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9 The main advantage of Spanish tiles for the kitchen

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When designing the renovation of the kitchen, note, that first of all this room is a working place. Here food is prepared daily and this particular work takes the hostess a lot of time and effort. At the same time reduce the time, paying to prepare a certain dish will hardly, here is to reduce the time for cleaning is quite possible, We need only, the coating of walls and floor was appropriate. In this case, to wash the walls, caked grease and food will cook quickly and painlessly. to do floor and walls for a kitchen best suited for the kitchen tile Spanish, which is in all respects meets the needs of the average person. This beautiful and elegant finishing material, which get put in every kitchen of every multi-storey private house or.

Kitchen with Spanish tiles
Kitchen with Spanish tiles will look original

first position

Building shops and markets offer a lot of products to choose from consumers, of which turned out to make an apron for the kitchen. Floor no less options: laminate, parquet, linoleum and a bunch of other. Walls glue washable wallpaper, different color paint is applied or textured plaster. But in front of each of these options is worth tiles for kitchen Spain, which has the properties, characteristic of her and nothing more than. Tiles for the walls and the floor is better suited, than anything else.

Spanish tiles

Spanish tiles on the apron It has the undeniable advantages, which we summarize in the following list:

  • Endures high humidity, even directly exposed to water will not harm;
  • Wall tiles will not absorb odors and various substance, which appear in the kitchen while cooking;
  • Not inferior to the strength of the stone;
  • Household chemicals do not spoil such a decision;
  • Sudden changes in temperature are not afraid;
  • heavy objects, fell on the tiles with a height of human company no harm;
  • The appearance of the tiles will not change with proper care, even through 30 years old;
  • Spanish tiles for flooring proposed in such a wide assortment, that every person will be able to choose a custom design with no problems;
  • Spanish tile is famous for the quality of more than one hundred years, it is appreciated in the days of our ancestors. There love to eat well and solutions for kitchen choose not worse.

Spanish tile kitchen tile
Spanish tiles - is a high-quality material

As you can see the kitchen space tile repair an indispensable tool, not do without it. Other options do not have such a set of qualities, which are here. The only disadvantage of the tile - it is cold, barefoot walk on it is unpleasant, even in the hot summer. But then lay the tile will not in the bedroom, and in the kitchen. Therefore this problem is not so urgent, Yes, and it is solved laying underfloor heating, so that the legs do not feel cold. Ceramic coated floor will heat up quickly, so that you freeze in the kitchen will no longer.

Materials for apron

Spanish tiles for the kitchen

If you decide, the tile 10 on 20 in Spain you are not satisfied, then hasten to disappoint you - there is an area, which does not happen to others to perform. This so-called kitchen apron, which is built around the kitchen work areas. From the effects of cooking and working in the kitchen tile set must cover the wall behind the sink, gas stove and table, for which you are preparing. This zone is subjected to such negative factors, characteristic kitchen cooking:

  1. Molten splashes, that fall on the floor and walls;
  2. If the hood is not, the steam going to the ceiling;
  3. regularly hits the wall boiling and just cold water;
  4. Next to the wall you regularly oruduete sharp objects, Venetian plaster corny erased;
  5. Climate change;
  6. The floor and walls are cleaned regularly aggressive chemistry.

The working area is suitable small size tiles

How visible, not each option walls can withstand kitchen realities. Decorating the walls of bark beetle not survive frequent cleaning, and any other options to be fed with fat and begin to fall off the wall a couple of months.

We do the kitchen floor

The floor in this room needs attention no less, than the wall. it's desirable, Spanish tiles to 45 × 45 also lay on the floor, nor on one wall. The decision to put on the floor tiles or not taken individually, though it is desirable, but not necessarily. Finishing the floor tile is dictated not only in terms of usability conditions, but also comfort. Note, that when cooking fat is flying not only the walls, but also on the floor, do not forget about it. After this always something falls on the floor: sharp knives and forks, cutlery and cooking utensils, Yes and a bunch of other.

Spanish tiles for the kitchen on an apron

Spilled water in the kitchen is about to flock in pools or under the wall if you have not even. Moreover, to ensure, that you do not spill anything on the floor can not be: even in an extremely skillful hostess cooking paired with a certain force majeure. cold ceramics, Laid her hands on the floor through the water will not pass and will not deteriorate from this. In addition withstand every negative point, which appears in the kitchen, this material is capable of exclusively. There are so-called self-leveling floor, which is not inferior in tile parameters, but for the price it - you can every room in the house is tiled for the money. Tile easily adjusted for wall design, even if you do not lay out each wall in the kitchen tiles.

Spanish tiles on the kitchen floor
Nice when on the floor also have patterns

The assortment

When painting the walls Venetian plaster for you is not an option, and you prefer tile, the Spanish selection will allow you to choose the desired. different colors, shape and visual composition like each. In this regard, the size predominate standard 10 × 10 and 10 × 20. There are size and smaller, but they are chosen based on the specific features of the room, which carried out repairs. In addition, the tiles are sold in small boxes and it is easy to select the right amount, while the textured plaster woodworm sold all the bags, and remains a strong possibility, that will be excess material.

In terms of the variety of colors is not less. Each pick up plain and colored variants of individual design. There are also options for the tile with a picture, which managed to create elegant panels. These kits come expensive, but the kitchen transformed instantly. In addition, the decorative plaster walls will cost more woodworm, than tiles.

put the tiles

If the Venetian plaster with your hands placed ordinary trowel and work does not require special here, the tile requires accuracy and persistence, to put as follows. But at this stage it comes time to start laying the tiles, there's no getting around it.

Laying tiles
Laying the tiles should be carried out by skilled hands

And this hard work will have to pay more than one day. It is desirable to get the Internet detailed instructions for laying, but still need a tool:

  • Power drill and a nozzle for mixing a solution of;
  • volume bucket;
  • Rubber, smooth and shaped spatula;
  • Large and small level;
  • A set of chisels;
  • Measuring tools;
  • Marker or pencil;
  • We'll have to find more and Tile.

Spanish tiles on the apron

Before, you begin to put scroll formulas and websites dedicated to this topic, do not be afraid to ask questions, if you do not know the answer to something.

If you have a tile is expensive, and you have never engaged in this business, we recommend that you hired a specialist in this work. Conduct training on such materials is not necessary.


summing up

Tile, that is placed on the floor and walls of the kitchen is a time-tested and many people material, which is placed in the most hostile environments: in bathrooms and kitchens. If you want to make the repairs once and then forget about it for a long time, This option is best suited for you, than others.