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Beautiful apron for the kitchen? We'll see!

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kitchen apron - a part of the wall, which is disposed between the top and cupboard. This kitchen interior element located directly in the working zone. design kitchen with an apron, decorated in an original and stylish, It will look much nicer, than a standard solution with a facing of the tiles zone. Let's find out, how to transform the original surface of the work area wall.

Beautiful apron for the kitchen
Apron kitchen - it's part of the wall, which is disposed between the top and cupboard

Material options for apron

There is a wide variety of materials, to draw interesting aprons for kitchen. common materials:

  • ceramic tile;
  • mosaic;
  • glass;
  • plastic;
  • decorative rock;
  • MDF;
  • metal;
  • plaster.

material for the skirt
By the choice of material responsibly, considering the design aspects and factors of practical convenience

Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, the choice of material responsibly, considering the design aspects and factors of practical convenience.

Ceramic tile

A common variant of the material for finishing this room area - tiles. Making an apron in the kitchen with its application - a tradition since the Soviet times.

Ceramic tile has earned a reputation for reliability and resistance to external influences. therefore, apron for kitchen units - ideal for its use.

Tile is heavy in the dismantling. If you decide in the future to make design changes, the, you have to break it. For sale is a beautiful tile on an apron, but in design terms there are more aesthetic options for decorating the working area of ​​the kitchen facilities.

Tile apron
If you decide in the future to make design changes, the, you have to break it

This material is the mid-market, and installation requires skill level. To give an aesthetically pleasing finish work, and level of error at the joints, apply the outer corner of the tile.


Mosaic - worthy design solution, to arrange a nice apron for the kitchen. It will give the room antique flavor. Mosaic elements - Tile of different material:

  1. Glass;
  2. Plastic;
  3. Metal;
  4. Tree;
  5. Ceramics;
  6. marble.

The choice of material depends on designer preferences, and a sum of money, you're willing to spend on buying. But do not forget about the physical properties of the composite, because the apron and worktop for the kitchen - it, Firstly, work zone. Therefore it is recommended to stop the choice on the glass, due to strength, and ease of cleaning.

The choice of material for the apron
The choice of material depends on designer preferences, and a sum of money, you're willing to spend on buying

With the use of a mosaic made beautiful aprons in the kitchen. But, This expensive material, and styling - a laborious process, which requires knowledge and skills.


Use of plastic material - the right idea, If you aspire to save the family budget. It costs cheaper than other composites. Besides plastic you make a nice apron with his hands, since the installation does not require any special knowledge. Dismantling is also very simple, and does not go to any comparison with the dismantling of structures, lined with ceramic tiles or mosaics.

plastic apron
The main disadvantage of plastic panels in fragility

The main disadvantage of plastic panels in fragility. If the tile or tiles can last up to two decades, the plastic construction will have to change in a few years.


hardboard, like plastic, It refers to a group of cheaper materials. Often when finishing them even combine together.

Using the model with the use of MDF, you will achieve different designs. Beautiful obtained kitchens for finishing working area pictures data. He gives a modern look. The main disadvantage of MDF, like plastic - fragility.

MDF for apron
spolzuya model using MDF, you will achieve different designs

When installing, use once the whole panel MDF or plastic, for securing that use a special corner for the kitchen apron.

Decorative rock

Stylish kitchens are obtained, If the working area they lined with decorative stone. This composite is durable and Heat-resistant, which is important for the working area. it is durable. It is important to choose the color of the stone, which would be in harmony with the design of the room. Apron brown cuisine relevant issue in warm colors.

Decorative stone - a costly material. Installation is not so complicated, as the lining with tiles or mosaics, but the best thing is still to entrust an experienced person.


Beautiful apron for the kitchen turns out from glass. The glass is of two kinds: clear and frosted.

Apron made of glass
Beautiful apron for the kitchen turns out from glass

This material is durable and thermostable. At the same time it is a fragile, therefore, it does not tolerate blows and other impacts of the mechanical nature. That in case of damage, do not have to replace a large area of ​​material, advised to be mounted on the wall of a small glass panel. Glass - it is an expensive material, so its damage will cost a pretty penny. But, the installation of such panels simple, and it can handle any host.


A good design solution - Application of the metal, as a material for decoration of the walls in the working area. Note, that this material is not suitable for any interior room. This is due to the characteristic for cool white metal. It is unlikely that it is appropriate in the kitchen, decorated in Mediterranean style, but it will be an ideal fit in the space design in hi-tech style, techno or loft.

For the purposes of decoration work area using stainless steel or aluminum. This durable material, which is not subject to corrosion.

The main drawback of metal - complex care for him, since this material are clearly visible stains and spots.



Wall in a working kitchen area, you can poshtukaturit. It is the oldest way of decorating the walls of the premises, that apply to the present day. By selecting this option, you do not have to lay out a lot of money. Besides, plaster useful for Climate Kitchen, as it has antibacterial properties.

among the shortcomings, note the ability of the plaster to the accumulation of moisture. Therefore, this method is suitable clearance, If the apron is located relatively far from water sources. Besides, Many people consider the use of this material is outdated and nestilno.Terrific-Transitional-Brown-Tile-Kitchen-Backsplash-Design-with-Wooden-Cabinets-Feat-Colorful-Glass-Countertop-Also-Bulb-Lighting-Decoration

custom solutions

Besides the traditional design work area, there are solutions, which is considered to be non-standard and original. Let's find out, both in similar ways to issue an apron in the kitchen.

mirrored apron

The original apron in the kitchen is created with mirrored glass. Advantages and disadvantages of the installation and operation of the same, and that when using conventional glass. Mirrored apron will be even more expensive, but also a visual experience will be at the highest level. application a mirror in the kitchen - it is a sign of conformity to the high style. Mirror creates the illusion of increased space, which is important for small kitchens. Besides, the hostess will take care of their appearance, that even in the kitchen look decent.

It can be used as a vertical, and horizontal installation of mirrors. Mirrored apron requires more care, than glass, since appreciable smudges thereon.

Other original solutions

There are many other ways to decorate the original countertop and apron for the kitchen. For these purposes such unusual materials:

  • textured wallpaper;
  • tree;
  • decorative plaster.

It should be remembered, These materials, although it looked nice and stylish, impractical in terms cuisine. They can not tolerate moisture on them, and high temperature. Therefore, they have a sense to apply only to the kitchen, in which the process of cooking process is seldom, a framed working area for decorative purposes. Or try to maximize the protection of vulnerable material additional elements. for example, using glass or polycarbonate.OBN5lU1vnoo

helpful hints

If you decide to replace the countertop and apron in the kitchen, it is important to know some useful points mounting structures.

The junction of the kitchen apron with top - area subject to pollution, congestion and product particles, which lead to unsanitary conditions in the room. Therefore, make sure that, to the junction was covered as airtight. For these purposes, use silicone. Still the best option - it is the use of monolithic version countertop and apron, interface between them does not exist.

Metal corner tile has a more original look, than the usual, but its use is justified, if you create the interior of the kitchen in high-tech style, or in a direction close thereto.

Beautiful apron for the kitchen - an important element of the design space, which pay particular attention to design.