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Re-planning of the kitchen facilities: new opportunities and difficulties obtaining permission

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The inner space of the majority old apartment buildings Built obviously planned against conventional notions of convenience and comfort. Most disadvantaged cuisine. Cramped and uncomfortable kitchen area of ​​the room 6 m2, in which there is no place to miss two of, - it is a sad reality. BUT about kitchen design and can not speak. Therefore it is not surprising, that the owners in the repair of apartments are forced to resort to a global reconfiguration of the dwelling.

room layout
Disposition of the premises is in your hands

Designers have developed many transfer options or combination of such miniature kitchen with other rooms. A rational approach to the problem makes it easy to turn squeezed into a spacious kitchen room small room.

Combining the kitchen and rooms

This option enjoys enviable popularity even among the owners of one-bedroom apartments. Useful area increases sharply, therefore, it is possible to correctly place the appliances in the kitchen. The whole family can simultaneously sit at the dinner table and talk.

Plus, many such associations:

  • all family members and guests gather at the same time at the same table;
  • the hostess is able to communicate freely with all, while carrying out routine work;
  • visual space is perceived quite differently, the room becomes spacious and light.

Combining the kitchen and rooms
To combine the kitchen with the living room can be an interesting option

But there are disadvantages, too: persistent smell of cooking will be distributed throughout the room, and smash the fallen crumbs all over the floor. The hostess always have to keep the premises in a clean model.

Prior to combining the kitchen and living room should be well thought, in fact prohibited by the law:

  • dismantle the bearing walls;
  • combine premises, If the kitchen is a gas cooker.

Gas pipes located only in the kitchen room, It prohibited them somewhere else to shift or move. Unauthorized intervention is strictly punished by the legislation. Transfer and installation of gas appliances is carried out exclusively by employees of the gas service. With electric stove matter it is simpler, but will have to pay for electricity over. The room with a gas stove must be isolated from the other rooms in order to avoid accidents. The project can be agreed, if you provide transparent sliding walls on the border of the room and the kitchen.

When selling a property reschedule it should be remembered, that not everyone likes the studio. Respectively, the number of those wishing to purchase such housing is significantly reduced.

Transfer to the balcony

Перенес kitchen balcony или перепланировка балкона в кухню– процесс трудоемкий и требует материальных вложений. By the same it can be realized only in the event, if a Balcony or loggia connected to the kitchen.

Kitchen on the balcony
Its a small bar on the balcony of this romantic

For redevelopment in the balcony of the kitchen facilities, you must perform these steps work:

  1. Fully insulate balcony.
  2. Transfer the necessary communications.
  3. To plan the arrangement of furniture and place it.

If the balcony boasts a large area, then it can be transferred to the kitchen, and in the former kitchen room equipped with a dining room or bedroom. But to get permission to do so is difficult. In accordance with technological standards of heating system is not allowed to stand on the balcony, so to achieve a compromise slozhno.Takie same obstacles arise when remodeling a loggia in the room.

Custom kitchens transfers

Among the innovative approaches - moving the kitchen into the hallway, closet or hallway. Since the corridor is not the living quarters, then get permission to expand the kitchen is not so difficult. but the requirements, predyavlyaemyeh kitchen facilities, strict, so the project must necessarily conform to them:

  • floor waterproofing (laying a waterproofing coating);
  • competent arrangement of sewage, plumbing and ventilation;
  • lack of premises beneath the intended kitchen.

Custom kitchen
Custom kitchen - is the embodiment of your imagination

From the above it should be, that this embodiment is performed in the case, if the apartment is located on the ground floor or under the kitchen of the future no residential komnat.Esche options - if the neighbors downstairs made the same re-planning or on the ground floor is equipped with a store or ofis.Sdelat waterproofing the floor - a laborious and costly process. Housing inspection does not give the agreement on the transfer of the kitchen facilities, if there is a gas stove.

If the kitchen decided to transfer to the corridor, then the standards need to provide natural light in the space of the room. Therefore it is necessary to establish transparent partitions or doors with glass inserts.

Sanitary norms prohibit alterations to the apartment, If the deteriorating living conditions of other tenants or the threat to their safety. If a kitchen is a bedroom neighbors, the sound of water and the smells still penetrate into the lower space and create uncomfortable conditions for neighbors.

helpful hints

Before starting work on a shift or a combined kitchen need to learn in detail, What are the requirements of the relevant authorities and what documents are necessary for the resolution of. If actions are unresolved, then eventually the entire kitchen remodeling is illegal. Require owners to pay a considerable sum of fine and return the original appearance of the apartment at their own expense (in a pre-specified time). If the owners refuse to return the house in its original state, they lose ownership of it. Illegal work on kitchen remodeling put owners at a disadvantage and legally: such an apartment can not be sold, give, change or bequeath.

The fact, that the kitchen area belongs to the "wet" areas in the apartment category. for its expansion projects, displacement or transfer under current legislation developed by specialists, since work on rescheduling - this is a serious interference with the systems engineering high-rise building.


Kitchen is moved to another room - it is difficult to make out, but permitted by law procedure.Therefore, execution of documents on alterations to the apartment Panel flat - it is half the success and the guarantee of peace is possible hozyaev.Esli, it is better to contact the company, which offers services in coordination alterations. Acquainted with the legislative acts of the person advise appropriate in each case, options, and help in the design documents. After the authorization of can be relieved: everything else - it's little things.