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Kitchen in Greek style: the basic rules of processing facilities

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If you wish to make to your home a piece of the Mediterranean, feel its warmth and freshness, Apply for the kitchen in Greek style. This style combines the ease of, practicality and functionality. The interior in the Greek style suitable for bathrooms, and for the living room, for Hall.

Kitchen in Greek style
The kitchen in the Greek style has many features

Greek style in the interior

Kitchen in Greek style is characterized by soothing colors: blue, turquoise, green, olive, gold, brown.

When choosing kitchen furniture Stay concise models made of natural wood, devoid of any pretentiousness and pomposity. And in any case, do not overload the interior! You want to save a maximum of free space.

Kitchen in Greek style

A characteristic feature of Greek furniture ─ legs of tables and chairs, bent to the outer side. Rough dining table large razmerov─ ideal for the kitchen in this style. In kitchen with light wood, dilute the details blue, blue or white.

In the interior only natural materials are acceptable in the Greek style: tree, a rock, metal and ceramics. For wall design using light colors. They can be finished, applying textured plaster, mosaic; a great emphasis in the interior - fresco on the wall. The Greek-style columns used, but if the kitchen area does not allow to put them, limit to the colonnade and pilasters.

Naturalness and simplicity is emphasized with natural wood flooring. But for traditional Greek style are the floors made of ceramic tile color. the floor mats are not applicable.

floors made of ceramic tile color
The floors are made of colored tiles an essential attribute of the Greek space

High ceilings ─ one of the important conditions of the Greek Interior. Most often they are decorated with wooden beams, paintings, ornaments. The most famous Greek meander ornaments ─, spiral, acanthus and palmette.

Drawings on the walls and ceiling are easier to apply, using stencils. They help to transfer the image onto the surface will not be difficult. Manufacturers offer a wide range of stencil designs for murals. But you can make stencils for walls with his own hands.

Necessary materials:

beautiful kitchen in Greek style

  • picture;
  • basis for stencil (plastic or cardboard);
  • carbon paper;
  • simple pencil or marker;
  • Scotch.

so, let's create a stencil for walls:

  1. Figure stencil you can make yourself, if you possess the necessary skills. sample is also nice to print out from the Internet. Big sizes wall stencils will consist of elements.
  2. If used as a base of cardboard or paper of high density, transfer the image using carbon paper. If you have chosen a transparent plastic, put on it drawing and drag the marker. So that the image did not move from side to side, attach it to the base tape. Elements of a large stencil for walls fasten to each other.
  3. Cut stationery knife all unnecessary fragments within the pattern. Making it the most convenient surface, which is not a pity to damage.

Drawing on the wall
Drawing on the wall can be made with a homemade stencil

With stencil Wall manufactured easily transfer the image to the surface. To avoid errors and to determine the color, practice on a scrap piece of wallpaper. For bulk murals apply acrylic putty, which is applied over the thin layer of the stencil.

Interior decoration is used in the Greek style:

  • ceramic and metal dishes on shelves;
  • floor vases;
  • candlesticks;
  • hinged plates with national patterns;
  • plaster statues;
  • seashells and sea stones in transparent bowls.

simple kitchen in Greek style

The interior only natural tissue. Greek curtains should be made of light cotton tkaney─, flax. You can add bamboo interior. Blinds of this material will protect from the sun and keep the house cool.

We make kitchen in Greek style

To make Greek-style elements in the interior, Stay natural materials. Kitchen set to be high quality, but at the same time as simple as possible. You can buy wicker furniture. When selecting chairs, benches and kitchen area Stay low Model.

furniture in the kitchen in Greek style
Pick up furniture in style and color

As the material is widely used ceramics and its modifications:

  1. Hang plates ceramic wall or bas. Most often they depict scenes from Greek mythology.
  2. Put metlahskoy floor tile.
  3. And countertop work surface overlaid with tile or mosaic ornament
  4. Arrange the kitchen ceramic vases and planters with live plants.

When choosing colors for the kitchen design guided by the cool shades of blue, olive, white, beige, but also shades of natural wood. Bright colors are allowed in small quantities in some detail. The ideal option would be the contrast of white and blue.

refectory in the Greek style

To give the interior color of the Greek cuisine, Choose the appropriate accessories:

  • For pots and small things, use PEDs, also they can put fruit.
  • On the ceiling hang a massive chandelier in the chain.
  • A large number of plants in pots.

Council! Addition to the Greek interior will creepers.

  • Different sized vase with a rough surface. Use large floor vases in the interior of the living room and kitchen, and amphorae.
  • Figurines made of gypsum.
  • Decorative pillows on a kitchen corner and sea in pastel tones.

Floor vases with their hands can be made from various materials: alebastra, gypsum, newspaper tubes, papier mache. Let's try to make a vase made from plaster with your hands. For this we need:

  • plastic bottle;
  • gypsum;
  • water;
  • Capacity to prepare the mass of plaster;
  • primer;
  • varnish.

Amphorae with national figures will decorate and accentuate the overall style of the room

Make a bowl with your hands so you can:

  1. Take a plastic bottle of the desired shape.
  2. Dilute with water and gypsum calculation 500-600 g of gypsum on the volume of the bottle 1 liter. The solution should not be too thick.
  3. Pour the resulting gypsum in a bottle, Tighten the lid and rotate until, until the solution is distributed uniformly and begin to dry. Unscrew the lid and allow to fully dry.
  4. Cut off the neck of the bottle. Make the corner incision and gently remove the remains of the bottle vase.
  5. Apply primer inside and outside, and then pick the varnish.
  6. Decor obtained vases depends on your ability and imagination.

Kitchen in Greek style would be a wonderful choice, If you value practicality in the interior, comfort and coziness.