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The secrets of creating cuisine in a nautical theme

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Nautical style interior evokes a romantic atmosphere and relaxes. Natural colors combined with natural materials will give utmost comfort and convenience. Nautical theme is versatile and beneficial in harmony with both the small, and a large area of ​​the kitchen facilities.

striped kitchen
Sea food issue is very much like

The interior of organically look in rooms with bright natural light, or more of the dark, located on the north side. in a marine style decoration involves the use of certain colors in the decoration, decor, or furniture. Design techniques offer the possibility to perform the premises of various stylistic decisions.

The correct simulation of subjects depends on the narrow focus of design in the form of a ship, cabins, cuttings, Beach and temporary compliance.

kitchen cabin

Color solutions in the design of kitchens

Kitchen in a marine style will give the right mood only when certain colors. The main colors in the palette of colors to perform nautical theme:

  1. Blue. Different shades of color harmony between a softly, creating an unusual play. Kitchen aqua creates a calming effect while the energy charge. It is present as a wall finishing surfaces, ceiling, working apron, furniture fronts.
  2. White colour. It brings a feeling of freshness, cleanliness and spaciousness. Halftone advantageous to look with pearl and silver.
  3. Silver, Gray. Modern kitchen interior looks especially luxurious glossy finish and silver. It is important not to overload the design of small details, using the original decor and patterns.
  4. red accents. small items, attracting attention, bring bright colors and liven up the situation.
  5. shades of yellow. It is associated with a sandy beach and sunshine, soft tones of shells.
  6. Natural wood color. Wooden parts accentuate the interior in maritime style, gently allocate communications with the ship and the deck.

waves of color kitchen

Traditional brevity and simplicity of solutions

Admirers strict and noble interiors will appreciate the design of the kitchen in a marine style. Carefully selected decor is characterized by luxury and minimalism, lack of spare parts. In furnish natural materials prevail, heavy cloth, tree. Dark blue color predominates in the decoration of furniture, dining area. The golden tone accentuate situation sophistication.

The classical style may be missing blue gamma, which will perform the replacement light colors combined with natural wood.

kitchen aqua

Design techniques in the Empire style and classicism:

  • harmonious combination of saturated shades (celadon and soft tones of wood surfaces, gilding);
  • natural textures (cloth, stones and an array of favorably complement the food situation, emphasizing the closeness to nature);
  • correct and thoughtful lighting (elegant and bright lights are a mandatory component of the design);
  • game of contrasts (saturated celadon, or yellow ocher create bright accents on any surface, performing organic zoning area);
  • Marine color and decor (interior should seem hauntingly, for decoration enough to use the original seashell, or themed landscape).

kitchen with a maritime theme

Mediterranean style in the design of kitchen space

The harmonious combination of simple lines and refined nobility are the foundation of the Mediterranean style. Thoroughness and quality factor can be seen at every step of creating an environment. Massive furniture from valuable types of wood - an essential attribute of stylistic solutions.

Natural and simple textures in finishing compensated luxury furniture. Contents in a nautical style cuisine can be using natural shades aqua and original decor. The premises with limited space and acquire the area filled with the light, creating the effect of fresh summer breeze and cleanliness.

beautiful kitchen

Traditional Mediterranean style full of sun and light, so it is important to take into account certain features of registration:

  • Making your windows curtains in a marine style, a thin fabric draped;
  • good lighting;
  • the interior is appropriate bamboo and wooden shutters;
  • used floral motifs and rich green color;
  • textiles represented exclusively natural fabrics;
  • for finishing a floor he is preferable to use light colors;
  • plaster wall may be irregular geometry abstract texture, simulating marble green color;
  • Mural in maritime style with views of the sea, or bay favorably complement the design idea;
  • marine decor with their own hands will give a holistic environment and complete form.

interesting kitchen

ship cabin: themed cuisine in a nautical theme

The harmonious combination of design in an ethnic style and country allows you to get excellent results. Availability realization of the idea is the possibility of the use of finishing materials, realistically simulating natural textures. Clearance is based on the use of wood and original features. Kitchen in ethnic style look at home warm and cozy.

The kitchen in the main ship different stylistic devices:

  • it is recommended to use dark wood;
  • small accessories should correspond to the topics;
  • simple furniture design round shape accentuate the design intent;
  • bright curtains aqua create the desired focus, combined with rich tones of textiles.

blue kitchen

Finishing materials for marine kitchen design

Kitchen with aqua themed require to pay special attention to the choice of finishing materials, and methods of finishing invoices. The floor surface plays an important role in the design and functionality of the premises. It is important to take into account the resistance of the materials to high loads and intensive use.

floor clearance

It is recommended to use a combination of aqua and light shades. Using this technique, space harmoniously divided into working and dining area. Successfully applied parquet, or laminated sand color, and tiles aqua. Smooth transition geometry naturally emphasize topical solution.

3d floor in a marine style

Decorating the walls and in the interior of the apron

The walls and the kitchen in sand color is performed on a specific area premises, or acts backdrop for furniture and accessories. The combination of blue and white colors in the decoration of the walls create a feeling of space and freshness. The kitchen in the color sand can mean finishing the walls with wood paneling with soft bright natural tints.

Bright colors attract attention and allow to draw the attention to detail in the form of marine accessories. Decor aquarium with their own hands to decorate the walls and give a unique atmosphere. Aquarium can carry only a decorative function.

cuisine in a nautical theme
Make all the style and the kitchen will turn into a ship

Decor ceiling surface with your hands

The choice of finishing materials and designs for the ceiling allows to embody intricate ideas and wishes. White surface mimics the clouds in the calm. Addition in the form of massive wooden beams recall the ship's hold, or cabin. Tension structures with smooth transitions blue-white tones, or fotonaneseniem clouds bring the original style of decoration.


Creating a Kitchen interior in maritime style allows you to give the room an unusual appearance without high material costs. Decorating space using elements in the form of shells, pebbles, placed in a clear glass container, will give unprecedented atmosphere. kitchen furnishings will acquire personality and will be filled with warmth and comfort.