successful construction!