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The phased renovation of the kitchen in 10 square meters: Instructions for each

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In today's article, we pay attention kitchens 10 sq.m, which are often found in the Soviet apartments. Despite, that the kitchen 10 sq m in it people it fits a lot of home appliances, which is used on a daily basis. Repairs are carried out, not often, obkladyvayutsya wall tiles and then this coating is long. But if the idea is to rearrange equipment or change of scenery in such a small room appeared sharply, there is nothing complicated about it. Repairs carried out rooms on two fundamentally different paths: inexpensive cosmetic option and capital Kitchen update.

Compact kitchen
Renovated kitchen - it is always a joyous occasion for the household

Thus consider, that in this small room to prepare food on a daily basis, and this process is accompanied by the combustion of natural gas, ejection of fats and other negative environmental moments. So if you have to change the interior conceived think about capital option, then to this point have no problems. The costs in this case increase, but also the result of choosing this option will receive a commensurate. In addition, in this case, you have the opportunity to reschedule the area on request, put a new technique or rearrange old.

Repairing kitchen

cheap repair food 10 sq.m conducted independently, without the help of craftsmen and specialists, otherwise the full savings are not achieved. Yes, cosmetic option overpower yourself easier, but can cope with major, although it is significantly more difficult. In this case, to make a cheap repair in the kitchen will have to sweat, but the end result will not take long and will please the eye.


Primarily 10m2 kitchen design is laid out on paper, , a draft. A good designer to quickly eyes pretend, how and what will be in the room, where to stay in bed in the kitchen, As will be kitchen appliances, what materials to make repairs. In this case it is better to turn to the designer because, it floats in this environment for a long time and the creation of the interior does not take a long time. Yes, and you are to communicate with such a person will gather something new, then you are able to tell others, how to make the kitchen design 10 squares. After that, How to sort out with the design of the base and find a wholesale purchase immediately materials for all stages of repair: and cheaper to come out and then run to the shops will not have to. And save on shipping, you load a truck and materials go to your home, but if you buy separately, delivery is costing a pretty penny.

design kitchens
It should be decided on the design of the kitchen facilities in advance and based on this to get the necessary building materials and furniture

Dismantle old communications, clean the room

At this stage, do kitchen clean, We take out and remove each element, which comes handy:

  1. Dismantle furniture components and remove from the room;
  2. eaves, plinth and lamps unscrewed and removed;
  3. The floors are broken and makes;
  4. Wallpapers and tiles were torn from the walls.

The kitchen is broken before the end of, it is necessary that the room was a concrete floor and walls.

We are paving new network and leveling floors with walls

  • From kitchen renovations 10 sq m should consider ways in which you build communications networks: as the wiring and sewage lies. Making the closed variant useful punch. If there is no need to do so, and built-in kitchen muffle tube, it's even more impact on the economy;
  • Further, placed on the floor four-wheel coupler, this option is the cheapest and most durable, It lasts a long time;
  • Now go to the ceiling repair, design kitchens 10 sq.m advance includes a set of suitable materials and the received conditional appearance. The cheapest and most pleasing appearance for this finishing are plastic panels. This option is suitable for the kitchen, and the self is not a problem to fix;
  • Kitchen with sofa 10 sq.m not do without apron, which will have to use tile. Tile is easily washed from fat and other things, but the rest of the surface, it is desirable to open the paint: Wallpaper very badly washed from fat;
  • On top of the floor screed is laid linoleum. Laminate flooring looks much better than, but he will come at the price of more expensive. Because we want to make inexpensive repairs, then we conditionally, this option can not afford, therefore opted for linoleum.

Leveling the floor
Leveling the floor - a mandatory procedure

Choosing furniture and light

Kitchen renovation ideas 10 sq m are included, and replacement of furniture. In this regard, we say one thing - the furniture, choose a convenient daily use, functional: with additional drawers and niches within. Set for the kitchen, choose based on the size of, that you are going inside the store, each shelf or drawer is required to be selected in view of the, that it would. kitchen 10 square meters - room rather big, so consider these factors in advance is not too difficult, the intended target and think. This room is able to accommodate the size of the kitchen and sitting area, do not give up if the placement is an opportunity to purchase.

In terms of lighting kitchen ambiguous space - and the working area of ​​the stove to light the room you need and the rest of the world is not without leave. Therefore, the best use of two lamps, to every corner of enough brightness. Often the ceiling is placed point bulb, which are then directed to the desired direction.

We draw conclusions

Based on the information obtained already told, that make cosmetic or major repairs in the kitchen not so difficult, and do not need to do a lot of money.

Yes, deal with this issue is not quickly turn, but the end result will please the eye, you will understand, that tried not in vain. In addition, to make repairs more economically, than not turn yourself, so expect to perform each element independently.


Repairs under the power to make everyone, not wasting money on unnecessary and expensive acquisitions. Note, that the work of professional artists to manage costs as the cost of purchased materials plus 50% on top of the cost. So tune in advance to try to repair - this will save half the money, which then you spend on additional equipment for the kitchen or something else.