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Create interior of small-sized kitchen in the Khrushchev: all the secrets

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"Khrushchev" holders are facing a major problem of such apartments - in the catering department 5-6 square meters. In such an area difficult to accommodate all the necessary functionality, but modern designers have a sufficient arsenal of tricks, to design a small-sized kitchen in the Khrushchev meets the needs of practicality and aesthetic perception.

Beautiful interior of a small-sized kitchen
Beautiful interior of a small-sized kitchen - it is hard work

The first rule, which will help to visually push the kitchen space in the Khrushchev - the use of pastel colors in the decoration of the walls. The next step - gloss furniture. For small-sized kitchen in the Khrushchev fit facades:

  1. plasty;
  2. MDF;
  3. safety glass.


Optimizing space: zest repair

Interior of compact kitchen in Khrushchev should optimize:

  • a gas cooker and a gas heater installed adjacent to the gas pipe;
  • refrigerator work worsens, if it is located near the thermal exposure sources (plate, the sunny side of the window, etc.);
  • dryer plates and cutlery drawer with the side by side with sink;
  • overlapping functions. Worktop on top of a horizontal refrigerator will fit into the interior of small-sized kitchen and replace the desktop. Instead of dining table - bar. Khrushchev in the kitchen suitable racks, boxes, cabinets with built-in appliances;
  • the kitchen boiler with a small quadrature select or horizontal fastening, or flat, since the vertical boiler circular shape takes a lot of space.

Interior of compact kitchen in the Khrushchev

Interior of compact kitchen in Khrushchev planned so, To use all of the surfaces: in the angular space placed sink and open shelves, on the walls to hang utensils, involve the sill and the space under the windowsill. Dining area in the kitchen to save space hruschevke, if you organize it under the window sill, setting there countertop.

developing the project small kitchen in the Khrushchev, accountable factor:

  • for free movement must 1-1,5 square meters of free space;
  • the furniture is chosen to match the walls, thus erased the boundaries of visual. contrasting colors, choosing a small-sized kitchen design, use caution;
  • light should be much. light curtains, Roman curtains, a complete lack of curtains, Spot lighting zones as a supplement to the main source - will help push the visual space.


A separate theme - how to equip the kitchen in the Khrushchev overall technique. A family of two people can do fridge, built in the outdoor unit. But family is more in need of a full-fledged unit. The preferred small nutrition unit narrow and high model with a glossy surface. From trendy black or brown surfaces should be abandoned. You can save space at the expense of the cooking surface - instead of four-ring to take the two-ring cooker, clean oven, if there is no demand, microwave placed on a special stand or bracket.

design secrets: embodiment of a refrigerator

The small size of the kitchen design in Khrushchev appropriate to include a mezzanine. They stored items, which are rarely: Dryer for vegetables and fruits, instruments, home preservation, etc. Mezzanine in the kitchen serve as a mini-pantry, helping to relieve the hanging lockers. Made from such materials:

Khrushchev in the kitchen

  • plasterboard;
  • tree;
  • Fibreboard;
  • MDF;
  • plywood.

should decide, how heavy objects are stored, before, than sew mezzanine. Khrushchev in the kitchen no closets, therefore it is necessary to take into account the load on the lower floor. Check out the outer wall and the door, you can also, the walls, or order under the facades kitchen units.

To small-sized kitchen in the Khrushchev used rationally, should focus on:

modern kitchen in the Khrushchev

  1. storage areas;
  2. dimensional technology;
  3. zone meal;
  4. light.

Visual effects for small-sized kitchen in the Khrushchev

Spruce furniture is made to order, to optimize space hanging lockers, it is desirable to do the ceiling. This will increase the capacity and visually raise the ceiling, as the small-sized kitchen in addition to a small area Khrushchev differ and low ceilings.

small-sized kitchen

compact kitchen It requires an individual approach to the selection of furniture. It is to give U-shaped or island sets in hruschevke. Compact kitchen allows for linear or angular model. Front color - light, a desirable tone with walls. Allowed bright colors, but in this case the surface should be glossy and reflect light, pushing space. With proper placement of dark wood color set will not reduce the space, and create depth, visually pushing wall, which is located at.

Furniture in the interior of the kitchen corner

Dining area will help minimize bar. In Khrushchev's kitchen misplaced bulky tables with carved legs. If a family or older children - bar - not an option, but glass table will facilitate the visual perception of the dining area, due to its transparency. The same principle works, when hinged door cabinets are made of safety glass. But in this case there is a caveat: items in a "shop window" must be carefully placed, even otherwise perfectly clean room will cause a sense of chaos.

stylish kitchen

Horizontal patterns visually expand the space, vertical - "pulled" up. Such details are taken into account when choosing a finish for walls. Paste over the wall with wallpaper or paint - the choice of individual taste preferences, but it must take into account the rule - walls do not absorb light, otherwise the room visually even more reduced.

Council! It is interesting to look wallpapers with 3D-effect, but drawing influences perception - it is able to absorb or deepen space, so carefully select fabrics image.


The general rule small clearance spaces concerns kitchen apron. He is bright and glossy. Better yet, combine pastels with a glare material.

Beautiful kitchen hruschevke
Beautiful kitchen Khrushchev can not but rejoice

Some designers for apron in cramped kitchens to use mirrors. This trick gives significantly increase space, but no different practicality. Mirror surface requires careful maintenance, It shows every speck, sponge and leave streaks.