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kitchen drawings: decorate the interior in an original way

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In the design of modern kitchen focusing on the little things. Filling the interior original and authentic details is able to revive the situation and create a warm atmosphere, which will nourish positive emotions of all family members. Tasteful decor makes the overall picture complete, hostess and feel like a real artist, to participate directly in the creation of home comfort. Decorate all kinds of kitchen items, paintings and ornaments autographic manufacturing or using modern technology of large-format printing.

Красивый фартук
Creatively decorated kitchen will fill your home comfort

Art crafts, provides unlimited opportunities for creativity. embroidered napkins, cushions on the corner, prihvatki, decorative drawings on the walls own hands will make the situation any room a homely. Installing as a topiary or watch from coffee beans with your hands filled with the atmosphere of romance.

Interior printing

The use of modern technology will make large-format printing with decor elements picture photographic color quality. For interior use print wallpaper, film, glass, canvas, MDF, DSP. UV ink when exposed to light hardens instantly, so it does not spread, and the image is sharp and detailed.

Mural has long gained popularity as an effective way of thematic interior design. Today, for the provision of printing services company fulfill orders for printing of individual sketches. It can be panoramic photography or macro imaging objects, reproductions of paintings or pictures painted kitchen by the customer. It is convenient, what size panels will fully comply with the parameters of the kitchen. Enterprise for the production of furniture by the client performing art print on glossy facade of furniture.

Apron - opportunities skinali

Skinali - a glass pane with printed pattern. In the kitchen, use instead of ceramic for the decoration of the apron. Glass apron easily withstand the neighborhood with a stove and a sink. Skinali variety of patterns is limited only by imagination of mistress.

Skinali - glass surface deposited with a photoprint

Depending on the method of drawing, skinali are such species:

  • matte panel. Made sand-blasted.
  • Skinali Painted. Image operate acrylics back side.
  • Panels with photo printing. If printing is applied on both sides, get skinali 3d Kitchen. Used in large rooms, since to perceive 3D images must be a sufficient distance.
  • glass apron, stuck on the film with photoprint.
  • Skinali with imitation stained glass.
  • mirrored apron. Visually expand the volume of the room, therefore, considered to be a good option for small kitchens.
  • backlit panel. Skinali mounted at a distance 2-3 cm from the surface of the wall, and the space used for the installation of LED-lighting of the working area.
  • transparent panel. Used to protect wallpaper.

Skinali at a cost comparable to ceramic tiles, but provide more opportunities of interior and do not require the participation of a specialist in the installation.

Important! To prevent condensation from forming in the gap between the apron and the wall, the installation must be carefully sealed perimeter of the panel.

Correct installation skinali - the key to its long-lasting service

Sticking vinyl pictures

With the help of vinyl stickers hostess creates an environment, corresponding to its changeable moods. They can change with any frequency, and symbolic images flawlessly programmed playful mood is in direct human indoors. If the design of the kitchen to use, self-adhesive vinyl images, then the volunteers will be always the smallest members of the family. This ritual is a joint creation of home comfort beneficial effect on family relationships. The growing popularity of this method of decorating the interior are several reasons:

  1. A short time between idea and its embodiment. Often the appearance of vinyl sticker in the kitchen - the result of a spontaneous desire to buy only favorite picture. With the same ease they vary.
  2. If the sticker is decided to replace, he will not leave any traces on the wallpaper.
  3. Vinyl stickers are easy to attach to any surface, having smooth portions.
  4. A huge variety of shapes and colors, among which even people with exotic requirements is sure to find a suitable option.

Important! vinyl Pictures for the kitchen It is used not only as an independent element of decor. They will be useful in the event that, when children love to paint on a wall in the apartment. Spoiled site easily hide under the label, and change the wallpaper do not have to. Stickers - a great way to hide defects on the surface of the wall, Furniture and household appliances.

Виниловые картинки
small, but expressive vinyl images can transform the entire look of the kitchen

Burning and painting

Interiors with manual creative elements have a particular charm. hostess, do needlework, It is using their skills to design kitchens, creating a unique and distinctive design exposition of his own creative achievements. Besides the traditional textile accessories, painted glassware, cutting boards, appropriate in the kitchen and wall paintings with their hands.

Acrylic decorative pattern painting the kitchen. wall, on which to perform drawing, cleaned and painted in one background color. Initially made ornament sketch on paper. Then these patterns are transferred onto the wall with a pencil. For painting using acrylic paints, which after drying varnish.

A more sophisticated version - relief painting. In this case, the wall forming a volume image by using the gypsum putty. Both of these methods involve the presence of artistic skills.

Картина на кухонной стене
Picture, Write on Wall, It will make your kitchen a truly unique

Painted wooden cutting board with their own hands, dishes - an essential attribute of a kitchen interior. Figures on the plates with his own hands is performed by a water-soluble paints for ceramics. Ornamentation is applied depending on painting style. This may be a brush, Fill or finger painting technique. After the drying the plate was kept in the oven. After that, the dishes can be used for its intended purpose.

For painting or burning acquire clean cutting boards made of wood in the set, without pattern or thread. Impressive look cautery outline drawings on wood. For their implementation does not require artistic skills. You only need a device for burning wood and tasteful paintings for poker. Image using transfer paper is transferred to the surface of the board and the contour burn.

Professional Painted kitchen board is not available to everyone. Unique technology master study years. But the thematic outline drawings paints for cutting boards do not contain elements of painting, requiring training, so for their implementation are taken and fans. For this purpose, gouache. board surface primed, polished, a drawing pencil. According to this circuit details are colored paints. After drying, the product is varnished. For its intended purpose this board is no longer used.


Decorating the kitchen with his hands - it's a long process, implying the creative search of the most successful solutions, options comparison. Not every idea after practical implementation meet expectations, it is necessary to change, kitchen interior is constantly changing, complemented with new details. Therefore, special importance is not the end result, and the process of creative self-realization. kitchen drawings today it is fashionable and stylish.