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Kitchen in a green modern design: what does it mean

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Green - the color of soothing. He has a positive effect on the psyche, soothes, relieves stress. With it, you can go too far and - properly combine colors, pick up the tone partners. The use of this color in the interior of the kitchen - a move, enabling you to relax after a hard day's work. Accents - the main task of the article.

Kitchen in a green modern design
Modern style green is not just furniture

Information on trends

Modern design trends are favorable to this color, shades used in the interior design of kitchens, where design solutions are democratic. Popular and varied range of green hues: since weightless light-salad to bright bright emerald and noble black and green. The highlight of last season found shade Meadow, reminiscent of the type of pistachio ice cream. The complex compositions combined with shades of blue and yellow, and is already used by amateur creative solutions.

Kitchen design in green

Among the combination of variations - the leader expressive combination with white color. This tandem is traditionally dominated by greens, white shades and accents, but current trends in kitchen design and allow the return option:

  1. Bright colors match the style hi-tech.
  2. Cold and dark approach to the classic interior.
  3. Close to the urban rhythm popular style of minimalism: straight line, smooth facades, discreet fittings. Emphasis is placed on the coloring, that varies from shades of apple green or olive to Jade and menthol.

menthol modern kitchen
Mint color is very fond of young people

It gives an interesting picture of black and green kitchen. Black special: in different circumstances, different space changes: It fills and absorbs or visually expands and fills depth. It is associated with elegance, For this reason, designers welcome. Its inherent depression, offset by defying shades of green. Black gives the seriousness of the "frivolous" the green. In this pair of compatibility provides a perfect design result.

In the kitchen to 9 quarter. m. should refrain from selecting the dominant black, in this case, It is preferable to use it for table tops and accessories. The glossy surface of the absorption properties of a black loses volume, This trick is also used in a small space. In areas quadrature, exceeding 9 quarter. m., any appropriate proportion: It is basic as black, and the color green, uniform distribution of colors.

Kitchen in a green modern design

Black kitchen apron is not recommended for practical reasons - it shows all the dirt, even water divorce, so it is difficult to care.

The trends of the last season - a solution for stereotypes of design laws - Green ceiling in the interior. room, decorated so, They look fresh and different in:

  • registration: salatnyye, bright green, color sea waves, monochrome and two-color combination;
  • design: plastering, boarded, Slack, false.

a green ceiling in the interior of the kitchen
A green ceiling - it's a fashion trend

Recent trends of design solutions - the use of a bright kitchen apron. This factor contributed to the appearance on the market range:

  • solid plastic panels;
  • ceramic tiles;
  • fiberglass;
  • mosaic tiles in rolls.

Development and technical side, allowed to vary illumination zone apron:

  • diode spot;
  • diode in belt;
  • halogen lamps.

Combinations of the apron and the backlight lead to unusual effects. The combination of bright green apron and lighting on the background of lockers neutral color gives a sense of spatial depth, and, with a light bottom, reminding window.

Kitchen in a modern style green

It enhances the effect of such popular material, as fiberglass. fiberglass properties - color saturation and gloss increase the perception of depth, and the reflection of light emphasizes the similarity to the window. This technique - a suitable solution for the expansion of small kitchen space.

Council! The textured pattern apron, the richer his colors.

Embodying the design of green food should be considered when choosing a skirt such moments:

  1. Bright green is combined with the kitchen in a modern style in white or black and white.
  2. Expressiveness apron gives the saturated, compared with the walls, tone.
  3. Glossy aprons look favorably near the matte garniture. Under glossy facades lockers selected apron with a low degree of retroreflection.
  4. In combination with a green apron items "under the tree" (floor, tabletop, furniture) selected dark tones.

Green Kitchen combined with wood
Green Kitchen combined with wood looks like a piece of nature

Variants of the interior renovation

The next version of the "green" kitchen during the renovation - paint the walls. This solution is suitable, If a different color furniture, different objects will merge into a single spot of color. this technique is a secret, that the green walls in the kitchen remove focus from the headset, placing emphasis on the center of the room. It will appreciate in those families, where the kitchen serves as a living room and catering. Under the green wall in the interior of selected neutral color furniture or coated wood, allowed the use of bright accents - green tableware or green curtains to the kitchen.

