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About the installation height of sockets in the kitchen: We do it right

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Home repair begins with, that will solve the problem, where the right to put the socket in the apartment. Often it comes to the owners in the head just after, like arranging furniture and inconvenience of using appliances causes discomfort. To avoid this, fully consider the installation rules. Today our goal - kitchen.

Home electrician
Home electrician has to be done according to the rules and regulations - safety first

Features and types of outlets in the kitchen

Personal preference to the external design - business owners. In a constructive manner should choose the European model of the grounding circuit or without - the first option requires a corresponding power line. If, before the installation in the kitchen were the usual outlets in the kitchen under the equipment, it is necessary to immediately alter the wiring under the new standard - appliances with old forks hardly let, and the number of extra wires in the kitchen - unsafe. important points:

Warning - if high power electrical appliances are nearby and turned on simultaneously, This trigger voltage drop and socket fusion.

Types of sockets in the kitchen
types of e-mail. outlets may be different

It requires the use of either a variable connection of safety batchfile.

  • separate food. This is not about a healthy lifestyle, but the extension of its household appliances. So, fridge, washing machine and dishwasher, electrical receive own nest - their power is great and aggregates adversely affect each other. Dependence is manifested in the deterioration of the quality of work. Positioning devices and, respectively, outlet in the kitchen should be in this order.

But, the kitchen is not limited to these household helpers. Microwave, Harvesters or other units, make life easier housewives - also feed electricity. Low-power devices are equipped with a group of nests and installed in an inconspicuous place. Locate the outlet behind the TV - a great idea.

The height of electrical outlets - the main condition for the safety and comfort

Before starting work,, owners, usually, already know the location of kitchen furniture - built-in or modular headset, instruments. Therefore, the installation height of sockets in the kitchen depends entirely on the subject of the appointment. detail:

  • The popular built in household equipment for laying electric creates many problems. This is due to the lack of distance behind her. for example, the height of the outlet for washing machines or dishwashers - 6-10 cm from the ground near the instrument. Enable or disable them permanently is not required, and in case of replacement equipment, outdoor kitchen cabinet must have the appropriate compartment.
  • Dimensional refrigerator periodically turned off for washing, defrost. Push it hard, so the socket mounting height is calculated by its parameters and is mounted on it.

Sockets in the kitchen
Sockets and switches should be located in a convenient location

  • Electric above the work surface. The height of the outlet above the kitchen worktop is calculated from the personal needs, but not less than 15 cm from its surface. Household items as a mixer or a kettle are in place permanently - for them to use double slot or tees apron.

The kitchen lights needed working area. This lights above the wall cabinets - height of 10-15 cm from the outlet surface, Switch them on a kitchen apron.

Can not do without hoods. Perfect, if placed on the air outlet duct - pipe. If the hood is equipped with a shelf, then make the wall outlet in the kitchen for it will have close to the excretory duct.

  • additional sockets. Outlet from the floor at a height 10 see will not be superfluous never, if owners love to change the interior of the kitchen, or spend more time on it with "no cooking" objectives: to read, surf the Internet, engaged in crop production - planting seedlings, eg, It requires a sufficient heating and light.

As such standard height sockets and switches does not exist. There are several provisions recommending the installation. they lack rigor, but they should follow.

Setting outlet
Installing the socket must be done master electrician

Where to perform the installation of kitchen electrical outlets can not be

Electricity - dangerous communication. Power equipment is only exacerbated his "murderous" effect. Therefore, prior to repair and shtrobleniya walls, it is important to understand the installation responsibility. seats, where the connection sockets is forbidden:

  1. Land or over the sink. There's the height of sockets in the kitchen floor is not even considered - the humidity near the electricity is dangerous for the owners.
  2. Apron or wall surface on hobs. Steaming - it is too damp and prevent its interaction with electricity can not. With care and equipped space under the boards - should be guaranteed by the absence of fever. In this case, height from the floor to the outlet in the kitchen for the heat source - Minimal. Otherwise nest later and less oplavitsya, what will happen to the owner - a short circuit and damage household appliances.
  3. Should not be placed for the electric heating appliances at small "Piglet" Square. Teapot, toaster or multivarka - this household appliances, presenting a danger of burns, electric shock - they put on a broad surface with high freedom of movement. In this case, the height of kitchen outlets similar to other, located on the apron of tile.

The correct and intelligent height installation of sockets and switches European standard - a guarantee of comfort and safety. It is important to create your own layout sketch showing the mounting sockets before the shtrobleniya. To perform high-quality work, consult a competent electrician, showed him drawings. after approval, start the installation.