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Design kitchens 15 squares: Secrets of stylish finishes and variations of interior solutions

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Interior food 15 sq.m able to harmoniously combine the functionality and ergonomics of the situation. Proper organization of communications and furniture placement will give unmatched comfort of use of the working and dining area. The area allows the use of modern design techniques and methods. The choice of stylistic solutions depends room layout or personal preference households.

Design 15-meter kitchen
15 squares - it's a decent area to kitchen facilities

15m kitchen design provides an opportunity to experiment with color and decoration style, materials. Room Conditions and chosen based on personal preferences, the number of needed furniture. Originally need to determine the future kitchen design, placement of furniture and make calculations.

The choice of materials for high-quality and durable finish should take into account the specifics of the room, having resistance to vapor, sleuth, grease and odor spray.

The best options for finishing the interior surfaces

Making the kitchen ceiling represented a wide variety of materials and structures. Simple finishes mean surface leveling and water-based paint staining. Complex and intricate options presented suspended, PVC or tension ceilings. Spacious area allows you to create multi-level design, beneficial complementing their original built-in lights.

Visual space becomes smaller and more comfortable with the direction of rays of light in the center of the room.

Decorating the walls plays an important role, speaking background situation room. The color and texture of the surfaces will help to create visual effects, visually expand the room and emphasize the style of interior design. In the kitchen, you can use water-resistant paint, ceramic tile, washable wallpaper. Available to link the various methods of finishing, creating an original design.

kitchen 15 sq.m
On this square you can turn around in a big way and try different styles and even mixing them

Tiling diagonal can be an interesting décor of the kitchen apron. Material resistance to mechanical and thermal effects will be long lasting attractive appearance of the working area. wall, painted in vivid color, deliver fashionable accent. Textured plaster surface imparts the desired volume, allowing you to implement the intricate design ideas.

Kitchen floor is subjected to a constant temperature and moisture resistant, therefore, the surface finishing material should be different resistance and durability. Ceramic tile is easy to operate, easy to clean. Laying tiles on the diagonal will make the room cozy, visually reducing spaciousness. Combined coverage will help to create a harmonious division.

Dinner Zone, made of warm textures, It creates the effect of heat and comfort. Laying tiles on the floor on the diagonal will allow a seamless transition between the dining room and work area. Common materials for the flooring laminate is also linoleum and. Combined laying floor tiles on the diagonal is performed in conjunction with a variety of textures and colors on laminate. Tiles on the diagonal will look more in harmony with the small size of the material.

Glass, backlight, white and brown - is a chic alternative design

Variants of the organization of kitchen space

design kitchens 15 square meters and creating an individual interior based on the correct and rational design space. Choice of contemporary furniture allows you to choose the best option among the variety of textures, colors and materials. Shapes and accessories provide an opportunity to emphasize the stylistic decision and aesthetic orientation flat.

Functional and spacious furnishings create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere for cooking and family meals. It is important to take into account the harmonious combination and a single style kitchen units, table, chairs, couch. Methods of arrangement of furniture:

  1. Linear. Simple placement option provides the location of the headset in a single line, the wall opposite - dining area.
  2. Angular. two walls are used rationally, short area allows you to conveniently place the corners of the refrigerator, or washing.
  3. U-shaped. Location headset along three walls allows you to put in the center of the dining table.
  4. insular, or poluostrovnoy. The island area is performed in the form of a table, hob, or bar. Layout differs original appearance and comfort of use.

kitchen 15 quarter m is not limited in the choice of style and the room layout. Application design techniques and solutions can create practical interiors, taking into account individual preferences. The spacious area offers the possibility to organize working and dining area.

zoning space, or visual separation is performed using various kinds of baffles:

  • finishing techniques: arched construction, multilevel ceilings, composite floor covering;
  • play of colors: application of different shades and bright accents;
  • lighting: chandeliers, floor lamps and original lamps allocate zone boundaries;
  • bar, screens and decorative panels.

Design n shaped kitchen
Design n shaped kitchen is not difficult to do, most importantly taste

Original ideas kitchen design

examples kitchens 15 meters will create a unique space, based on the proven design techniques and solutions. Unusual ideas help to space arrangement is advantageous to beat interior solution. Admirers will appreciate the high-tech color solution for the kitchen in monochrome colors. Bright countertops and mirrors bring a special luxury and glamor in the environment. It is recommended to choose the original chandelier from the complex and intricate structure.

White kitchen is appropriate in any stylistic solutions. Worktop should be performed in a saturated brown. Option colorful interior add-ons will be bright textiles. Furnishing a kitchen filled with luxury and nobility. Orange-gray headset perfect for lovers of modern style, organic complement perform unusually shaped bar.

Square kitchen allow us to apply a U-shaped layout. A good solution will deliver set slightly convex shape. In the center of the dining table would be appropriate chandelier, made in the original style. Mirror surfaces in combination with pastel colored furniture, color champagne will bring lightness and airiness in the interior.


Correctly chosen stylistic decision will fill a spacious kitchen area home with warmth and comfort. Functional interior will bring unparalleled comfort, allowing you to enjoy a stylish and beautiful setting. Modern variants of layout and design secrets will help to create an original design with a touch of individuality.