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Kitchen corners of the small sizes: a variety of designs and decor

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Not every soft Kitchen Area vtisnetsya in a small room a modern kitchen. Small kitchen corners of the small area to help combine dining and working areas, while maintaining the space for free passage. Kitchen with corner will premise, where not only the food is prepared, but also a place comfortable stay of family members.

Small kitchen
Kitchen area fits into a small space

Pick up a set of furniture small kitchen the size of the store do not always succeed, so often after unsuccessful attempts to find a suitable option, owners of small kitchens use the services of private workshops and book kitchen corners small size of the individual sizes.


Soft corner for a small kitchen - a set of furniture, which includes a compact corner sofa, table, chairs, stools and ottomans. Embodiments layout and configuration of the sofa in different models differ. By way of cushion compound is isolated sections these types of corners:

  • monolithic;
  • modular.

The individual modules are produced with the sofa folding seats, under which open access to a storage box for household items, and sliding, Sleeper.

Modular kitchen
Modular option is very convenient, as practice shows

Monolithic corner sofas kitchen

These designs are less expensive to manufacture, so the range of models in the corners of the furniture stores on 80 % It consists of a monolithic angular sofas. The reason is, that in the monolithic structure does two side plates, required for assembly of all sections separately. Side corner section details perform a support role for the Extra sofas.

Section along the length of the sofa is usually different, and depending on the location of the corners of the short section is called right or left. Monolithic soft kitchen Corners for kitchen small area initially made in right or left version. Small kitchen corners are traditionally made with built-in drawers, access to which is opened by tilting seats.

Important! Change the location of a short section of the monolithic structure can not be, this should be borne in mind when buying a set in a store.

back design and corner sofa plays an important role in the design uglka. Back, lying close to the seats, will give a corner of massiveness and solidity. Small kitchen corner with a fine back-type banquettes, which is not adjacent to the seats, visually it seems easy and does not overload the interior. Therefore, depending on the selected style kitchen interior design corner sofa. Under the set with facades made of wood, which sets the tone for classic style, choose massive corners with a solid back. lightweight interior, executed in style with light curtains and concise furniture hi-tech, harmoniously complement the stylish kitchen with an open back design.

Monolithic sofa Kitchen
Monolithic model Soda view full sofa

Important! In a small kitchen, the best-located corner sofa - the window. In this way, enough space remains for movement, regardless of the layout in the room.

As known, one way to visually enlarge the volume of the small kitchen is to use light colors in the decoration. In this case, the designers recommend using no more than two primary colors. It is therefore important to choose a small kitchen corner for the kitchen in the same color palette from the interior.

folding corners

Design modular sofas allows you to set a short section on the right or on the left. Due to this corner location more options, than the monolithic. In the future, it allows for the possibility of redevelopment in the kitchen.

If the kitchen is equipped with a sofa design sliding door systems, which is used in the soft folding furniture for bedrooms and living rooms, the kitchen is backed berth. It will gain in those situations, when you have to leave for the night overstayers guest or temporary arrange a berth for the relatives came.

Feature of this sofa design - is the length of the sofa bed, which corresponds to an increase of an adult. additional space required for its unfolding, so to corner with pull-out mechanism of space in the kitchen is not always enough. In such cases, set only one long sliding module without a short section.

Fold-out corner kitchen
Transformer - very convenient option

materials, upholstery and furniture

Small kitchen corners today are made not only by specialized companies, but private workshops, which do not always adhere to the technical specifications. And apparently in the store of their products does not differ from the corners, made by the company. But in the short term operation of such furniture is broken. The upholstery is wiped, extruded foam, fixing loosened, wood cracks. For different values ​​of two identical parts of different quality lies Particleboard, plywood, wood and upholstery material. When choosing a corner of the store is recommended to pay attention to the external characteristics of materials, from which it is made:

  • Wood, from which there is fabricated armrests, It should be dry, without knots and cracks putty. This applies to parts of the, made of coniferous trees. Extensive details of the side posts should be glued. Considering that, that prior to the date of purchase furniture for a while in the shop, the details, made of raw timber, dry up, and this will be evident in the tread fiber texture on the varnished surface. Painted wooden parts - a sign, that the manufacturer is trying to hide the poor quality material.
  • Externally the same chipboard sheets differ from each other by pressing density, Chip size used. Decline in the quality of this material is the fault of unscrupulous manufacturers led to, today chipboard in common called "cake". Loose material is laminated covering holds, which cleave at sawing. These chips obscure the enterprise. Upon closer inspection, they are clearly visible. Confirmee in such material were loosened in a short time.

The store should pay attention to the upholstery material. Kitchen corners for a small kitchen tissue adhesive qualities, Natural and artificial leather. Natural cotton or linen fabrics suitable, as they quickly wiped off and get dirty. The best option in terms of practicality is a flock or microfiber coated with Teflon, dirt and water repellent.

Important! Choosing the area with upholstered flock, pay attention to the length of the pile and type of fiber weave. Upholstery take floc with short pile and diagonal weaving yarns.

Corner upholstered flock
Flock - the material on the fan, plus is, that it's cheap

Filler for seats

Type of filler determines the rigidity of the sofa, its service life and cost. The certificate indicates the manufacturer of the type of filler used. In furniture manufacture, such materials are used:

  1. foam rubber;
  2. sintepuh;
  3. sintepon;
  4. Felt;
  5. Polyurethane foam;
  6. hollofayber;
  7. latex;
  8. Dyurafil.
  9. The spring block;

In this list of materials arranged in increasing endurance and the ability to restore the long form. Similarly, they are located and by price, ascending. Foam - the cheapest filler, inferior to the rest of the materials in the ability to retain its shape for a long time. serve a maximum 4-5 years old.

Important! density polyurethane foam, used for stuffing upholstery, should be more 30 kg / m3.

The most durable and rigid material are considered to be spring blocks. They are placed in the large soft corner in the kitchen with a sleeping place.


The rigidity of the seats and backrests

Corner Stiffness seat depends on filler material. Allocate these types of stiffness:

  • normal stiffness (E (ST));
  • increased stiffness (THE);
  • hard (HL);
  • soft and super-soft (HS и IS);
  • high elasticity (HR).

Quality corner of the kitchen is made up of many components. Not always correspond to the value of the product to its quality. Should show scrupulous with careful examination of the sofa in the store. In this case, the area is not only harmoniously complement the design of the kitchen, but also last for years.