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We combine the kitchen and living room: advantages and pitfalls

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In old buildings kitchen area can not boast of normal size. Kitchen area in 6-7 square meters - is the standard multi-storey Khrushchev. An enclosed space at a psychological level inevitably puts pressure on the psyche and oppresses human. Therefore, the repair of the apartment owners seek in any way to change, displace or to combine the kitchen with living room. Combining the kitchen and living room to make difficult, but in the presence of relevant documents can be.

Combining the kitchen and living room
The room is designed in one style looks great

The transformation of a small kitchen

Reincarnation miniature kitchens in spacious studio begins with trips to the municipal authorities for the registration of the relevant documents. To combine the kitchen with living in the Khrushchev is possible in the case, if between the wall is not a carrier. Paperwork and obtaining a permit is delayed for a long time, because the city authorities without enthusiastic about the idea of ​​re-planning of apartments.

But to be persistent, the resolution still give. The main thing - to combining design kitchen and living room corresponded to sanitary and building codes. People, familiar with the legislative acts, prompt, what can be snag, and why the authorities are in no hurry to give permission to start work.

The next step - is itself construction and repair process. Demolition of wall between the kitchen and the living room accompanied by a suffocating cloud of dust, garbage heaps, noise, roar and discontented grumbling neighbors. But the result itself will long to please owners of the apartment. Of the benefits of a combined kitchen-living room:

  • effect of increasing the visual area;
  • intense natural light;
  • serviceability;
  • free space;
  • premises functionality;
  • convenience at a house party (owner does not have to spend half a celebratory feast in the kitchen isolated from society).

For 2 or 3-room apartments open plan kitchen-Living - Great. If a family has young children, the mother is convenient for them to watch. While the kids played in the living room, Mom has been cooking.

Kitchen-living room
Island for housewives should be functional

It should be mentioned, that in reality it turns out not so, as we would like. Living room with kitchen is not without significant disadvantages:

  1. If the apartment studio, the house will turn into a studio. It is good for one person, but for two very inconvenient. In addition, not everyone will like to sleep with the sound of the working fridge. If the apartment has a child (or planned), the idea of ​​association has no right to exist. Making children's area in the studio - not the best option.
  2. If the hostess prepares constantly full lunch and dinner, kitchen, combined with the living room - not the best option. Smell of cooking spread through the room, and eats into window curtains, soft carpets and furniture upholstery. Even the powerful extractor hood can not cope with such an abundance of smells.
  3. Joint space requires a model of order. Lounge with dining area on the mind, so the owner will often clean up. Crumbs are spread all over the floor, and bright carpets get dirty quickly. The sink is now not leave unwashed dishes, it immediately spoil the impression of an elegant room.
  4. a large kitchen-living room cooking processes are carried out in full view of family members and guests. Not every woman is likely to appeal.

Therefore, everyone decides for himself, closer to him. the, who like the space and freedom, can safely demolish wall between the kitchen and living room. If you want to save and kitchen, and space combine, clean only half walls, and the resulting opening to beat the original.

room design

The important point combining the kitchen plus living room - a competent selection of color combinations. In this regard, designers are repelled by:

  • room style;
  • the intensity of natural lighting;
  • shades furniture;
  • functions of individual zones.

Combined facilities do not tolerate bright contrasts, because they sever space. the kitchen, which passes into the living room, gently divided into two functional areas so, not to lose the sense of space at the same time. Interior on in any case should not be monotonous, but shades should be in harmony with each other softly.

To the room appear larger and spacious, ceilings and floor to finish better light materials. Stretch ceilings in the living room better draw in white or pastel shades. If you want the color saturation, the bright accents are arranged on the details and decorative elements. As for the decoration of different areas, it is preferable to arrange the kitchen in bright colors, and a recreation area - in muted. Following this advice, you can easily create a stylish design in the living room kitchen hruschevke.

The kitchen combined with living room
Nothing wrong, that you Khrushchev - the right design can be done in any room

Methods of zone

To combine the kitchen and the living room - it does not mean to demolish the walls and on their own ideas to equip the new premises. To look stylish home, room compulsorily divided into two zones. Zoning is not only visually expands the boundaries of the two zones, but specifically indicates the purpose and function of each of them. shared space, using a minimum of objects and furniture. decorative elements, Decoration Materials (and their quality), home decoration should be in harmony with each other and overlap. There are several ways to zoning.

Drop the floor level or different floor coverings

If the owners are willing to clearly separate the kitchen and living room, the floor of the cooking zone is above. It looks spectacular and makes it possible to hide a communication floors. Alternatively possible to equip the space under the floor for storage of small objects rarely used. But if the apartment has kids or old people, the step is a potential hazard to them. In this case, a reasonable solution is as follows: different floor coverings without Elevations (linoleum, laminate, carpet and ceramic tile).

multilevel ceiling

Such embodiment does not represent any inconvenience, but it allows you to clearly identify the cooking zone. Stretch ceilings for the living room in Khrushchev - is also a popular option. It is important to choose the right lighting: in a recreation area of ​​the light should be soft and diffused, in the kitchen - a bright and intense.

Multilevel ceiling kitchen-living room
Multilevel ceiling - interesting and beautiful version

The use of columns and arches

The modern market of building materials is a wide range of decorative architectural elements. columns, stucco, pilasters, arch easy to install. They are used in the classical, and in modern styles.

bar counter

This simple solution is different functionality and elegance. It saves space, because it can replace a dining and desk. Worktops leg of bright nickel, installed at the border zones, great shared space. bar counters, complete with shelves and cabinets, They allow you to use them as storage sites. The bar counter is especially loved by young people, who often gather friends.

Advanced opening

One of the light kitchen division choices and living room - remove the old doors and expand opening, decorating it with columns, arch and spotlights. This method is suitable for those, who can not be solved completely demolish the wall.

Different types of wall decoration

A simple way to divide the room - paint it in different colors (in harmony with each other and) or separate different materials. The walls of the cooking area is lined with tiles, as in the recreation area of ​​the surface of paint or wallpaper.

Different types of wall decoration
The walls of the clothes and food they need to be under the style of the room

Stylized cupboard kitchen

If a small family or a home is almost do not prepare at home, the room furniture can be hidden in the unusual wardrobe of enormous size. This solution is unusual, but it has a right to exist.


If the room has a spacious niche, then do not use it a crime. It can easily be placed in kitchen. If the room has a balcony or loggia, room can be reprogrammed so, so that the formed niche to place kitchen cabinets and lockers.

False walls and partitions

Zoning the kitchen and the living room wall - a favorite design method. Designers like to use a variety of racks and air partitions made of wood, glass and plastic. Besides, that they share the room into two zones, they are used as a place for the vases, aquariums or trinkets.

Placement of furniture

If there is no desire to experiment with zoning, you can try an easy method of separating the kitchen and living area with the help of furniture. Table-curbstone help visually divide the room. If the location allows, put a large sofa perpendicular to the wall in such a way, so that it is visually separate the recreation area from the kitchen.


Options for combining the kitchen and living room are many, so there is plenty to choose from. But first you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons.