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Kitchen furniture "Victoria": 3 unquestionable dignity

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Kitchen - one of the premises involved in every home. Here the whole family for lunch or dinner. And the atmosphere should be appropriate. Cozy and family-home it will be, if you take care of the beauty and comfort of kitchen furniture.

The refined design of furniture with glass doors and beautiful patterns

Why cuisine from the "Victoria" factory

produced not only soft furniture under the brand name "Victoria" for kitchens. The variety of the range is the respect and trust. Curbstones and dressers, sofas and armchairs, items wicker furniture - is not the whole list of range. inexpensive, but at the same time high-quality furniture will always be popular. Furniture "Victoria" brand meets the most severe demands of consumers.

Kitchen furniture Victoria

Why "Victoria"? Because it hides a comfortable and practical furniture under the brand. Three characteristics of the furniture "Victoria":

  1. The variety of materials: for expensive furniture used natural solid, for budget options - MDF and particleboard. MDF is made from alder, maple, oak, beech and ash. The range of materials for particleboard consists of alder, hazelnut and apple.
  2. Planning User: brand "Victoria" offers furniture for demanding customers with high income and a budget option for a family with an average earnings.
  3. quality of products: attention to the quality of the manufacturer's components is not reduced in any of the stages of production. The quality of the finished product, composite parts and assemblies on the same high level.

Trump card brand - furniture for kitchen. Ergonomic and reliable, she has long earned its buyer.

Furniture in light colors
Beautiful furniture for the kitchen table with an extraordinary and original chandelier

Characteristics kitchenette "Victoria":

  • Kitchen Area produce standard sizes. If the proposed dimensions are not suitable for your kitchen, Area can be ordered on the individual sizes. This will affect the price, but not to products as.
  • When buying the finished product will present to your attention for more than two dozens of models and modifications. For special orders please choose the right size, color and design on the corner of the kitchen will not be difficult.
  • One of the features of furniture - the possibility of self-assembly. Modules are easily interchanged. The configuration has not changed much, but such manipulation will allow to enter a soft corner for the kitchen in every room.
  • Additional functions: couch to the kitchen is equipped with special boxes for storage. They save kitchen space, because they are located under the seats of the sofa.

Victoria kitchen furniture

Who makes furniture

Many furniture factory produce kitchen furniture under the "Victoria" trademark. Familiar manufacturers of kitchen corners - furniture "Victoria" factory, «Ashkelon», "Stimulus". Their products are more common in the windows of furniture stores.

If the brand name "Victoria" has pleased, you can buy a kitchen set, "Victoria" for arrangement of kitchen space. It is a suitable solution for lovers of minimalism.

Furniture classics
Classic style furniture in a light-dark colors are well matched

Modular Kitchen "Victoria" is made from high quality laminated chipboard. Ease modular design that, that outdoor cabinets and hanging lockers can be arranged in any order.

Kitchen "Victoria" is characterized by restraint lines. No extra parts. conciseness design is perfect for a classic style to your kitchen.

For small rooms suitable corner kitchen "Victoria". She is inherent in the same restraint. The only decoration - contour drawing on the facades of cabinets and drawers. Corner kitchen combines exquisite design and special features.

wooden kitchen furniture Victoria

The popular range of simple and over the sleeper: 1,2,3,5,6,8,10,11,12,15,16,23,26,30

Kitchenette "Victoria" has about 30 models. Some of them look like. Others have a radically different design. All models - angular, Modules are easily interchangeable.

models with 1 by 11 They do not have significant structural differences. The only difference is the form and the seat upholstery embodiments. In the corner of the set includes a corner bench, table and two stools. Bench consists of two modules: shop with a corner element and direct.

All models are characterized by flowing forms. Embodiments plating and printing may vary depending on the customer. Linings made of imitation leather and synthetic fabrics of different colors and textures. To frame used MDF and laminated chipboard.

The kitchen table is increased by the side gusset. When folded, they are hidden in the table design. Worktop formed in the shape of circle, square or rectangle. Dining tables come in a set of furniture. If the table is not needed, just enough to give up this position.

Furnished Kitchen
Corner kitchen in purple color is excellent

Furniture comes unassembled. Corner Weight - no more 90 kg.

Model 12 different angular module. If previous versions of the corner shop is designed for sitting only, in this model it is mounted on the top shelf.

Model 15 It equipped with comfortable armrests.

model 23 and 24 provided with drawers under the seats. Model 24 and 24/1 equipped with an extra bed. The mechanism of transformation - dolphin. The lower part of the sofa is put forward, cushion for the organization sleeping area can be easily removed with the help of a loop. The sidewall couch mounted mini bar - a convenient exit design.

Kitchen furniture "Victoria"

Assembly instructions kitchenette "Victoria" with his own hands

Assembling kitchen "Victoria" corner not pose any difficulty. Includes accurate guide, where the designated order of operation. After the delivery of the corner it is necessary to check the availability of accessories. All fixtures and mechanisms must be in place.

Council: If a defect is found during the inspection, you need to take photos and to consult a furniture dealer.

Armed with a screwdriver and detailed instructions, You can proceed to the assembly process. The principle is: first side portions, then the bottom, then top.

beautiful kitchen Victoria

To begin going construction frame. To connect the side portions of the rear and front. Then set the leg or thrust bearings (the, on what should Corner). Next comes the installation of the back. The last thing is put on the seat.


Assembling of furniture like a game of puzzles. You do not need to have special creativity. The main thing - to strictly adhere to the instructions, to the corner after installation is left unexplained holes and the more "extra" parts. Kitchenette Victoria is stylish and beautiful.