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Choosing washable wallpaper for a small kitchen

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Repair in a small kitchen - not a simple task. It is necessary to take into account three factors right - lack of space, considerations of aesthetics and practicality of the materials used.

wallpaper for a small kitchen
To repair a small kitchen preferable to select a bright wallpaper

General rules for choosing

Kitchen - a room in the house, which removed most of. fat droplets, fluids, fumes and evaporation hit the walls and other surfaces, and if the wallpaper is not subjected to wet cleaning, they too will quickly lose appearance.

If the coating is not sufficiently dense wall, its pores are clogged with food cooking fumes, which also negatively affect the state of wallpaper.

Kitchen designed such, so there was a lot of light, wall coverings of poor quality from the action of ultraviolet radiation burn and yellowing. Rearranging the furniture in the kitchen, you might find on the walls of the burned areas unpresentable.

If you like the changes and do not suffer monotony, give preference to coverings, suitable for multi-color.

so, it can be argued, that wallpaper for the kitchen the following qualities must be inherent in:

  1. humidity;
  2. water vapor permeability;
  3. density;
  4. resistance to fading;
  5. suitability for painting.

buying wallpaper, pay attention to the attached information sheet. The image on the label contains information about the properties of wallpaper and recommendations of glueing.

washable wallpaper
Remember, Kitchen wallpaper that must withstand mild wet cleaning

Since the walls in the kitchen must be waterproof coating, are looking for, that on a piece of information has been displayed wave. Figure double wave means, that these wallpapers - washable, triple - supermoyuschiesya. The significance of the triple wave brush is easy to guess - before you roll of wallpaper resistant to abrasion.

On resistance to fading will tell the sun image: solar circle complete - excellent lightfastness, half - average.

What type of wallpaper are suitable for the kitchen?

  • Should avoid two extremes when buying wallpaper for the kitchen - cheap paper and expensive natural (bamboo, textiles). insecurity, impracticality in cleaning, ability to absorb odors and fumes - these qualities belong to both types of wallpaper.
  • Liquid wallpaper, is gaining popularity among consumers, It does not sound like too much for the kitchen. Drawing liquid wallpaper good at hiding flaws walls, but it is not suitable for washing.
  • Vinyl wallpaper - ideal for areas with aggressive environment, not afraid of the light, moisture, tolerate wet cleaning. At the same time able to "mask" all the irregularities in the substrate.
  • Wallpaper flizelin. These are the same vinyl wallpaper, but drawing on a paper basis, which greatly facilitates the gluing process.
  • Wallpapers of fiberglass. Suitable for allergy sufferers, do not burn, do not absorb moisture and odors, good clean and suitable for repainting. Consumers receive the best recommendations.

invoice, the color and pattern of wallpaper for a small kitchen

selection pattern on the wallpaper
Good choice a pattern on wallpaper kitchen

What is the complexity of the selection of wallpaper for a small kitchen? It is necessary to take into account two conditions:

  1. specificity premises - aggressive environment (steam, fat drops) during the operation of wallpaper has a negative impact on their appearance;
  2. small space - it is necessary to expand the visual.

About tom, What qualities must have a functional kitchen wallpaper, you have already read. How to define the color palette for a small kitchen? Recall the basic rules of color selection for rooms:

  • Light colors visually expand the space, dark - reduce.
  • cold colors (blue, green, purple) suitable for the sunny side. In other cases, we prefer warm colors - pink, yellow, beige.
  • Large figures and ornaments look better from a distance, suitable for a small room or a plain wallpaper with a small figure.
  • Help expand the space horizontal stripes, vertical line help "raise the ceiling".

Priority when choosing in choosing colors for a small kitchen is a pastel palette - milky, all light shades of blue, yellow, beige, pink and green. Welcome small patterns, illustration ethnic motifs. Possible partial use of horizontal or vertical lines, and the use of bright accents.

dark wallpaper
Inserting dark wallpaper with a large picture in the kitchen

so, the best choice for a small kitchen - washable cover, without relief patterns and stampings, light colors, a fine pattern or ornament, and the plain.

Repeat the floral pattern on the wallpaper (or present vivid elements) in textiles in the kitchen, kitchen accessories.

Use the principle of zoning space. Today, popular combination in interior decoration materials, differing in color and texture. Use this method to, to highlight some areas, eg, dining. Use the wallpaper with the imitation of stone surfaces, brick, plaster or panoramic wallpapers.

"Extend the" narrow room can be a combination of light wallpaper on the walls and dark long - short. An interesting solution in this case is the use of different shades of one color.

It is not recommended for small space conflicting combinations of patterns and colors. for example, if you've applied one wall for decoration rhombus pattern, it is not necessary to paste over the wall opposite flowered wallpaper.

Application photowall

Mural in a small kitchen - an opportunity to revitalize the space, and a way to expand its. It is only important to adhere to the principle of self-restraint - avoid large and bright objects.

choosing wallpaper for a small kitchen, give preference to a light background image.

Mural in a small kitchen
Mural in a small kitchen- good design option

Photowall good option for a small kitchen - Photo, which displays opens up prospects. Marine given or panorama of the big city, suspension bridge or flight path in the field - let wallpapers will be open window or open door to another world.

If you like the theme of "food", the wallpapers you can choose according to the gastronomic tastes. Stop the choice on coffee cups with steam rising above them, appetizing fruit or a glass of wine.

rules okleyki

Getting a kitchen repair, draw a schematic drawing apartments. This will help you to determine the extent and orientation of rooms relative to the cardinal.

Pasting of walls in the kitchen is no different from a similar process in another room. Strip each wall thoroughly of dirt, otshtukaturte and grind. After that, proceed to fining.

Carefully proofread the instructions, manufacturer of the application to the roll of wallpaper. trust, to their advantage, to gluing process you went off without a hitch - then again you refer to them during the next repair.

Since the kitchen - a room with high humidity, it is useful to treat the walls of antifungal drugs. On sale there are special types of wallpaper paste with the same effect.

Pasting of the corners - is an important nuance in the repair, since that is where there are troubles in the form of inconsistencies paintings. To avoid flaws in the process of pasting, make sure in advance, the corners are plastered smoothly, whereas joint paintings at pasting happen without problems.


Apply their knowledge and their design talents, you make, that small space - that's no reason to be upset. Even a small kitchen can be so favorite place in the house for you and your loved ones, If you come to this task with the soul.