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repair success in the kitchen depends on the right start: to start work

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When planning a renovation in the kitchen, it is important to consider the design of the new situation and right to navigate in the list of works, paint all the points. After all, to be hard work with putty and plaster works, Wiring and other communications, ceiling trim, Finished-wall and floor materials. Also, do not ignore the doors and windows.

renovated kitchen
Renovated kitchen looks wonderfully

Where to begin repairs in the kitchen, how to dub the surface and whether the plastering drywall need? Answers to these questions will be discussed below.

Organize repair work correctly

To make an inexpensive repair their own hands, you need to stock up on the necessary tools and get acquainted with the technology of the upcoming events. It has a value and priority repairs.

kitchen repairs

for example, at major pereobustroystve premises with the replacement of the windows start to finish with the design of window openings, and then step through the kitchen renovation in the following order:

  • Defined power carts, gases, water, sewerage system;
  • Decorate the ceiling and walls;
  • Floor trail on the floor.

Thus necessarily takes into account the nuances of processes described below.

What to do with communications

Reorganization of existing and supply of new communications begin with electrical networks, as the repair of the ceiling and walls can not be complete until the end of the wiring. To minimize such events is possible only in case of finishing facilities in a new building.

It is important to immediately consider the location of the sockets and provide enough of them for a free connection used in the kitchen appliances. If you are planning organization in the working area of ​​the local lighting, provide a separate output for him.

Communications experts should conduct

Of course, ideally perform such work must be professional electrician, but, in a pinch, can be carried out repairs on their hands, the following measures::

  1. For wiring the flat three-wire cable is used, having a double insulation consisting of rigid and solid wires, not prone to sagging. The minimum conductor cross-section is 2 mm in diameter
  2. If the room is dry, wire paving, Using Grooves or made of metal gofroshlangi, Therefore, further work plan must include the plastering of walls and plaster.
  3. For fixing the cable every 15 cm uses masking tape, in Stroebe used alabaster. When the wire is on the exposed surface, reliable lock becomes silicone construction.

Communications remontremont in the kitchen

If you plan to make plasterboard ceiling, conductors are installed in the spaces between the profiles - the framework for the new ceiling.

If there is no need for independent installation Communications, you can immediately begin repairs to the installation of drywall constructions.

In addition to the electrical, necessarily mounted ventilation system. To do this, at an altitude of 60-70 cm from the plate is desirable to provide a high quality electrical extract, as such forced ventilation eliminates deposition of fat on kitchen surfaces and quickly removes the unpleasant smell of the room. Therefore to begin renovation of the kitchen in stages necessary to determine the place of location of the hood, organization of electricity supply. From the old ventilation pipe in such a situation, get rid.

Laying of communications
Electricians with a crust to make things right

Then move to the sewer, gazo- and water supply, if necessary, replacing the steel pipe with plastic or propylene constructs. We need to dwell separately on the works of gas supply for the future plate. For this special flexible hoses are used no longer 4 m. Similar elements for supplying water should not exceed one and a half meters in length.

Rough finish by plastering, plaster and drywall

When you are finished with communications pass to finish the ceiling and walls. If the situation has not changed for a long time, It needs to begin repairs to clean the surface of the underlayer (by washing), plastering and putty before painting or pasting wallpaper. Work with the ceiling only in the last instance, when selecting a tension structure, which is set after repair

We should focus on leveling the surface of the ceiling and walls, is performed as follows::

stylish kitchen renovated

  • To begin, determine the degree of deviation of the surface from the horizontal or the vertical using rules or building level;
  • If the differences do not exceed 5 cm, carry out the alignment of walls on beacons;
  • When significant deviations values ​​by considering finishes decorative panels, lining, drywall.

seats, reserved under the apron, the qualitative plastering walls do not require additional rough finish, so you can go directly to the laying of tiles on the wall.

Plastered walls of plasterboard
Plasterboard is a very versatile material

If you create a drywall constructions, acquired a special plaster for drywall or putty composition. Often putty plasterboard becomes only necessary to adjust the smoothness of the material. In this technology, a special putty plasterboard - first plane is outputted to the joints between the individual sheets and buried locations fixation screws. Before pasting wallpaper right drywall putty completely, therefore, the next step is applied onto the entire surface of the sheet. To plaster drywall completed without disrupting the appearance of vertical and sag, They use a special rule.

In practice, the plaster Drywall is rarely used. For a perfect flatness, qualitative contact with paint or wallpaper paste sufficiently spackling and subsequent priming.

Simultaneously with finishing plaster walls window and door slopes.

Work with the floor

In the next step pass into the clearance floor covering. Today, many tend to do in the kitchen Warm floors, which is especially important, if as a finishing material selected practical, but cold tiles. Therefore, you must pre-install collector for underfloor heating, paving the finished electrical construction or making floor heating in an assembled version of their own hands, working by hot water.

Flat floor is like new shoes

Before laying the concrete screed necessarily performed for the surface alignment. After laying the heating elements according to the instructions or recommendations of specialists top layer is filled with another solution, then provided the finishing screed. Finalize the floor and lay tile or laminate can be, when the surface is completely dry.

Decoration of windows and doorways

windowed kitchen opening

Another stage is the installation of a door assembly with a box, installation nalichnikov. For the convenience of the kitchen mounted sliding doors, securing rails on the floor to move the set on the bottom leaf rollers. An interesting embodiment are folding doors, takes up little space and create an unusual flavor. The only disadvantage of folding structures - small enough thickness of the fabrics and snug fit to the opening.


The doors are mounted in front wall rough finish and good latched closed by means of masking tape dense film for dust protection, Moisture and corrosive finishing compositions. Windows for the period of repair, too, it is desirable to close the polyethylene, otherwise, after the completion of any problems with money from the paint and putty mixtures.