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Choice of kitchen units: 5 reasons to pay attention to furniture made of MDF

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plates, which are made of wood shavings, widely used in the furniture industry. cost of, appearance and quality of the products depends on the method of compressing sawdust and surface treatment. DSP, LDRI, MDF - for these reductions lies the answer to the question, what's better: Kitchen from MDF and particleboard. The problem of choice becomes crucial, if deal with the manufacturing process of these materials and to compare them with each other. Kitchen facades made of MDF, that they look like?

Kitchen set
Kitchen set is basic furniture in the room refectory

What is particle board and laminated chipboard

Plates are pressed from sawdust, which are bonded by hot adhesive composition based on formaldehyde. Chipboard - covered with a film of the kind of plate of chips. It is because they are made furniture, including kitchen. The advantages include chipboard:

Kitchen furniture from laminated chipboard

  • Reasonable cost compared with other materials for the manufacture of kitchen furniture.
  • Ease of handling - material effortlessly sawn, drilled, glued.
  • Moisture resistance due to the addition in the production of paraffin.
  • heat resistance.
  • The variety of choice of colors, with the texture of wood is transferred fully and vividly.

Choosing furniture made of chipboard, find out, manner in which the film is glued - laminated version will last a couple of years, laminate will please you much longer

However, the consumer is not too fond of the products, made of chipboard, and this is the main reason - the lack of sustainability. Formaldehyde is harmful to health, so when buying products pay attention to the treatment of edges. Choosing such products, you know the environmental class - suitable E1 only.

The second drawback acts stiffness chipboard, so from it are linear design - the facade is not possible to make kitchen furniture round.

Kitchen of chipboard
Chipboard - the perfect material for those, who decided to make their own kitchen

MDF and its characteristics

MDF boards made from sawdust "finely ground", which are interconnected lignin under the influence of pressure and temperature. Lignin - a natural adhesive. It is released by heating wood fractions. Given the specificity of manufacturing slabs products belongs to the category of environmentally friendly - formaldehyde therefrom is not allocated.

Kitchen furniture from MDF material

Product Benefits

MDF furniture manufacturers consider one of the best for the manufacture of kitchen sets and other products, because he:

  1. Environmentally friendly - dry pressing occurs without addition of harmful components.
  2. Plates behave like wood - they are strong, solid, wear.
  3. It has a cost below, compared with timber.
  4. Plastic - bar bent, so the kitchen made of MDF can have rounded elements, carved facades.
  5. The thickness of the sheet - 4-22 mm.
  6. When processing sheets do not crumble - they fit chipboard 2 fold.


Stove heavy enough, therefore made entirely from MDF furniture - a rarity. Usually made facades, and the frame is assembled from chipboard. Another minus - the price. Despite the fact that it is lower, than the wooden sets, in comparison with chipboard the price is still quite large.

Kitchen from MDF
Kitchen MDF - excellent combination of simplicity and quality

Choice of kitchen units

If you do not take into account the costs incurred in various ways plates, the main difference from the particle board MDF - it is environmentally friendly and compliance in the treatment of the latter material. That is why it is so widely used in the manufacture of kitchen furniture. Opted for MDF products, You'll get:

  1. Reliable and robust set of furniture - the service life of 10-20 years and depends on careful attitude to the headset.
  2. Various forms of furniture sections - corner kitchen of MDF made with curved facades, have glass insert, thread, stamping.
  3. Stunning colors.
  4. Eco-friendly and hygienic products - material prevents the growth of bacteria or fungus
  5. Affordable price - furniture made of MDF identical wooden, but it costs less.

MDF material headsets

MDF kitchen sets have several options for a decorative finish, which also determines their value. A deep and intense palette is created enamelling. It is applied after the primer, performed in several layers, be restored to case of damage. Ready or bespoke suite has a matte, glossy, monochromatic or changes depending on the illumination or viewing angle surface. The enamel should be treated with care, It is expensive - a cover cons.

Film - democratic and practical way to finish, which fits perfectly into any interior. Shockproof plus simplicity of caring for PVC facades makes them popular and in demand.

Finish foil dishes
Decorating kitchen foil - convenience above all else

Plastic - advanced technology, having no flaws, but still available at very high prices.

Stand out dishes, in which the material is coated with veneer MDF. Distinguish such products from the timber is almost impossible. They make the interior an elegant and presentable.

Applications MDF

From eco-friendly plates are produced not only sets - tables MDF kitchen perfectly complement the interiors created. Plastic sheets can create tabletops of different shapes and colors, which are decorated with embossed, thread, picture. Strength and moisture resistance plates guarantee long service desks.

nice set of MDF material

MDF only facades are used in furniture, headboards and tabletops, and the frames are made of chipboard - the product, which is completely made of MDF, It has too much weight

Since MDF ranked among the safest materials, it can be widely used for the production of children's furniture. It should pay particular attention to the quality of the frames - MDF furniture with open edges particle board becomes a source of formaldehyde emission.


A few words about the main

When local manufacturers increase the release of MDF boards, the price is sure to go down. Right away the main drawback of kitchen sets - high cost. Symbiosis of chipboard and MDF allow you to create a light and durable furniture with an attractive design. The use of different materials to finish - Enamel, PVC, veneer, plastic - provides the ability to purchase products in different price categories, while durability, appearance and moisture products do not suffer.