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Choosing a kitchen for small spaces

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Do not be mistaken told, that more than half of the population forced to live in small kitchens, and at times its size can be extremely small, thereby providing appropriate inconvenience, in the regeneration, and further using.

Kitchen for small spaces
Kitchen for small spaces should be as practical and functional

kitchen equipment and kitchen-living room furniture small size of the apartment and a private home

Regardless of the size of the kitchen, it must have all the conditions for comfortable cooking, of dinner with their families, or for the evening with a cup of coffee and pleasant conversation. And so on for kitchen 3-4 man, You must present the following options for items:

Small kitchen

  • Fridge.
  • washing.
  • Cutting surface for food preparation.
  • Cooking surface, ie cooker.
  • Oven for baking.
  • Furniture for all existing kitchen utensils.

But this is only the minimum option for kitchen, which must be present anyway. The fact, that when you create a kitchen interior, Many people want to use everyday objects, because only in this case it is provided by the practicality of use, and other amenities.

compact kitchen

Headsets and layout of the kitchen space

In order to create comfort and practicality in the use of kitchen space, you must use the kitchen group for a small kitchen, because the room needs a rational distribution of space, thus emphasizing their specific features and parameters of practicality in the use.

The most commonly used angular kitchen furniture for a small kitchen, so as you can emphasize all the interior features and create all the necessary conditions. The fact, here all the furniture placed corner, wherein it includes all the required surface for the cooking, a cutting surface, and also not do without washing, which is located in a corner at the junction of furniture. Thanks to this arrangement does not create any inconvenience in the use, which is considered an important advantage.

beautiful kitchen

Construction of the dining area in the interior of a modern kitchen: design secrets

Regardless of the available space, dining area for a small kitchen is needed, because in that case it is possible to create all conditions for a comfortable meal, emphasize the practicality and usability of the interior, and create an appropriate atmosphere. And to a dining area in the kitchen has been created in accordance with all the rules, pay attention to the selection of appropriate furniture.


To create a full-fledged human comfort during the meal, required space for the arrangement of his 0,7 square meters. AND, on the basis of these parameters,, select the appropriate Kitchen table according to the number of family members. The most popular kitchen tables 60 X 90. For such a table can accommodate up to seven people.

small-sized kitchen

But what, if you need a kitchen area for a small kitchen? In this case, there are three options:

Put a small table in the kitchen, 50 see the strength, Thereby reducing, the required area of ​​the dining room for each person, and thus providing the corresponding discomfort when eating. Small dining tables for kitchen, 50 cm average area will easily accommodate four, that corresponds to the size of many modern families.

Use alternatives to create a dining area in the form of setting the bar, a small table for alternate snack, or you can choose a minimum of furniture to standard dining tables could fit. Here the decision is made individually depending on the square space and human desires.


The third option is equipping the dining room in a separate area, that is, in the dining room. If this option is suitable based on the size of the apartment and the number of rooms, then we can think about the creation of a separate dining room for meals, thereby ensuring practicality, convenience and many other usability. With this plan you can use any dining table for a small kitchen.

But the best solution is kitchen table cabinet for a small kitchen, who acquires the desired shape, depending on the needs, so that it can expand when eating, then folded into a practical small table. No less practical is the kitchen table with a box for instruments. He will save space on the surface for cooking.

Form table

Everything for a spacious kitchen you can use any version of the form table, But as a small kitchen, then there are some certain subtleties.

kitchen for a small room made of wood

Dining table suitable for a small kitchen square, him will be able to comfortably accommodate family members at meal, as a round table takes a lot of places where space is limited for the table itself.


As for the chairs to create a dining area, it is recommended to select them according to the style and design of the dining table, to create harmony in the arrangement. You can pick up and a suitable kitchen dining set. But the size of the stool depends on the allocated places at the dinner table or directly from, what size of room.

kitchen for a small room with chairs

Construction of a small kitchen: cushioned furniture, sofa, television

Recently, quite a large popular soft zone for the kitchen, which is different interesting look and comfort. And if you take into account the active work of designers in the creation of upholstered furniture, you can expect to receive an attractive arrangement of premises in accordance with the existing interior features preferences.

But here's how to beat a small kitchen with a soft furniture? In fact, this would be not difficult, if you use the relevant rules and subtleties, because only in this case can be calculated to produce the desired effect.

From the outset, you need to create at least a rough laughter arrangement of furniture in the room, because only in this case it is given an opportunity to provide practicality and convenience, and besides detailed planning small kitchen - it is the most important event, since any unaccounted fineness can result in inconvenience respective further use kitchens.

mizernaya kitchen

Upholstered furniture in the kitchen, regardless of its size, It is important for the reason, that this is what provides the convenience and underline the corresponding interior features. But the well-chosen furniture - it is an opportunity to create a cozy atmosphere, which is important for a person, I come home from work, who wants to relax and unwind in the kitchen for a cup of coffee, tea, or else for reading newspaper.

Expansion of small kitchen space with the help of the correct color

yellow kitchen
Yellow kitchen controls your appetite

Choose the interior color for decorating a small kitchen it is necessary not only on the basis of personal preference, but the size of the room, features interior space and even the kitchen layout in relation to the sunny side. Remember, that for small kitchen design is best suited bright shades of finishing materials, because light can visually enlarge the space, highlighting its most important features and nuances.


it is recommended not to abuse the dark color shades, because they can visually reduce the room, thereby providing appropriate inconvenience, therefore it is better not to experiment with dark colors and shades of finishing materials. We hope you've enjoyed many dishes, for a small kitchen .