Green White kitchen

Green walls are used as a method for distinguishing between functional areas. Depending on, on any of the functions of the emphasis is, decorated:

  • cooking area: tile or plastic panels;
  • dinner Zone: wallpaper or plaster relief;

When the green in the interior is used as a primary, the walls are painted with one voice, and set off its furnishings, - kitchen tables green or green curtains in the interior.

Firstly, pay attention to the furniture and walls, but subconsciously influenced by the perception of the image color of the floor. Emerald coating is suitable for the kitchen:

  • monochrome, as a spot color;
  • seasoned in a youth style and requires originality;
  • a wooden cover, in need of restoration. Bright green color adds such a novelty sex.

Green Kitchen in combination with dark floor
Dark floor serves the role of contrast

Although the main element of kitchen design - furniture, well-chosen accessories are able to win the attention of the. Apply this technique in cases, when the replacement or repair of furniture in the plans are not included.

Meaning are window curtains, Playing them, you can get unexpected results. Matters and material texture, density, style, and color. Expressiveness give curtains of green in the interior of the kitchen or dining room.

always rule:

  • Green curtains on the small size of the kitchen selected from lightweight material and bright colors.
  • Green curtains on an overall kitchen - volumetric, dark shades, with a catchy ornament.
  • The green curtains in the interior combined with the general tone: cool tone with cool, warm - with warm.

Kitchen in shades of green

Change the meaning of the interior load and to the element of freshness to help green table. Table food material is selected from:

  • waterproof - requires wet cleaning, it spilled liquid. Exposure to moisture material to lose attractive appearance;
  • environmentally friendly - are placed on the table cutlery, bread, other foods. Hazardous substances can enter the body through everyday objects not proper quality.

Well it fits into the space of green kitchen tables, made in the form of bar. The design is carried out as part of the kitchen units, and configured as a customized single element. The second embodiment requires additional costs, but takes into account the personal needs of owners and technical characteristics of the room. Performed in any style, suitable for large kitchens, which clearly divides the space in the working area and dining.

Kitchen in green
It is better when there is a separate dining area

Combined with worktop bar replaces a bulky dining table in the kitchen, where space is limited. Composition, up to 90 cm., besides, direct appointment, It serves as a cutting table and padded chairs are not above 60 cm. The next option to withstand the interior in the selected color and saves space in the cramped kitchen - customized to the green kitchen table windowsill. Around the windows are installed shelves for household items (cutlery, napkins, etc.), on the slopes - holders for cups or glasses.

Affordable ways to renovate the interior

Sturdy furniture and repairs are more than one year, to add to the interior of the green elements, not necessarily to buy a new set, or repaint the walls. Refresh and update the environment will green items:

Kitchen in a modern design green

  • green crockery,
  • chandelier, lampshade, green lights,
  • cloth all shades of green,
  • even kitchen towels and napkins will add freshness green.

Crockery green appetite, but here is important shade. The presence of green yellow, such as herbaceous, salatnyi, pistachio - reinforce the feeling of hunger, shades of blue or brown-green color - reduce appetite.

In everyday life, serving table does not attach importance. In solemn cases laying - a component of the festive atmosphere. Tableware in green looks interesting in itself, but when combined with green interior impresses. To sustain the table in a given tone, required green:

Kitchen in green and black

  • napkins;
  • candles;
  • candlesticks;
  • dishes;
  • tablecloth;
  • decorations on the cutlery;
  • composition of fresh flowers.

Separate design element are indoor plants in the interior of the green kitchen. Echoing environment details, bring charm and personality. Combining beauty with practicality, Plants purified air from impurities and bear aesthetic burden. A grown in the kitchen vegetables and herbs, in addition to the room decoration, carry a utilitarian value - they are used in the food immediately, "From the garden".