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Interesting ideas kitchen on the balcony: the dream of their own hands

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Spacious and comfortable kitchen - the dream of every housewife. Modern mnogokvartirniki take into account the need for space in the kitchen light and air, but the "Khrushchev" and "Malosemeika" explicitly saved on the comfort of the future owners. Owning a tiny kitchens have to show the wonders of ingenuity. design Thinking small balcony, unwittingly come to the conclusion, Do not combine it with a kitchen.

Kitchen with balcony
Kitchen with a beautiful balcony will make your apartment more comfortable

In life, almost nothing is impossible, and the kitchen instead of the balcony does not go beyond the bounds of reasonable. Of course, like remodeling requires a lot of patience and financial costs, but in the end you get more living space in your own apartment.

so, decision of balconies make the kitchen made. Where to begin?

Combine a balcony and a small kitchen: start with curtains, sofa or even with something

first, have to do, This is indicated by the scale of the problem. It will have to answer two questions.

Kitchen with balcony

  1. Balcony insulated and glazed? The correct answer is - yes. Wrong answer will lead to an increase in financial costs and time to redevelop. Balcony in any case will have to be glazed and warm.
  2. Is it possible to dismantle the outer wall? The correct answer is - yes. Incorrect answer limit design possibilities. If the outer wall is a carrier, remove it does not fully succeed.

The desire of the balconies make the kitchen is considered to be a serious redevelopment and requires the mandatory approval of the relevant authorities. The neglect of this issue will lead to big problems.

Complete the task - turning the balcony in the room - in several ways.

Kitchen on the balcony

  • Instruct
    all questions to professionals: they will prepare a design project, agree with authorities, to perform work. You will only have to pay for their services.
  • Make it yourself: if there is a lot of free time this is feasible.
  • Delegate authority: approval instruct professionals, and construction (all or part) take over.

When combining residential areas with residential apartments, first you need to prepare the room, in fact, would need balcony repairs.

expanding territory: insulation and glazing balconies

Remaking the balcony will begin with insulation and glazing.

open plan kitchen with balcony

If the balcony railing made of brick or concrete slab, it is enough to warm contemporary materials (penoplex, Styrofoam, or fiberglass). Simple lattice have to be replaced on a reliable and durable metal frame. For mounting frame an old guard is removed entirely Bulgarian. New metal frame is welded to the mortgage balcony (metal strips in the concrete).

Warming of the balcony is conducted over the entire area: ceiling, walls and floors. Than thicker insulation, so it will be warmer in the new kitchen.

For laying insulation to do a wooden crate. The floor joists are paving (short cross bars), and topped with longitudinal rails over the entire length. Insulation between the joists clog crates. Then stack waterproof film. For internal tiling approach drywall. They cover the resulting sandwich in the balcony. On the drywall can lay tile or wallpaper glue, it will be an excellent basis for decorative premises.

dining area on the balcony

When installing the battens should be used level. Otherwise avoid distortions and irregularities.

Warming of the brick walls and the ceiling is carried out on the same technology.

For external works great option - finish walls with siding with insulation.

The advantages of this material:

  • It keeps hitting (he was not afraid of mechanical damage),
  • not toxic,
  • It requires no additional decoration,
  • easy to install,
  • It does not require special care,
  • durable.

part of the kitchen on the balcony

Warming of the balcony of siding with their hands in several steps:

  1. Installing battens on the outside balcony. This wooden beams ranging from 30 on 30 mm 60 on 60 mm.
  2. Mounting frame for siding lanes - setting the lower bottom profile on the balcony slab and design corners with special trims.
  3. Installation of cladding strips. Siding sheets cling to each other, a crate attached to the screws. Self-tapping screws are screwed not fully. Under the influence of the sun and moisture siding has the ability to expand, so you need to leave space for free panel movement. Otherwise, it deforms.
  4. Installation of the upper casing. If the fence is made of bricks, then fasten the siding on a wall, It should also be observing all stages.

Installing siding with their hands at high altitude is not necessary, better attract professionals.

stylish kitchen on the balcony

For glazing balconies need to use double or triple glazing. This will prevent condensation and protect against unnecessary noise.

Council. Enlarge balcony and save space on your new kitchen, you can use the little trick. It should bear part of the sill outside the balcony to the street (literally 30 cm) and work area will be more. If space is a balcony dining room, then this move will increase the width of the window sill. Which is also very functional. The increase in the balcony due to the extension of the base plate is undesirable - this will affect the reliability of buildings.

To be or not to be an outside wall: how to make raisins in the interior

If the outer wall, opening onto a balcony, a carrier, the imperceptible transition between rooms will not work. There are several ways, how to deal with recalcitrant construction element.

balcony kitchen

  • Dismantle the window and the door and leave the stone ledge as tabletops or shelves.
  • Dismantle the window and door, and with them under the window ledge, leaving only partition. He will share space, but not so much.

If all approvals are obtained, and it's time to start dismantling, the required punch, hammer and mount.

Removing the balcony wall or window and door units is performed after and insulation glazing balconies.

Variant with a balcony: kitchen 8,9,10,11,12 sq.m

kitchen equipment on the balcony may require heat transfer. One of the advantages of the impossibility to remove the bearing wall - no need to carry radiators. Agree on the transfer of heating is very difficult. Not because of the whim of officials, and for justified reasons,. Can drop the pressure in the riser and heating system in all the entrance is under threat.

couch on the balcony

If the design of the balcony involves heating the transfer, it is best to outsource this part of the work to professionals. Statement as to leave the choice of a new radiator.

The most durable - iron radiator, it is not less than 30 years old. Less of this product - it is a long time heats and cools. Aluminum battery quickly and gladly give off heat, weigh little, are at least 15 years old. Minus - demanding to heat carrier (to the level of the water ph, which is used for heating). Bimetallic radiator has a high heat transfer and is not dependent on the quality of the coolant. This is the best option for heating in mnogokvartirnikah.

The new kitchen design: what and where to place

Make the kitchen on the balcony There are three types of redevelopment:

kitchen with balcony in the same style

  1. The imposition of the working area - cleaning, plate, tabletop, refrigerator located attached to the territory. Get a small kitchen on the balcony. In this case transferred to a balcony water and sewer pipes, to conduct electricity.
  2. Arrangement dining area: chairs and table on the balcony, and the working area in the kitchen. Electricity still have to carry out, that was enough light over the table, but the time-consuming work on the transfer of water and sanitation are canceled.
  3. In the attached balcony space for storing food and kitchen utensils. The kitchen space is immediately available. The interior of the new premises can vary, and beautifully done closet on the balcony, Replace conventional door on stained glass.

beautiful kitchen on the balcony
Beautiful kitchen on the balcony will not leave anyone indifferent

Re-planning of the kitchen - a field for creative owners square meters. Developing interesting ideas furnish balcony, stick to simple principles.

Making a balcony and a kitchen in a single style is appropriate, if it is taken out of the furniture from the set and household appliances.

If you prefer the principle of zoning, do not overdo the use of bright colors. Otherwise, get two small instead of spacious and bright room, which separates let fake, but visual wall.


When designing a new kitchen do not forget about comfort. Cooking Process - pulled products, washed, cut, prepared - has not been canceled, even if the kitchen on the balcony. If you break the chain, put a refrigerator or stove too far, the hostess will be more tired. Equip a new kitchen is necessary, taking into account the rules of the triangle (fridge, washing, plate).