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Kitchen corner five meters: embodying the dream into reality

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With what face compatriots, furnished our brand new apartment? Bedroom and living room was furnished without major problems, furniture fit well, nothing is constrained, but here comes the kitchen time. Here and there is a problem of lack of space, even in new finds himself deficit meters right in the kitchen. And it happens, that the amount of the new food may disappoint a happy owner of a new apartment. But despite this "sad" size, kitchen is a kitchen and reflects the functional, needed for cooking. Yes and convenience for home get-togethers are not the last thing. It means, that comfort in the kitchen immediately follows the functionality, so the design of the kitchen with a seating area is based on two requirements.

Kitchen Area
A small kitchen - not a problem, you can always arrange a room, if you try

A small room does not tolerate bulky items. But Kitchen Area with a table for a small kitchen will incidentally. But the convenience of convenience, and utensils stored somewhere, yes it is necessary to. Therefore, for the kitchen area and carries the functional load. kitchen corners in the interior of the kitchen - a concise solution! In what ways reach an acceptable result? Today we are going to do with philosophical delights on this topic. so, start!

Starting small: models and designs, plenty to choose from

How to be close to each other were not four walls, find a place for the flight of fantasy about the design is not so difficult. Good, current market it does not restrict, and even find the mobile or mobile model is not so difficult. Not standard design is suitable for different cuisines, lightweight frame in the style of minimal, bulky tree - for the Classics. And find a suitable option - not so difficult.

A kitchen corner with a chair
Choose an option under the style of a room corner

If we take as a criterion for corner design, select two model variants:

  1. closed Area. Design, helps keep the kitchen stuff, and sometimes an overall utensils. Some models allow us to reach under the seat pan, pans, plates and similar kitchen stuff
  2. outdoor Area. Such small kitchen corner does not contain a bottom single, he stands on the conventional legs. It looks not so hard, as a brother named, but hide the dish or pan will be problematic in it
  3. Kitchen area with sleeper. This model in other times Overall and pulled on one of the walls, that allows the use of it as a bed. What is remarkable, it stored and desktop appliances, like toasters and multivarok, who gets out of need. In this way, frees up worktops, and the kitchen gets a bit of air. And to find beds for detained friends got easier

Style and design

Kitchen corners Kitchen - can be a supplement laconic style kitchen, or may spoil the original design. Since the style of the kitchen today, ranging from the classics to the Soviet space hi-tech'a, market over the wide models, as well as a list of styles. What styles and designs today in trend?

Kitchen facilities in hi-tech style
Furniture for hi-tech style is gaining momentum in a modern interior

Let's look at the underlying list:

  • Classic. Style, which is rightly called the Absolute Design. strict geometry, carved wood, glass and atmosphere 18-19 ages. aristocratic style, differently you will not tell
  • Neoklassytsyzm. Kitchen facilities in the small kitchen of the style less gromozdkok, than the classic variation. And the design of the kitchen will be "air", Glass is getting bigger
  • Country. Style, where all seats, basically, make wicker. Same thing with the area. Lightweight and unobtrusive style, suitable for light cuisine
  • Minimalism. smooth line, contrasting colors and ergonomic space. Kitchenette for a small kitchen will allocate from the stylistic definition lines, rounded sides. This will add spice to the room
  • Hi-tech. Style and space technology top. Option functional and beautiful places. And acts as a typical dining area for a small kitchen
  • Eclecticism. versatile style, who synthesized the basic features of these styles.

Specific rules on the combination of ideas is not here, but you should not try to organize his own space under the style, If you are not familiar with harmony


But it happens, and so, that the long hours of marching through the furniture stores was fruitless. Or you have not arranged prices. How, then, to choose a kitchen corner in a small kitchen? Or made at home from purchased materials? reasons, prevented the purchase, There are fewer than infinite set, so try to collect area strength of a loved one.

Drawing kitchenette
Design your area, one that you will like

When a stock of patience, coupled with clear instructions and you can build a house, and the reactor to collect. Today we will not go into the details of the assembly, but only show the foundation, on which to build such a detailed and instruction:

  1. Make a sketch of your model. If you are familiar with the drawing file or do not want to mess with that, sketch looked up on the Internet or zakazvaetsya. when ordering, note draftsman, that the sketch is performed in two embodiments,: whole (as a one-piece design) and a sketch of the elements
  2. After completion of the drawing, defined with specific dimensions parts, small size kitchen corners, we give below. And to make it comfortable, compare sidushku favorite chair or stool with a future area and move to the corners
  3. Make a list (necessarily!) necessary materials. We recommend buying consumables with a surplus, suddenly miscalculated
  4. Start frame manufacturing. Prepared for precision models of thick paper, cardboard or old wallpaper
  5. Assemble the frame by means of internal fixtures and construction thorns. Learn more about the size of studs on the building portals
  6. cording carcass soft materials.
  7. Securing-sidushek covers using grand piano fasteners. And the kitchen sofa small size ready

Stipulate, there are kitchenettes for a small kitchen with a sleeping place for even Khrushchev.