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The ideal kitchen remodeling in Khrushchev: 5 the main points

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Kitchen area of ​​a maximum of six squares called none other than Khrushchev. House with apartments of this kind were built several decades ago, and current trends in interior design plan has nothing to do. Therefore, each new owner of small-sized housing there is a natural desire to make the atmosphere comfortable and modern. It helps in the kitchen remodeling in Khrushchev with his own hands.

Re-planning of the kitchen in the Khrushchev
Replan - interesting, but time-consuming idea

opportunities redevelopment

Properly conducted renovation of the kitchen in the Khrushchev solves the main problem of acute shortage of space. At the same time possible a different design of the final space, determined by selecting one of the following options for change:

plan kitchen

  1. Cardinally solve the problem demolition of the wall becomes, separating the kitchen and living room. Increasing the area thus does not occur, but by combining the two rooms apartments and symbolic zoning is possible to increase comfort, eliminating the need for constant "maneuvering" between the two rooms.
    Creating a zoning plan, preferably use multilevel floor, to equip the bar, also serves as a dining table and frees the kitchen space.
  2. Merging into one kitchen space with loggia or balcony. In such a situation lay in the Khrushchev markedly improved. Only there is a need for additional insulation in contact with the street space. The result is a cozy area with an overview of the street for dinners and family gatherings.Kitchen Design hruschevke
  3. The large window sill becomes a miniature kitchen space a real lifeline. Replacing the old item to the new product of greater width, Unable to create a comfortable dining table, saving the already limited space.
  4. The practical layout of the small kitchen in the Khrushchev without radical rearrangements - this integration of the desktop in the kitchen with his unfolding when needed.
  5. The last and most original embodiment may be called a non-standard finish doorways using drywall constructions. In this situation, even the most incredible justified decision until asymmetric curved openings, some of which can act as shelves for placement of dishes and other furnishings.

plan kitchen with balcony
Balcony to be old and not in good condition

The only negative point, inherent to the first embodiment, is the inability to create a closed space in the kitchen while cooking for the protection of the adjoining room of odors, operating sound of the refrigerator, fumes from the stove. The solution is to install a powerful means of drawing and the maximum distance of the recreation area of ​​household appliances. Then the kitchen remodeling in Khrushchev will not cause discomfort.

Carrying out works

Planning to change the appearance of the kitchen, it is important to remember the invalid adjustments:

  • Excluded independent transfer of gas equipment;
  • You may not modify the location of the sewage sludge, water supply and heating systems;
  • A significant change is considered a violation of the ventilation system, which is made uniform for all flats riser.

plan kitchen in a five-storey apartment with his hands

We should focus on actions with interior walls and supporting structures, which often involves planning a kitchen in five-storey apartment.

Working with the load-bearing structures

If there is a desire to remove the wall between the living room and kitchen and create a modern interior in the form of studio apartments, you need to carefully study the plan kitchen in the Khrushchev on the available documents, because by law you can only change the location of the interior walls, but no load-bearing walls.

Combining the kitchen with a balcony
Most good option - make a dining area on the balcony

To transfer load-bearing walls in the Khrushchev panel structure is not permitted without a special permit. Ideally deal with paperwork and construction works construction organizations should, specialists who are able to correctly calculate the reinforcing structure. Otherwise, it may breach the integrity of the building.

Dismantling the interior walls from top to begin, pre-wetting the surface with water or zaveshivaya its wet cloth to absorb dust core. Concrete walls are removed, using a hammer and a sledgehammer, for dismantling the brick wall is first removed plaster, then dismantle the clutch, hitting a chisel and a hammer on the seams places.

Pre such work, it is desirable to agree with the neighbors because of the increased noise.

supply of communications

Supply of communications in the kitchen
Communications skilled entrust

Communication Khrushchev as a wiring, Water supply and sanitation - the object of special attention. Usually, repairs planned in apartments, which have not been conducted with the replacement of said elements, so the state is deplorable. Capital to kitchen remodeling has been successful and has not arisen in the future need for the elimination of leakage water and other troubles, necessary to provide a number of activities:

  1. Re-run the wiring in the Khrushchev. In this case it provides a sufficient number of outlets near the working surface, zone lighting, separating the kitchen and living room, general lighting. Typically, to perform such work within the walls of a special shaped Stroebe, in which are stacked corrugated plastic shell with stretched wires in them.
  2. Completely replaced the water supply and sanitation with the carving of old metal pipes and installation of plastic constructions, that "hide" in a plasterboard wall or kitchen unit.
  3. If you plan to transfer gas cookers, it performs the appropriate organization for a special permit. Pipe connections Hose make yourself.

Khrushchev in the kitchen project

For the correct organization of work with utilities pre-prepare a sketch of the updated rooms, determining the location of the basic elements in the form of plates, wash, the refrigerator, boiler or gas boiler, dishwasher or washing machine.


In addition to working with communications, necessarily performed rough finish, implying alignment of the walls by means of plaster or drywall, laying on the floor leveling screed, the installation of new windows (this stage is the beginning of repair after redevelopment). When the walls are ready, it remains to establish the elements of the heating system and go to the final finishing.