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How to assemble MDF kitchen furniture: consider not only housing options

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The main part of the kitchen in the apartment or private house - a kitchen. First of all this furniture should be functional and practical - to accommodate all the necessary kitchen utensils and appliances. Do not forget the aesthetic side, that the room was nice to be. On the market there are a large number of kitchen furniture made of different materials, and in different styles. But not always ready variants are suitable for a particular cuisine, and improvements require additional financial investments. Therefore, the production of MDF kitchen with his hands is so popular.

Furniture made of MDF for kitchen
Furniture from MDF - a great option for the kitchen facilities

Kitchen from MDF

To make your own kitchen, better use of MDF. This material is like no other is suitable for the manufacture of kitchen furniture. MDF - is a wood composite building material. To obtain small glued sawdust using paraffin or lignin. It is worth noting, Both these formulations are completely natural, and thus do not bear any harm to the body. The tiles are formed by dry pressing under a pressure.

Product Benefits

they, who makes furniture from MDF with his own hands, They want to know about the physical properties of the material:

  1. material eco-friendly, because all the components in it - the natural. Using MDF kitchen, you're sure, that the finished furniture will not cause allergic reactions and does not emit toxic substances.
  2. MDF is similar in its structure to wood, and therefore easily treatable. This is an important, if you plan to do on the facades of patterns or other decor.
  3. MDF - a good analogue of wood, while prices have significantly lower. You get the same kitchen, both of high quality wood, but with smaller losses for the budget.
  4. Strength. This material is resistant to mechanical stress, what is important in the manufacture of kitchen furniture.

Choosing MDF kitchen, note, how to make material. Resistance to moisture and environmental unique to the plates, which were processed by the latest technology. Older models do not possess such qualities.

MDF kitchen
modern headsets, made in all Technologies


Manufacture of furniture its hands begins with its design and plan. All drawings are important to make the right, take into account the parameters and not to be mistaken with the calculations. If you are not confident in their abilities, it is better to entrust this procedure professionals. First think over, which will host all important communication:

  • Gas,
  • Electricity,
  • Water supply.

Think about, What form will your kitchen. Today, popular cuisine of MDF U-shaped, but they can not fit in the room, if a small kitchen area. It should consider the options with L-shaped headsets. Take into account all the nuances - the plinth, sills and pipe. Next, determine, where you place five business areas:

  1. A place to store products. For these purposes the refrigerator and another box for products, which can be stored at room temperature. For storage of cereals and condiments closed box optional, For this fit and shelf, if all the products are sorted into boxes and jars.
  2. Area for storing utensils - tableware, towels and other accessories. For these purposes, it is important to choose a location, to which you can easily reach. If the boxes are placed too high, it will bring discomfort mistress. In the top drawer better to keep those items, which are rarely used.
  3. Desk cooking. Space should be plenty, to the hostess could spread out all necessary dishes, products and cutting board. At the same time its motion nothing should hamper.
  4. Cooktop and the oven. This area is best place in the vicinity of the area, where the food is cooked.
  5. washing. But the kitchen sink should be a space for household utensils and accommodation.

wide washing
Wide sink looks great in the kitchen


After that, as drawings compiled, furniture made of MDF going. When the assembly is important to consider, that the washing machine and dishwasher are placed in close proximity to the pipe, and the refrigerator is not necessary to be placed next to the stove. If you are sure, that everything is done correctly and never admitted error, Think over the design. Kitchen Design MDF is limited only by your imagination, but do not forget at the same time and on the functional:

  • Lighting the work area. Total lamp is not enough, especially if you need to cook in the evening. Take care of spotlights, which are built directly into the furniture.
  • Plan the, where you put the kitchen appliances. It does not matter, will she built, or not.
  • Surface Height. To do this, there are certain standards, but it is better to start from the individual preferences of the hostess and her growth.

Council: All calculations are best done in a special computer program, to avoid errors.

The next stage will cut the material for obtaining measurements and basting holes for mounting. If you do not know, how to assemble cabinet furniture with their hands, it is best to call for professional help. But this can be avoided, if you strictly follow the instructions:

  1. Furniture is going like a box - to the horizontal parts are mounted vertical, and not vice versa.
  2. When installing roller guides Drawer, use level. Error on even one millimeter will cause, that the drawers snap into place.
  3. Feet are attached already, when fully assembled furniture. To this end tables are turned upside down.
  4. The doors are installed in the last turn in the clear. The angle in this case is 95 degrees. After their installation mounted handle.

successful assembly!