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5 Tips for Choosing a combined kitchen

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If you want to see your kitchen a truly fashionable, stylish and unique should look at the combination of furniture. Manufacturers offer a wide range of models for every taste and budget. And if none of these options you are not interested, can come up with your.

modern kitchen
Modern kitchen with an interesting design

We emphasize the style and design of the interior

Choosing furniture for a certain combination of style cuisine requires knowledge of the characteristics of this trend.


Kitchen in classical style made be made of solid wood. The high cost of such a headset forced to think about the economy. An analogue of the combined materials will not differ on any kind of, or quality. Kitchen in the style of classic and apply an array of chipboard or MDF.

kitchen classics

High-tech in white,green and other bright colors

High-tech is characterized by austerity in the forms. Most often in the kitchen in this style connect the glass, Plastic and metal. To use shiny facade elements bright colors, no pictures or ornaments. recharge kitchen set chairs of plastic appropriate color.

Modern with Electric oven

Combined kitchen suites in the Art Nouveau style attracted the attention of rich colors. The simplicity and conciseness ─ features such kitchens. Game of contrasts makes the interior of the kitchen facilities extremely interesting for the perception on the visual level,. To make a kitchen in this style, the bottom of the kitchen units take one color, and for top - choose another.

Kitchen set
In kitchen with facades made of plastic at the top and bottom of the tree

Choose the color of the kitchen, Wallpaper, gender, tiles, mixer, laminate, curtains, crane

Color kitchen units extremely important. If you want to add the missing space and light, Choose bright combined kitchen facades.

Warm shades combined kitchen facades give comfort, ─ a cold peace. Bright colors are suitable for the separation of the room into zones.

not important, what color would you choose for a combined kitchen. the main thing, so it does not irritate you, and evokes a feeling of comfort.

Quite often, the choice of buyers stops on yellow kitchen set in combination with a different color. Yellow creates a pleasant atmosphere for communication of family members, It causes positive emotions. Kitchen set of yellow combined with green, black, white, gray and blue. The combination of yellow and red is not always appropriate. The red color can not only irritate, but also to stimulate appetite, and for women, dieters, it is not the best option. Use color wisely combined.

combined kitchen
Lightweight and sleek design combined kitchen

If the yellow color you do not like, stop on the classic combination of beige and brown. This combination has long gained popularity. Dark cabinets located on the bottom, ─ a beige top.

Combine with the composition

The principal elements of any kitchen units are frame, facades and countertop. The frame consists of such elements: bottom, side walls, rear wall. The most common frame is made of solid wood or of glued wooden elements. The price of such kitchens will be at a high level. Budget option ─ laminated chipboard.

How to save money when buying a combined kitchen talk more.

combined kitchen

save budget

Kitchen made of natural wood look good for a long time and serve their masters, but not everyone can afford. To reduce the cost of kitchen units use cheaper, but high-quality materials. And do not listen to those, who believes a combination of natural and artificial elements of bad taste. Progress has stepped far forward and some artificial materials difficult to distinguish from natural. In the manufacture of kitchen use:

corner kitchen
A good combination of light and dark colors kitchen fronts

  • DSP;
  • MDF;
  • metals;
  • solid wood;
  • veneer;
  • natural stone and artificial;
  • glass;
  • plastic.

To reduce the cost of the headset for the kitchen, Use these tips:

  1. Try to pick up the headset for facades different materials.
  2. Housing made of inexpensive particleboard hide behind facades of high-quality gloss.
  3. For countertops not take the natural stone, a laminated plate, imitating his drawing.

Council! Never skimp on accessories! Quality fittings ─ to provide long service life of your furniture.


Worktop for every taste

From an assortment of materials for countertops eyes run. In commercially available model of particle board, natural wood, glass, stone, pottery, of stainless steel.

When choosing a countertop in the first place pay attention to its functionality, and then to design. Good worktops should be water-resistant and delight you with the quality for a long time after the acquisition of. Let it not distracting from the existing style of kitchen furniture.


Be sure to consult your dealer about proper care. The resulting information will help extend the life of worktops and out minor problems yourself. In any case, ask, where to turn, if the reconstruction of their own hands is not possible. Combined kitchen today, really fashionable and stylish.