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Effective methods and options for interior living room kitchen 15 quarter. m

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The spacious kitchen area allows to embody original design ideas, without limiting the functionality and ergonomics of the room. Small plan advantageously combined with seating, creating a single space. kitchen living room 15 sqm combines the necessary furniture for cooking and dining.

Kitchen interier - living room
The kitchen - living room should be in the same style

Secrets of design combined kitchen and living space 15 sq.m: real ideas

Proper design and the rational design provides proper zoning living. Kitchen space should be divided into working and dining area, maintaining enough space for passage. Planning placement of furniture will create a homely atmosphere, favorably emphasizing the feasibility and ergonomics of the interior.

kitchen-living room interior

The choice of furniture depends on the parameters and characteristics of room layout, operation rate, stylistic preferences. kitchen living room Zoning perform holistic harmonious division of space, through the use of design techniques.

Design zoning techniques: loft layout, and other options for resettlement premises

Proper zoning would create an ergonomic design room 15 sq.m. It is important to consider the basic design parameters:

  1. color solutions. Create a visual extension of the space will help bright pastel colors. It is recommended to select the three primary colors, avoiding excessive variegation. white, gray, or beige colors can visually postpone surface. paints proportions imply the choice of the dominant color, occupying half of the design, and additional - for a third of the space. The remaining part is intended to create bright accents premises.
    kitchen zoning - living room
    Methods of separating the room into zones very much choose any
  2. Lighting. Colors changes the shape under the influence of light rays. Proper lighting of sufficient intensity will create a comfortable environment to perform household tasks. Stylish and original fixtures organically share space, highlighting the bright light of the work area. Soft and subdued light with adjustable will be the best solution for living area.
  3. finishing the floor. The combination of different kinds of materials for the surface finish will visually delimit zone. Qualitative characteristics of the tiles are suitable for workplaces, thanks to the resistance to moisture and damage. The living room is recommended to use a laminate, or coating with natural textures.
  4. ceiling design. Modern pendant and tensile structures offer the possibility of creating original effects and layered options. Glossy ceilings visually increase the space due to the reflective properties of the material. Multi-level design with raised ridges provide an organic separation zones. You can use the combined options.
  5. Placement of furniture. Pieces of furniture with the right balance of ability to perform an organic element of differentiation of space. It is important to maintain the possibility of free movement, without cluttering the environment with unnecessary details. Furniture and accessories should be functional and meet the stylistic decision.

kitchen-living room interior 15 m

The use of effective methods and techniques to visually expand the space, give a complete and stylish look.

plan kitchen living room 15 sq m may include the use of the original walls of plasterboard, and glass panels. elements profitable complement the interior, performing a harmonious division of the kitchen and living area.

Expanding through mirrors
Bright mirrors the room seem visually larger

Finishes kitchen surfaces

Finishing work surfaces are closely connected with the zoning space, but these concepts are not identical. The process of finishing stands separate stage of construction works. The kitchen living room 15 sq.m. require to pay careful attention to the working surfaces and materials.

Modern wall decoration in the living room, room with kitchen, It should take into account the specifics of the room. Originally performed alignment planes. The combined wallpaper used as a wall decoration material, or plaster. Decorating the walls in the living room will create a cozy atmosphere, combining color and style decisions design.

kitchen-living room

Decorating the kitchen area must comply with the requirements:

  • strength;
  • resistance to the effects of temperature and moisture;
  • antistatic;
  • It is easy to care and cleaning.

The area between the wall cabinets and the working table top most susceptible to contamination. fat splashes, steam, Moisture can spoil the appearance of the surface. Kitchen apron can be done, Using ceramic tiles, glass, MDF, or plastic. choosing material, it is important to take into account the intensity of use of the kitchen. Tiles in the living room can serve a harmonious continuation of the kitchen area, smoothing crisp distinctions.

finishing option depends on the chosen design

The original accentual wall decor

Making the wall above the sofa in the living room provides for a bright accent in the interior, using panel designs, photowall, moldingov. A natural stone, or the tree will fill the atmosphere of home warmth and comfort.

Art plaster in the living room above the sofa will create an original three-dimensional picture, or to perform a relief wall finishes.

decor ideas are full of a variety of options, combining the style and mood of the situation:

  • decorative plates;
  • original niche;
  • screens;
  • stucco;
  • wall shelves;
  • mirror;
  • collage.

kitchen with living room

The selection and placement of furniture: Interior secrets in a rectangular design

Spacious area allows you to arrange the room 15 sq.m, using different kinds of arrangement of kitchen furniture:

  • corner;
  • U-shaped;
  • linear;
  • island packaging.

The dining area includes a table setting, chairs. To furnish the living room, you can follow a variety of interior solutions, using sofas, seat. Tech equipment involves placing music systems, TV. Laconic and strict design options presented traditional design with a large dining table, paintings and parquet.

Choosing furniture to the living room, should be aware of the purity and freedom of space, without cluttering the room with unnecessary items. Built-in kitchen units should be possible to hide household utensils and crockery. The original façades favorably complement the interior a stylish and aesthetic appearance.


Creating a kitchen design, living room 15 sq m allows harmoniously combine space. Decorative techniques of separation zones accentuate individuality and original style of the interior. Ergonomic and functional layout give a comfortable atmosphere.