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Secrets of the correct and rational arrangement of furniture in a small kitchen

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Uncomfortable and close kitchen layout can bring discomfort during cooking, causing irritation and frustration. proper placement of furniture saves space, make it a comfortable and ergonomic. compact Appliances, spacious closets act the basis of rational planning. Very small kitchen should consider the characteristics of the space, surface strength, stability of the materials exposed to temperature and humidity.

Placement of furniture in a small kitchen
Placement of furniture in a small kitchen should be correct

functional items, with sliding, folding mechanism, sliding doors, It helps to comfortably accommodate kitchenware.

Arrange furniture in a small kitchen, possible using proven design techniques:

  • production of furniture on individual order;
  • cupboard and cutlery recommend that you place over the sink;
  • draw walls open shelves, tall cupboards;
  • use the built-tech appliances;
  • apply linear, or angular placement of furniture;
  • rational zoning area;
  • quality lighting work and dining area;
  • use the window sill as a table top.

Basic elements of the kitchen space bundling

Dining table and chairs in a small kitchen
Table and chairs are harmonious as a designer - it is a good idea, so as not to kill the space

Intelligent design provides a visual effect of spaciousness and cleanliness. It is important to emphasis approach to the selection of each element of the situation:

  1. set. It is recommended to reduce the dimensions of the kitchen garnish, replacing the standard depth of the individual sizes.
  2. Working surface. It will save a number of useful centimeters, favorably positioning the necessary items: hob, wash, oven.
  3. Dining table and chairs. Cramped space will require folding, sliding, or folding options. Chairs and a table in a small kitchen should not be bulky and take up a lot of space.
  4. windowsill. Increasing the useful space is achieved by operating the sill as countertops. Is available to organize an additional storage area everyday items under a window sill.
  5. Cabinets. Compact products with doors made of glass, plastic, or mirrored surfaces enable comfortable place utensils. Preference should be given a spacious headsets. Small lockers visually crushed space, narrowing the small area.

Functional planning options

Rationally arrange the furniture in the kitchen will help to lay the premises. Limited space makes it possible to use a linear area, poluostrovnoy, or angular format. Each solution has its advantages, that apply, based on individual preferences and layout of the kitchen.

Design a small kitchen
Disposition of the letter P is the most popular in this regard

It is important to keep the ergonomics and interior style, harmoniously combining functionality and a comfortable atmosphere.

The linear arrangement of furniture

The linear layout refers to the traditional organization of placement options. Furniture and equipment located in a line along one wall. The project provides sufficient space in the center of the room for a comfortable travel. Incorporate technological equipment recommended, focusing on basic safety, strictly adhering to the distances.

It is to heed the mounting height of wall cabinets. The distance between the worktop and the upper cupboards must be at least 45cm. Space saving is achieved by the reconciliation countertop with the sill, allowing to increase the working area.

Two-line option plan

Two-line layout is only possible if there is sufficient space, allowing you to put the headsets and furniture along two opposite walls. The width of the free space between the rows must be at least 120cm. Dining area is located in the corner and does not interfere with the movement of the room. Small dining table will provide the ability to install a small comfortable sofa.

Two-line option plan
Two-line option prevails indoors rectangular and narrow

The narrow version of the plan kitchen with two-line arrangement allows to make the dining area in the space near the window. Small household appliances is recommended to clean the cabinets to create a free space in the room. Room Size acquire the desired visual effect when using inserts and specular reflective surfaces.

Peninsular project

Peninsular version different style and ergonomics. Compulsory element of this environment serves visual separation zones with the help of the protruding worktop, furniture, or bar. The play of color will help expand the space, Determining bright accents and bright tone premises. Sophisticated and practical decor has to bear functional load, without cluttering your space.

Kitchen chairs for a small kitchen in the peninsular layout can be used in the form of bar patterns on high legs, or original plastic products. The protruding worktop as the separating element is equipped with a roomy niches for storing dimensional cookware.

corner layout

L-shaped space planning will allow to arrange the furniture in the kitchen along two adjacent walls. Table in a small kitchen corner placement of furniture is available to complement a compact seating area. Built-in headset is placed in the corners of the room, allowing the profitable use of every square centimeter. placement variations retain sufficient space, creating a cozy and comfortable interior.


The correct choice of layout allows to place the necessary elements of the kitchen space even in a small area. tech news, quality finish and color variations will be presented with an opportunity to complex solutions embodiments. Original design projects will help to create a unique interior, harmoniously combining the functional requirements and stylistic preferences. Now you know how to arrange the furniture in a small kitchen.