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kitchen renovation: Secrets of proper planning for quality results

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There is no doubt the fact, that the kitchen is one of the most important premises of the house. Here begins the morning for each family member, and coming to a logical conclusion time. Therefore, the atmosphere must be permeated comfort, warmth. To achieve this result helps to held renovated kitchen with his hands in an apartment or own home with good planning functional areas and the choice of finishing materials.

renovated kitchen
renovated kitchen, like new


Home Improvement in most cases inconceivable without the number of construction works, which include plastering, luting wall surfaces, floor and ceiling, installation of reinforcement and leveling construction, application of finishing materials and final stage - the installation of kitchen units, plumbing connection, household appliances.

Kitchen after renovation

Plain your kitchen renovation hands only limited to the replacement of worn-out and finish surfaces. The success and speed of the task depends on, how well laid out the next operation.

Where to begin?

Start a kitchen remodeling, as well as any other room, should be a preliminary sketch. On the schematic drawing applied the necessary communications, a sign of the future furniture, planned installation place Surface, lighting. The main point becomes correct placement of sinks, plate, hood.

To quickly make repairs in the kitchen with his hands, must not only plan design, but also to calculate the amount of materials needed. The list includes items of furniture set, wallpaper, tile (or other finish), composition for alignment of walls (if it is needed), adhesive selected for the fabric, fasteners, sanitary, electrical and gas appliances.

Sketch kitchen repairs
Sketch charge this designer

When the material is collected and tools, Clean the surface of the walls, floor and ceiling of whitewash, paints, old wallpaper (help special remover). Without such training facilities to make repairs in the kitchen with his hands high quality can not be due to poor contact with the new decorative materials base.

If plans include the redevelopment, begin repairs in the kitchen it is necessary to dismantle the construction of interior partitions or more walls.

At the same time replaced the window, doors, supply mains.

beautiful kitchen

Especially wall decoration

The choice of finishing materials for the walls is quite wide. If you want to quickly and cost-effectively upgrade your kitchen space, considering embodiment staining, selecting a single color performance or combining several color transitions, making an original pattern. While taking into account, how prepared surface. If the pre-blend was not used to align the walls, there may be some defects, which become visible under the glossy coating. In this case, matte paint limited.

Experienced masters recommend to adjust the plane of the wall on a mandatory basis, using the appropriate techniques and materials (ways to align the walls will be discussed below) or closing surface plasterboard.

Decorating the walls
Finishing walls may be made of any material

In this case, finishing materials selected, without thinking about the disguise defects. Especially popular are the following variants:

  • Wallpaper. They are usually preceded by glueing wall decoration putty. The most practical for the kitchen facilities are non-woven and vinyl models, which are easy to clean, do not change their properties and appearance under the influence of moisture and sunlight. If chosen for the finishing fiberglass, at the same time carried out the reinforcement wall, which is especially important in older homes;
  • plasterer. Plastered walls with their hands can not only at the stage of rough finish, but also to impart decorative surface of the form, using structural or textural composition, with which the walls are the whole picture;
  • Tile, plastic, strained glass. Such variants of finishing materials used for the decoration of the wall, adjacent to the work area.

the most beautiful suite

How to align the floor, walls and ceiling

Alignment of the ceiling is one of the priority tasks in the repair. After that, go to the wall design. Usually the work is carried out, Using plaster and putty, by checking the flatness level. When bumps and drops less 7 mm can align the walls and ceiling in the flat plane only by spackling. In this case, be sure to use a tool to align the walls in the form of rules.

Mortars for alignment of walls is selected on this principle:

  1. When differences of less than one and a half centimeters suit plaster, wherein before applying the wall is treated with a primer (mixture selected deep penetration).
  2. If you need to align the walls in the apartment, having a difference of more than 2 cm, It desires to purchase the plaster in the form of a mixture of cement and sand. Apply a layer structure with a maximum of 2,5 see on the wall, and no more than 2 see the ceiling.

Leveling the floor
Flat floor is like white teeth

plastering means walls leveling beacons with their hands, Therefore, before applying a mixture of fixed special markers on the walls. An alternative design of gypsum plaster becomes. In this case, align the walls with his own hands is possible by means of the frame assembly of the profiles and fix it gypsum plasterboard.

floor screed

Kitchen floor screed

using gidrouroven, pre-determine the highest point of the room for evaluation inclines. When its value within 2 cm, Work carried out using a self-leveling mix, in other situations do screed beacons using cement-sand composition.

If the difference exceeds 6 cm, expanded clay are added to the solution and pour the floor in two layers (last - without keramzita). To stretch the solution typically used on flooded floor.

Time drying screed is about 2 day, after which the surface is covered with foil and triturated until complete drying naturally (It takes 2 to 3 weeks). Then laid on the surface of the decoration.

screed floor in the kitchen
Floor screed entrust skilled in the kitchen

Setting up your work area

renovated kitchen is unthinkable without the arrangement of the working area, which begins with the installation of the apron. The most popular materials for the adjoining plate, sink and working surface of the wall are used for cladding tiles, mosaic, a photo- and stekloplitka.

Attractive modern design can achieve by installing plastic or glass panels coated with them by printing three-dimensional image (Glass installation requires the participation of specialists to work with such surfaces). Precarious work area looks and, a wall which is made of metal. This option is one of the most durable and reliable in operation.


When the apron set (fasteners depends on the type of material) and laid flooring, renovated kitchen with their own hands is to install sockets, furniture frame assembly, connecting water and gas supply.