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Features budget renovation of the kitchen: how to save

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Even invested in this apartment over time there is a desire to change the situation, make a novelty. In this case, it is desirable to work with minimal cost and in a short time, so the range of technology options and finishing materials is narrowed to several positions. But you can still make inexpensive kitchen renovations their own hands, to give a functional and comfortable space with a minimum capital investment.

Furniture for kitchen
Elegant semi-circular window well with beautiful furniture

Bring freshness with an inexpensive cosmetic repair specialties

Redecorating their own hands cheaply accessible to each family the option of making, refreshing colors and decor surfaces. Fill the interior unexpected colors helps to paint the walls and ceiling, Door color change, windowsill. As a result, the kitchen is fresh. budget repair manages to make a just and renewing worn-out elements of the situation - okleivaya filthy walls with new wallpaper, replacing rotten countertop, partially restyle floor. In other situations, it requires the implementation of capital works, special, if the replacement communications planned, acquisition of furniture to order.

What materials are appropriate for the decoration and how to organize work properly?

Beautiful kitchen
Beautiful kitchen yellow color blends well with an apron

Making the ceiling: how to create a beautiful design and make their own hands

Budget kitchen renovation begins with his own hands to clean up the ceiling. If funds are limited, immediately exclude the possible finishes harness or tensile structures. The most accessible and cost-effective solution - smooth painted surface.

Work is carried out according to the following step by step instructions:

  • First you need to wash whitewash from the ceiling, remaining from the last repair, or remove old wallpaper;
  • Then using putty outputted ceiling surface in a flat horizontal plane and left, waiting for the complete drying, then primed surface;
  • Complete kitchen renovation budget on stream processing steps can be, painting the surface of the water-based paint (often choose white, but other shades).

Light furniture in the kitchen
Classical furniture lighter color in the kitchen

Ceiling paints, even if the repair is planned kitchen with his hands cheaply, choose quality, otherwise it can lie unevenly on the wall, leave stains, maintain an unpleasant odor. The best option - a paint composition of velvet matte texture, hiding the defects present on the surface. We should also dwell on the dirt road - save fails when purchasing a universal deep penetration of the concentrated composition, reconstituted with water before use.

To make a beautiful and inexpensive repairs can be another way. We are talking about pasting ceiling foam relief plates, offered in different colors. Besides, paint replace the bright wallpaper (better to take the washable model).

Before finishing the ceiling and walls need to conduct wiring with their hands, then hiding wires under the putty, closing up sockets. Pre is better to close the rest of the room furniture, the window opening and the door with plastic wrap, so that you can easily wash whitewash after repair.

renovated kitchen with his hands

Tips for quality finishing of walls

inexpensive repair ideas for decorating the walls of the kitchen facilities involve the use of simple materials and technologies, contributing to the creation of a special situation. Selecting depends on the wall surfaces:

  1. When the flat walls are sealed by spackling remaining after laying wiring grooves and undulations, after which the paint is applied or pasted wallpaper (as is the case with the ceiling, it is desirable to choose a washable products).
  2. Hide uneven walls allows inexpensive apartment repair their own hands, using drywall or plaster, which gives the desired topography during deposition.

Furniture yellow
Yellow furniture uplifting

An integral part of the working kitchen walls - kitchen apron. Today active element made from attachment brackets on the glasses coated with a printed or pasted photo wallpapers. To make repairs in the kitchen inexpensively manage, and using a plastic substrate for apron, markedly inferior to the price of ceramic tiles.

update floors: the best ideas and options

Repair floor in the kitchen

Kitchen renovation cheap and beautiful with their hands perform, choosing the following options floor design:

  • If there is no desire to remove the old paint, lost only appearance, on top of it a new trail linoleum;
  • In the case of wooden floor creaking kitchen budget reorganization space is impossible without removal of the worn cover surface and the preliminary strengthening, whereupon trail chosen material. Update coverage at a reasonable price can be, Using wood boards. Then paint remains fiberboard and lay linoleum.
    If you plan to concrete screed, inexpensive kitchen renovations include a separate installation of pipes for floor heating;
  • Preserved parquet scrape and reveal varnish.

redecorating the kitchen

Replace the linoleum can be laminated. It is worth remembering, that even cheap kitchen renovation their hands are doing, using water-resistant and wear-resistant materials, since for the kitchen facilities are characterized by high humidity and load. Additionally, the substrate need to purchase, necessary for the evenness, increasing the heat absorption surface and.

floor design - the final stage of renovation of the kitchen facilities before installing furniture, sanitary equipment, lighting devices. Such an arrangement helps to keep materials, as the scrub with linoleum or other coating paint or remove other stubborn dirt without disturbing the appearance of the impossible. The final point becomes plinth, which are selected as the color of floor, and in contrasting colors.


Repair cheaply with his hands in his favorite room of all family members live up to expectations, even when using budget materials and technologies. The answer to the question, how much it costs kitchen renovation, It differs in each case, so it is advisable to make an estimate in advance and start working, based on the designated items.