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Kitchen set with photo printing: fresh ideas and bright designer bar

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Ordered by individual inquiries kitchen in itself is an independent piece of furniture. But if recently the main selection criteria were the only functionality and convenience, now they added high demands on design, because the beautiful interior - pride for any home owners.

Интерьер кухни
printing technology allows you to make a compelling kitchen

Recently released market kitchen furniture with photo printing took a solid niche on the profile market and established itself as a modern and innovative. How good they are, and why it is so loved by consumers?

Features printing

Printing type is considered progressive image transfer from a digital carrier to the surface:

  • facades;
  • picked (glass panel, which is mounted on the wall in the space between the upper and lower rows of kitchen fronts).

To create a harmonious environment, sustained in the same style, help desks with photo printing. Photo printing is done 2 ways:

  1. In samokleyascheysya plenke.
  2. Directly on any flat not rolled materials (MDF, DSP, plywood, glass, plastic, acrylic, metal, etc.).

Making kitchen apron

Large format printing on film

Version of the film is considered to be cheaper, and the image loses in definition. The selected customer image is printed on a transparent or white film, which is then bonded to the front face of the glass or the underside. How would such a picture was not carefully glued, through corners while the film will begin to rise and curl, that spoil the appearance of the kitchen unit.

Film printing of fronts for kitchens economy class or if the owner plans often change image. Process film labels requires special skills, the use of specialized equipment: knife, spatula, building dryer. If this practice is not, better not to risk your buck and invite experts for stick-furniture makers.

This printing on kitchen facades initially presented to the consumer in the form of finished product is performed at time, convenient to the customer, even after long-term use of kitchen units.

Пленочная фотопечать
Film printing will not only change the look of the headset, but also to conceal the defects of old furniture

UV printing

Photocopying in the kitchen should be strong, no fear of water and heating. To this end, wallpapers are applied using specialized UV printer. The peculiarity of the device, that a full-color image is transferred onto the glass facade or in the smallest details and with the complex nuances. In this case, the paint dries up and burned with a UV lamp, which ensures strength and durability pictures. This technology forms a film on the printed material, and minimizes the risk of "lubrication" of the image after printing, t. to. It dries instantly.

Such an application method is quite expensive, but the most perfect. If desired, you can process the facades with printing varnish, but before it is recommended to test the response of the material. To pictures, deposited UV printer, long held, surface treated with a special tool - primer, which ensures adhesion and "tightly clings" image.

Despite the reliability of the UV printing, it is not recommended to expose the glass facades or mechanical damage (especially scratch). UV printing is ecologically clean and does not cause allergic reactions. When the technology of the product has no extraneous odors and fits harmoniously into the interior of the kitchen.

Принтер УФ печати
Printer UF print on glass

design Tricks

If UV printing on the facades bought in ready-made kitchen, you will have to dismantle the components and bring them to the pressroom, where products will give a "second wind" from the customer using the selected pattern. In the case of sticky film of drawing the image service on the facade can be ordered on the house.

Designers offer select images from a specially compiled catalogs, divided by thematic areas. pictures selected, based on the style, which is decorated kitchen room and is designed headsets. All submitted images are of high quality, so it is possible to stretch them to the desired size.

Designer, Using a photo or drawing of the existing kitchen, a specialized computer program causes the image on the facades, visualizing the future appearance of the headset. At this stage, the possibility of adjusting the image. Imagination in the choice of images is unlimited: This marine or floral themes, geographical or historical objects, trendovыe direction, even reproductions of famous paintings.

If set classic, the facades or tables with photo printing for the kitchen decorated with angels, lyres or vignettes. And if you decide to decorate the kitchen in high-tech style, basis for taking plain skinale, or abstract urban image.

Оформление фартука
For style characterized by the use of high-tech plain skinale

If the kitchen is made of wood, fit the image with the scenery, still life. Universally considered as pictures of night city, nature, vegetables or fruit.

When the time for the selection of images is not, it is advisable to choose a cuisine with photo printing on the facades, performed at the factory. Ready headset put on stream and are not unique, but the reliability of patterning can be no doubt.

To get a complete and concise design, in the style trim hours, wall panels. Interior decorations and decorate with a UV printer. To surprise your guests, Put in the center of the kitchen table with a glass photo printing, profitable complementary design ideas.


Ordering printing on furniture, skinale or table top, the master designer kitchen receives the following benefits:

  1. Unique and unique design (possible self-selection by the customer images).
  2. With images visually expand or extend the premises: If space is insufficient, it is recommended to give preference to panoramic views or horizontal images in bright colors.
  3. Photocopying possible to expand the boundaries of imagination when decorating the kitchen.

Kitchen set with photo printing - it's fresh ideas and bright designer bar!