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Beautiful lighting in the kitchen— subject comfort indoors

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Nice meal and comfortable cooking in the kitchen are not possible without a well-formed light.

Light in the kitchen
Pleasant light in the kitchen is favorable to comfort and comfort

Regulations on competent coverage of the kitchen

Listening to the advice and adhering to the rules, impossible to create a pleasant to the eye lighting, which is controlled by the owners desire power.


  • should be considered, what tungsten lamps give a yellowish warm light, and providing fluorescent and bright white (as saving lamp can be hung daylight with their own hands);
  • interior of the cabinets needs to be illuminated;
  • on the low ceiling not necessary to install a lot of lighting equipment, to avoid overloading the atmosphere;
  • the light in the kitchen must be natural, does not distort the surrounding objects, products;
  • lighting design should be combined with the style of furniture;
  • light should be uniform, pleasant, moderately bright;
  • lighting should not dazzle the eye;
  • correctly to make the light in the kitchen, you can not stop only on a local type of lighting (desirable to apply additional).

The height of the luminaires over the dinner table affects the atmosphere of the kitchen facilities: the lower they hang - the more intimate aura created, whereas lifted high lights make the room festive.

The height of the lighting fixtures to pick and choose

Creating a project

A very important step - the design of power supply kitchen facilities. In drawing up the interior of the project necessarily pay attention to the lighting system. This is not an issue, which can be neglected in order to save, because it is a guarantee of safety of residents and guests of the house.

In terms of the exact number of experts draw up the necessary accessories, as well as footage of the cable, that saves customers money.

Stages of the design and installation of kitchen lighting system

First, you need to calculate the power, which is needed for lighting. Then pick up lamps, lamps, and, starting from the top, mark out the installation point.

Then start installation work, cable channels including shtroblenie, and the preparation of the holes for the strengthening of the lamps in the ceiling of the tension type. This is followed by the installation of lamps, then evaluate the question of whether, is there any prerequisites, to create additional light.

bright kitchen
Bright then charged on a good mood atmosphere

mounting plan

For different types of kitchen lighting is used appropriate sources:

  • for additional light - recessed;
  • overhead options for ceiling (acceptable for the upper beam type; but for ordinary ceiling mount point products on special brackets);
  • corner (used for the average room area).

wiring scheme in the kitchen It presupposes the existence of the lower socket, mounted at a height of not less than 7 cm from the floor and for connecting built-in refrigerator, oven, washing machine, dishwashers.

The upper outlet intended for drawing or backlight countertops. Rosette in the center of the wall is necessary to connect home appliances.

zoning light

Kitchen - one of the most popular rooms in the house, the geometry of which is difficult because of the built-in furniture Byttekhnika. Given the high level of moisture and sudden temperature spikes selected reliably protected bright light sources.

Devices in the kitchen zoned follows:

  1. Lighting, placed in the middle zone, Exposure cutting tables with a dining group.
  2. Overhead lighting is considered to be common.
  3. Additional lighting is directed to the inside of the shelves, cabinets, countertops, household appliances, niche.

Lighting Design of the apartment - a complex scheme, requires a responsible approach to electrical installation work.

zoning light
Lighting elements can be a boundary between the connected spaces

The main lighting

If the light comes from a source entirely suspended type, they are not suitable for the kitchen, cluttered with lots of appliances and kitchen furniture.

Sometimes a few false type of light source is positioned on the main ceiling. In this case, you need to be prepared for difficulties in mounting, because of the project registered at the "seat" in another proshtroblennom channel will be stretched wire.

The situation is solved soon, If the kitchen is decorated tension or suspended ceiling structures. For installation of lamps used in such constructions ring, do not allow the vinyl to overheat.

Sometimes the light from the upper zone with an average combined. This yields, that hanging lamp, which is located below, It serves to supply light to the dining portion, and other devices mounted on the ceiling.

kitchen lighting
The presence of different designs of lighting makes the room an original

Shine, supplementing the basic

Additional lighting in the kitchen is used as auxiliary: springs are mounted in the top cover of kitchen furniture, drawing near, of household appliances and refrigerator. With such light rays vertically falling from the source point type.

Council: using spotlights, draw up a lightweight lighting at night and it turns out beautiful lighting in the kitchen.

average lighting area

Medium light features as follows:

  1. On the walls (sconce, fixtures) - if you do not provide lockers plan hinged on the tops.
  2. The ceiling, over the working zone.
  3. The bottom surface of wall cabinets, which are located above the countertop or in the corners at the bottom of cabinets and walls.

secrets of the backlight

Lighting design in the kitchen provides additional illumination LEDs glass apron (picked). Another original decision to consider the illuminated glass shelves.

Successful design course - the use of overhead fixtures: halogen, LED, fluorescent. They are fixed to the bottom of the wall cabinets, resulting in a coverage of the directional type. Thus easily mounted lamp in the kitchen with his hands.


The light in the kitchen - it's comfort and convenience. Important, so you can adjust the light intensity. Besides giving a cozy atmosphere, it saves the family budget.