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Stone sink: Advantages and disadvantages

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Kitchen sink - one of the devices, used most often. According to research scientists, two-thirds of the time, conducted by the hostess in the kitchen, accounted for washing dishes. Therefore, the sink is presented a large number of requirements: durability, strength, environmental and, of course, aesthetics. stainless steel device gradually recede into the background, freeing stylish and reliable devices made of natural and artificial stone. In use they are comfortable, undemanding to care, and also can be a decoration of the interior.
stone sink
Stone sink for washing: decision for years to come

Types of stones for cleaning

Products under the name Stone Kitchen Sink on the market in several variations, depending on the material used. So, The following types of shells:

  • made of natural stone;
  • sinks made of artificial stone;
  • stoneware devices;
  • Sink stone agglomerate.

Each of these sinks has many advantages and some disadvantages, knowledge of which can become a decisive factor when choosing a.

Natural stone sink

Stone sink in the kitchen, made of natural materials, It has many advantages: water resistance, strength, environmental friendliness. At the same time, not every stone is ideal for installation in the kitchen.

  1. Basalt and granite are often used to create a monolithic sinks. Such products are exclusive design masterpiece. granite hardness on the Mohs scale is 8 points, but without micro-cracks in the boulder, from which the shell is made, difficult to do. Consequently, blows during use products give rise to spalling. In the same time, changes in temperature and acidic substances for these stones are not afraid. The disadvantages of such a stone sink applies the high cost and at least a lot of weight: and a width 60 see the washing weighs 80 kg.
    bazaltovaya sink
    Basalt stone for kitchen sink has a large weight
  2. Marble manufacturing kitchen sinks use at least, than granite. However, this natural stone is not as robust: acid and the solvents detrimental affect it. Besides, due to the porosity of the material absorbs liquid colorants, which leads to the appearance of dark spots due to improper operation. Fear should accidental damage surface cleaning blade or other cutting tool. In my opinion, marble aesthetic characteristics significantly exceed its functionality, it is irrational for the kitchen space.
  3. Travertine in the interior is able to transform mediocre room in a piece of art. After treatment, the stone resembles wood. It has excellent thermal insulation. When resemblance to marble, stone sinks for the kitchen of this material is much cheaper. It should be remembered, that the porosity at high travertine, therefore contact with colorants undesirable.
  4. Onyx bowls for the kitchen look presentable and richly, since the material is a semi-precious stone. Due to the absorption of light waves to a depth of several centimeters, such shells impressive look at the organization of additional illumination. Use in a kitchen sink onyx irrationally, as a decorative material exceeds its functionality.

Sink made of artificial stone

fake diamond
Wash the artificial stone countertops could be formed directly in the structure

Shell under a stone in the kitchen, made of artificial materials - budget alternative to expensive stone counterparts. The product is based on a mixture of mineral filler (chippings natural stones: granite, marble), polymeric binders and colorants. With this product retains the properties and texture of natural materials, but it has a variety of colors. Besides, Artificial stone products have a variety of forms, because the production of the shell takes place by casting.

The advantages of artificial stone sinks are:

  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • no exposure to chemicals and dyes;
  • high temperature without fear;
  • environmental friendliness.

stoneware sink

Popular material on granite 80% It consists of granite chips. Rest 20% comprise polymers. Shells of this material have wear resistance and resistance to thermal shock. Due to natural through the use of granite particles, such washing environmentally hopes to operate and not subject to deformation upon contact with alkalis, acids and other chemical elements. The thickness of the shell walls ensures noise absorption, produced water flows.

sink granite
Flush sink granite kitchen

The disadvantages of porcelain stoneware products relates impossibility of recovery in the event of mechanical damage. Besides, the cost of these sinks is kept at a high level.

stone agglomerate

For the production of sinks from natural materials are pressed agglomerate into a single monolith with the addition of binding polymeric clay. This agglomerate is granite, marble or quartz. External cleaning of the material is difficult to distinguish from natural stone.

Advantages agglomerate shells is the strength and reliability. They can withstand sudden changes in temperature. Due to the low porosity of the material sinks are not afraid of colorants, chemicals and sharp smells. Mechanical damage unusual for an apparatus of this material. However, in case of accidental chipping, get rid of them is difficult.

Installation of stone sinks

When installing the stone sink in the countertop of the same material should trust the professionals, because it requires a certain knowledge and skills. But sink installation stone for the kitchen, where the surface of the headset is made of laminated particle board, not so complicated process, as it seems at first glance. After studying a few tips on this topic, installation of stone sinks actually produce their own hands. However, before doing so, It is to determine the appropriate method of installation and some tips to consider.

The device of the seat in table-top mount sinks

Fitting shear sink

Installation is carried out in such a way. The table top is cut a hole of suitable size, which is treated with sealant around the perimeter and the upper edge. On top of him mounted sink. Further, it is fixed to the underside of the worktop by means of special screws. Thereafter fastened and fixed mixer, connected to water pipes, set trap, then you can start to operate.

Countertop Installation

This option shell integration seems to be more aesthetically pleasing and stylish. To this end, a hole is cut in the worktop under the sink shape, which as a result is pasted below. As a result, the shell does not stand out above the table surface, and it is on par with him. This allows you to brush away the spillage and spilled on the countertop material in the bowl cleaning easy movement. However, this method of installation has the disadvantage: due to the characteristics of the shell factory and installation of nuances, in the mounting location may deepen, creates a need for further care.


Installation on level countertop

For this installation method sink is recessed in the table top to a depth of thickness of the material. This way of looking stylish, however, it is not without flaws. By virtue of the design features of the hole is cut with a margin of a few millimeters, that is filled with silicone in the installation phase. Over time, this material darkens, which affects the aesthetics. Here there are such, stone cleaning for kitchen. Leave your comments in the article,.