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Wallpaper in the kitchen of the Khrushchev: 5 criteria for the correct choice

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performing repair Khrushchev, pay special attention to the selection of wallpapers for kitchen design. This area is characterized by the specific conditions, which dictate increased demands on the finishing materials. In this case, consider a modest area Khrushchevite kitchens. How to make the right choice?

Wallpaper in the kitchen of the Khrushchev
Wallpaper Khrushchev should be selected such, to the space appear larger

Criterias of choice

To select a wall finish was easier, should identify the main groups of criteria, influencing the final decision. Khrushchev in the kitchen is not possible to distinguish high-grade functional areas, so consider options for the entire room, which meet the following requirements:

Wallpaper in the kitchen

  1. wear resistance. The kitchen walls are subjected to intense, so their coverage comes into disrepair quickly. To slow this process must withstand thermal wallpaper, mechanical and other types of load, not fade etc.
  2. Water resistance. The working area associated with the use of water, spray that hit the wall. Waterproof material - the best option. Otherwise you can use the additional protection, eg, glass panel, but this is only possible for the apron.
  3. prospects care. Fat, scents, Various pollution should not be a problem. The possibility of washing and cleaning are provided on a mandatory basis. It is best to choose a washable high-strength with dirt-repellent coating.
  4. Fire safety. The zone above the cooking surface is contacted with a high temperature. Wallpaper should not melt or ignite when exposed to such.
  5. chemical inertness. To care for kitchen use household chemicals. Upon contact with the finished walls should not leave any traces or corrode coating.

Separately, we must highlight the design finish. Select cover walls and ceilings must proceed from the overall interior design. Under each theme select the optimum colors, and drawing material. Manufacturers produce special wallpaper directories Example of different rooms of their range of materials. This facilitates the selection process.

Kitchen with light wallpaper
Kitchen with light wallpaper - makes the room more spacious

A kind of wallpaper on the material

The second question - the selection of the material. To select a wallpaper for the kitchen, consider not only the properties of the decorative layer, but also the foundations. It depends on it, how to glue the paper wall, non-woven or other. Consider the top-selling options.


The simplest option - paper wallpaper. They are simple design and low cost. Thin simplex are not suitable for the walls in the kitchen, especially in the Khrushchev. They wear out quickly and easily get dirty.

beautiful wallpaper in the kitchen

More preferred vinyl model. They are thicker and have a decorative coating, allowing the surface to wash or to repaint it as needed.

Much more advantageous to glue paper Mural. You can pick up an original drawing or landscape, which will highlight in the interior space. Thus one can select a dining area or place apron.

Mural for an apron - a rather popular option. To protect the walls are covered with a transparent glass cover.

Paper materials attached to the adhesive. Glue wallpapers must be strictly according to the scheme. In order not to disrupt the pattern. The peculiarity of this category - and the need to apply the adhesive to the wall, and on paper. This creates inconvenience, therefore, they are increasingly using non-woven patterns.

Paper wallpaper in the kitchen
Paper wallpaper in the kitchen - an economical option, but not practical

Vinyl on nonwoven

glue vinyl wallpapers non-woven basis is much easier: the adhesive is applied only on a pre-leveled walls. Then dry the sheet applied to the treated surface is smoothed and. Correct gluing vinyl wallpaper Non-woven easy, but this is not their only advantage.

  • wear resistance. Foamed vinyl may have increased strength. Also available materials, amenable to aggressive cleaning, silk screen printing, etc..
  • Resistance to pollution. They do not absorb dirt and odors, they are easy to wash.
  • Easy maintenance. Even stains from food and grease can easily be removed with a damp cloth surface.
  • diverse design. Wallpaper Design Non-woven has virtually no restrictions.

Liquid wallpaper

We should also highlight the liquid wallpaper. Khrushchev in the kitchen can be used for decoration of the apron under glass. If there is dirt-repellent composition of the impurities, can be issued by them and other surfaces.

These wallpapers are similar to plaster. In their structure there are powdery substances, cotton and cellulose fibers. For powder coating the walls is diluted with water, and then applied to the surface with a spatula. When the coating is damaged part can be replaced. To do this, you need to clean off the contaminated site and apply new mass.

These wallpapers are pleasant to the touch, do not fade with time, but their structure is not always right for the kitchen facilities.

Liquid wallpaper in the kitchen
For exclusive kitchen design suitable liquid wallpaper

Tips for choosing a color and pattern

Due to the limited space, selection of color and pattern becomes a major issue for repair Khrushchev. If you choose a good shade, You can create the visual effect of the expansion room. It plays a vital role in the type of drawing this issue.

To finish the work area is chosen monochromatic webs, simple motifs or images. If we consider the wallpapers in the interior, apron suitable for any version. It is necessary to select a set, textile design of the room, or to harmonize with the wall decoration. When using wallpaper for decoration wall near the dining table is better to take as a basis to remove the effect of scenery or choose picture, which is a continuation of the room.

For the main wall area consider such variations:

Wallpaper for kitchen style

  • stripes. Vertical allow "push" the ceiling, and the horizontal - to expand the space.
  • ornaments. Are selected on the basis of the bands, but they look interesting and lively.
  • monochrome. The simplicity and conciseness - the best assistants in the design of small rooms. This opens up opportunities for the use of the auxiliary decor.

To the room seemed more spacious than it is not necessary to use too large or small drawings. Preference is to give a light shades. Dark and rich colors add small accents.

smart wallpaper in the kitchen

optimal shades: beige, lime, mint, blue.

All pastel range suited for processing small kitchen. We can not allow, to merge with furniture finish. Contrast should be moderate, It is recommended to use one palette or shades adjacent gammas. Of the figure, select the band, monograms and floral motifs for the classics, abstraction and simple motifs - modern style. Classic interior looks well sustained in the scheme, and of modernity is characterized by bursts of color and the presence of unusual design elements.


If you make the right choice, kitchen in a modest Khrushchev will not look cramped and boring. The successful design of the walls - an opportunity to cheat and create a visual perception of a large room on a few square meters. Now you know, what the wallpaper in the kitchen Khrushchev note.